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There he is! I miss you very much.
Mike, this is Silla! Silla, this is Mike! Hello.
Vira likes to talk about you. Welcome to Jakarta.
Thank you. Come on.
Which one is handsomer? The person or the photo?
Ma'am, don't open that room door. It's been empty for 20 years.
Nothing will happen. Trust me. If Dr. Herman knows, he can be mad.
We have a reason why we open that room.
So, you still want to open that room? Yes.
No need to get off. You'll be late for school. Never mind, darling.
Never mind? Just open the trunk. Yes. Mike, thank you.
Call me later. Yes.
Bye, darling. Bye.
Bye. Bye.
Come on, Vir.
I'm Ms. Linda. I've prepared your room. Jamil!
Calm down, girls. Not scary. I think this dormitory seems very scary.
Actually, I don't want to speak.
These days, when I watched, it's been like this since someone died.
Just two days ago.
Scared? The one died was my cat. Come on.
How come it's loose?
Blood! What blood?
Scared again? It's not blood. I just painted a table.
Sorry. You two have boyfriends already? Not yet. Why? Oh my God!
If not, I want to register. Just kidding. I got words from Ms. Linda.
During your stay in this dorm, boys can't enter your room.
Boys are just allowed till the living room.
But I'm OK, right?
Please. Don't just stand there. come on.
Come on.
Come on in.
Come on. Just go in. It's OK. Come. Don't just be stupefied.
Come on.
Calm down. Just mice. Bro, is this the right room.
Yes. Just one room. The others are all occupied. It's OK. It's just dirty.
Excuse me. I'm leaving.
Seems we must work hard today, Vir. It's very dirty.
Vira, it's just a cat.
Vira. it's just a bolster.
Just see. Hold it. Bolster, right?
OK. Let's do the cleaning.
It's really my luck. Oh my God!
Oh my God! The same as me!
What's this?
Whose hand is this?
Ghost! Ghost! Ghost...!
Hey, finished already?
How if we move that cupboard to that side? Come.
One two three. One more time.
I've told you several times not to open that room. Sorry, sir.
The girls from Bandung should have stayed in room 1 5.
But as the people there canceled to move, then I must...
Shut up! Don't make excuses.
I won't be responsible if something happens to them. Heard that?
You're all useless!
It's you!
When we came at first, it looked very scary.
But now we've cleaned it up.
OK. Nothing happens. Why? Boys can't go into the room, darling.
Well, if you want to go to bed, call me again, OK. Bye.
Hello? You're downstairs? OK, I'll go there now, Sil.
Don't disturb me. Spare me. Don't disturb me. I'm not playing around.
I'm Saroh. Just call me Ms. Saroh.
I'm in charge of washing in this dorm.
I'm Vira, a new occupant here. I stay in the room at the end.
If there's anything, just call me. I'm always in the kitchen.
Maybe, someone really died there. That's why that room was closed
So after 20 years, that room was just opened again?
Sil, seems we have to change the room. We're impossible to be there.
There's no other room, Vir.
Our effort will be in vain. We already cleaned it up.
It's OK. Don't be afraid. There's nothing. OK?
Why is it gone?
Vir, what are you looking for? Lastri's diary.
Maybe, she's the one who died here.
Who's Lastri? Don't play around.
We'd better sleep. We'll be late tomorrow. It's our first day of working.
What's wrong, Vir?
Something was weird.
OK. Better not listen to those guys story. That disturbs your mind.
So you feel something is strange. You'd better sleep. OK?
Sister Vira, sister Silla, meet doctor Herman.
Herman. Vira. Silla.
Oh my! I forgot to tell Mike. Just wait a minute.
Hello, darling. I'm very sorry.
I forgot to tell you that l got a sudden duty today.
I must accompany Dr. Herman to do an operation.
Never mind. I'll wait here till you are through with the operation.
No. That will be too long.
How if you take Silla home first then you return here?
No. There's no need. I can return by myself. Vir, what's it with you?
No. It's your first day in Jakarta. You may be hooked by a man here.
No, Vir. Does it matter if you take Silla home first?
Never mind, darling.
Never mind, Mike? It's OK.
Come on. OK, I'm going. Take care. Bye.
Come. Bye.
It's been 8 months.
Been 8 months in Jakarta, but you still sound foreign.
What's wrong, Mike? It's OK. Maybe the engine broke down.
No umbrella? No. Wait.
What's the matter, Mike?
Sil, just stay inside. You'll be ill.
No! She'll come.
She doesn't seem to be a ghost. Just a grandmother.
Why, Sil? In the window glass!. What is it?
There's nothing.
Thank you, Mike. You're welcome. Shall I accompany you?
No need. Thanks. Take care. Bye.
Yes, darling. Just arrived because my car broke down. What?
The operation was canceled? Then what?
Already taken home by hospital car?
So, I'll go home directly. OK. Take care, darling. I love you.
Shouldn't you accompany Dr. Herman for an operation?
Since when you eat chicken claws like that?
What's it?
Why is your smile so strange?
What's wrong with you?
Who are you?
I am Vira.
Why are you so weird to ask me who I am?
Sil, don't make me scared.
What's it?
Why is your shirt wet?
No. Nothing. I just got wet. Are you really OK? Sure?
She died 20 years ago.
Committed suicide? Murdered.
Love affair.
Miss Silla, not yet left? Not yet picked up?
I want to take you.
Mike? Where's Vira, Sil? She has morning shift.
Why didn't she tell me?
OK, then. Want to go to the hospital? Want to go together?
I want to go to campus. We'll pass the hospital.
I won't bother you? No. Come on.
