Charlotte Rocks! Wells Fargo celebrates community

Uploaded by wellsfargo on 09.11.2011

On behalf of the 731,000 citizens of Charlotte,
I want to say how grateful we are to the partnership between our city and Wells Fargo.
There will be unprecedented access to our facilities here and
I hope all of the families that have an opportunity here don't forget that Wells Fargo is one the great partners in this community and
we look forward to many, many more years of great success in our partnership.
So, thank you.
My name is Jesse. I go to East Mecklenburg, and this is the Charlotte Rocks chair.
It's been kind of a team effort.
My name is Jamil Steele, I am the visual arts teacher here at Harding University High School.
What I wanted to show with this piece was a diversity within Charlotte.
So we've painted the skyline of Charlotte, and
in front of the skyline, we have different portraits of people from different ethnic backgrounds.
We're making flags for different countries to put on the chair to support our theme, which is diversity.
We love helping any school, any nonprofit.
We were just sent to the moon with how creative, and how talented these kids were.