Photo Crafts : Photo Flower Pot: Applying Petals

Uploaded by expertvillage on 02.07.2008

Ok. Now we've got all our heart shaped petals cut out in front of us. And we have the base
for our flower. We're just going to flip our flower over and you're also going to want
to take the pattern side of your flower and flip it over as well. And you're going to
want to line up your points, just along the edge of the flower. And you can flip it back
over, pinching it, because you're going to want to see a good amount of that petal sticking
out. And you're going to want to take either tacky glue or an Elmer's school glue and just
on the edge of your photo, squeeze some glue down. Make a little line down. Make a little
line. And, again, start just placing the points of those petals down. And if you made a lot
of glue, you can do a few at a time, and you want them to overlap so that when you place
your petals down and you pick it up they're overlapping petals. And you're going to continue
this process all the way around the edge of your photo until you have all your petals
and the whole edge of your photo covered. Just like that.