Master Chiefs - The Guild Behind-The-Scenes S5 Ep 6

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FELICIA DAY: And thank you, dudes who flew out from Texas
and Northern California be here in those Halo suits.
And they built them.
That's hot.
Hotter than firemen, right?

So I knew that Zaboo needed some accompaniment.
ZABOO: My seat saver's organization has gotten so big
that I've had to recruit help just us to run it.
FELICIA DAY: This season gets away from the computers so
much that I was like, well, we have to integrate
some kind of gaming.
And of course the first thing that pops to mind as an iconic
gaming figure is the Halo Master Chief.
And then we needed Halo suits, so that was another thing that
we had crowdsourced, in a sense.
We checked with the fans.
It was like, hey, we need Halo suits.
We had fans fly in pretty much two, three, four times with
their suits.
ADAM GRUMBO: One of the producers sent me an email and
said, hey, you wouldn't happen to have access to good Spartan
costumes that we can use for this show?
DANIEL YUAN: I got a phone call from Adam Grumbo saying,
hey, you have a suit, right?
You're in Southern California.
Did you ever hear of a show called The Guild?
ADAM GRUMBO: The red suit was specifically
built for the show.
Now the suits were originally made by Devin White.
DEVIN WHITE: I am here supporting the Master Chiefs
because I am the original creator of it.
And I'm here just making sure this stuff stays together as
long as it can.
I've always been into costuming.
I've always been into making stuff.
I saw the picture of the Master Chiefs, and I was like,
oh, that's a super cool suit.
I want that.
ADAM GRUMBO: He hand-sculpted a lot of clay before he made
molds and turned them into hard plastic costumes.
The original costume that you see in the show probably took
about two years.
There was not a lot of people who made Master Chief costumes
before that.
And it's still one of the best.
It's really good, considering it's done all by hand.
FELICIA DAY: My favorite scene with them is the first one
where you see them go up and harass Maid Marian.
And one of them has the gun, and then one of them
has a pen and paper.
I didn't really realize when I wrote it in how
funny it would be.
But seeing those amazing suits on camera doing these
amazingly mundane things is one of my favorite parts of
the season.
ADAM GRUMBO: The Master Chiefs have a great look to them.
The Spartans are kind of intimidating
when you see one walking.
It's fun to see a Master Chief.