John Buie (I'm From Palm Springs, CA) -- True Gay Stories

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\f0\fs32 \cf0 My name is John Buie and I want to be from Palm Springs, California. I met
my husband online, on thirteen years ago; actually it was Thanksgiving Day, 1997.
He was living in Copenhagen, Denmark, and I was living in Maine at the time. This is
really my husband\'92s story more than mine because it was his first night having Internet
access at home, oddly enough I was in a test market for Time Warner\'92s RoadRunner service
in 1997\'97I was rocketing on the Internet. My husband, this was his first night on the
Internet, and he was just installing a 56K modem, so he was just learning how to use
a chat room and was going down the list of people that were in a chat room that I was
sitting in, and selecting names and reading the description of the person. When he got
to my name, he accidentally clicked on my name twice, and so in Portland, up popped
an empty window with him initiating a chat without sending me anything, so our first
communication was me typing to him: \'93yes?\'94 question mark. We were really just pen pals,
didn\'92t even know what each other looked like for six months, and as pen pals, we lived
through his coming out process in Denmark and then we had an opportunity to meet in
London because I had a business trip there, which we did. Then for eighteen months we
had a fabulous whirlwind romance around the world, we met every sixty days in places like
San Francisco, and New York, and Boston, Paris, Copenhagen and London, it was really quite
amazing, should be a movie. And then he said yes to me asking him to move to America in
1999 and we\'92ve been very happy since. Denmark was the first place in the world to recognize
gay relationships, so they have what\'92s called registered partnership that has been
in effect since 1989 there, and three years ago (just over three years ago) we became
registered partners in Denmark. We had a delightful ceremony in Copenhagen City Hall, it was really
quite special. A really beautiful October day, unusual in that time of year in Denmark
so we felt like the sun was shining on us. He\'92s an amazing man, also his family in
Denmark has been just beyond belief, how beautiful they have been to both him and me in the establishment
and sustaining of our relationship. It\'92s been really more than life changing for me,
it\'92s been life fulfilling for me.}