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RYAN KNOCK: I'm Ryan Knock.
I'm 27 years old, and I live with my mom.
MRS. KNOCK: Ryan, where are you going?
You know, the world doesn't revolve around you!
RYAN KNOCK: I've gotta go.
I have to go.
MRS. KNOCK: Oh no!
RYAN KNOCK: The space that I'm working was never designed for
entertaining clients, and working in a studio
TRISTEN SIERRA: I've never had to grow up.
TRACY METRO: Welcome to your brand new room, Tristen!
Oh my god!
TRISTEN SIERRA: And look at the shoes, look at the shoes!
ROSALIE STARR: Oh my god, how perfect is that?
ERIC: I'm inspired by Barack Obama.
I mean, I'm honored to have his poster up on my wall.
ASHLEY: Obama poster belongs in the bathroom.
ERIC: I just think it's kind of ridiculous that you want to
put him in the bathroom.
We need some help.
ERIC: We need some help!
BEC BRITTAIN: I didn't grow up thinking that fine art was
particularly any different than the
carpentry my dad was doing.

GEOFF RENCHLER: Last year my tomatoes were this high!
You should come back in again in the spring
for some follow up.
And the cucumbers, I got a ton of cucumbers.
And when I went on vacation, I came back and I had zucchinis
the size of your leg.
LUKE CLARK TYLER: I think it called it a studio, which I
don't know if it qualifies as a studio.
ERICA WASSER: Hey, guys.
I am here with an incredibly special guest.
Jason Loper, who is a shopping editor of my favorite site,