Mike, thank you. Tell Vira I'll go to campus directly, OK.
Take care, bye.
Vir, just now Mike picked you up. But you weren't there.
Why didn't you tell him you changed your shift today?
What are you looking for?
She returned.
That diary...? A clue.
"Doctor was found dead in storeroom"
Shit! Where's my wallet?
Vir, did you see my wallet?
Vir, what's the matter with you?
It's related to the diary I found.
You must believe me. It's really strange. But... Oh my!
Vir, I don't want to hear those superstitious stories anymore.
I'm leaving.
What happened?
You OK? Just sleep, OK.
She came to avenge.
It's impossible. A dead person is impossible to avenge.
That's bullshit. Not funny. Nothing needs to laugh at.
Sorry. It's not.
I also don't force you to believe my story. But why you...?
My lunch break is over.
Why are you here? Boys can't enter.
I bribed the watchman. Where's Vira?
She has an operation schedule at the hospital.
No wonder when I called her, the answer was "mailbox" all the time.
You'd better get inside.
If the dorm mistress knows, I may be kicked out.
Is that OK? Never mind, rather than being here. Come on.
Oh my God!
Why do you have this? Left in my car.
No wonder I've been looking for...
What for?
I was impudent.
Me, too.
Please, don't be angry.
I believe your story.
But your hand phone wasn't active. So I decided to wait for you here.
Sorry for what happened this afternoon.
Others may not believe me.
But you shouldn't be like others. OK. Now what should I do?
If you think there's something weird at your dorm...
Not just the dorm. But everything.
I feel many strange things have appeared in my life recently.
I'm scared. Don't be scared, darling.
Am I wrong if I have feelings for you?
I don't realize that I can do that to Vira. You mean?
Mike, Vira is my friend.
Mike, I also have the same feelings as yours. Are you sorry?
Just pick it up.
Hello. Mike, where are you? At campus, darling. Why?
You're OK, right? I'm OK, darling.
You sure?
I just saw that diary again and it's a clue someone will die soon.
It's OK, darling. No need to worry. I'm just fine. Mike, answer me.
Are you having a love affair now?
Mike, answer. Don't just keep quiet.
Is it right you're having a love affair?
I love you, Vir.
That's not what I'm asking. Are you having a love affair now?
No. No need to worry, darling.
Sil, you must believe my story now. That superstition again.
It's not superstition. I've seen that diary again. Now the initial is M.
Vir, if you keep doing these things,..
you may gradually be paranoid, you know.
Listen to me first. You must believe me. I'm very afraid. The initial is M.
Yes, I'm at campus waiting in the senate room. Hurry up.
Where are the other guys? At the basketball court.
They'll be here shortly. Let's wait at the canteen. Let's go.
Miss, Ms. Linda died. Her body was found in the bathroom.
Her face was ruined.
Excuse me.
Now you believe me, right? No way. You said the initial was M.
The initial of Ms. Linda is L.
Miss, how come Ms. Linda's family was called,..
but they didn't want to take her body.
How's that? Why? They were angry.
Yesterday Linda's family knew...
she'd been having a love affair with Samsul so far.
Excuse me.
Why me who should be shown the diary? March 11th...
The same birth date? Sister...
Because we're the same as sisters? Later, you'll know the next.
I'm scared, Mike. I think what Vira said...
is just impossible, superstitious.
But that really happened, Mike.
The dorm mistress died because she had a love affair with her deputy.
Sil, no need to cry.
How may I not cry if it's me who'll die after this?
Should... should I tell Vira about our love affair? No!
So that she'll forgive me, Mike. So I won't die.
Sil! Hello, Sil?
Silla, come with me to go to Mike's house.
Silla, why are you crying?
It's impossible for you to cry for nothing. Please tell me.
Just remember my late mother.
OK. I'll wash my face for a sec.
What's wrong? I saw that diary again. Now the initial is S!
Oh no!
Mike, I saw that book again. Come on in first.
What's wrong, Vir?
What's it? I don't want to be far from you.
I won't be far from you.
Sil, is it OK to stay here for the time being?
What's the matter, Vir?
"Samsul fell down from flyover"
Yes, Mom.
At the hospital?
Yes. I'm going to Bandung now.
What's the matter, Vir? My father got a heart attack.
It seems I have to go to Bandung now.
You OK if I leave you alone?
OK, then. I'll ask Ms. Rina for a permission.
Hello, Mike. Vira's father is hospitalized.
She must ask you to take her to Bandung. Please, don't go. Yes.
I can just take you to the station. I have a meeting at campus.
I'm just worried about you. No need to worry. OK?
That diary...
From now on, don't talk about it anymore. Don't talk about death.
But... Please.
I trust you.
Let's go to the station now.
Where's father? Still at the lCU. We aren't allowed to go in yet.
Where's Mike? He can't come with me. Can't leave his study. You OK?
I'm just fine. Are you OK?
I go to the toilet for a sec.
No need to worry about me too much. I'm just fine, Vir.
You'd better return to Jakarta now.
Yes. I'll be back to Jakarta after you really get well.
I'm well already.
Just a moment.
Hello. Yes, what's it? What happened, Sil?
Vir, what's wrong?
What's it? What's the matter?
Mike. Mike? What's wrong with him?
He died, Mom.
Love affair.
Lastri loved Herman very much.
Your wedding plan in September is fixed?
Congratulations. Thank you, Mil.
You know I feel after my parents died,..
there are just 2 people I love in the world.
The first one is Herman. And the other is you. Thank you.
Excuse me, Milla. A call for you. Yes, sir. Just a minute.
Hello? Hello, Milla. Has Lastri gone to the hospital? Not yet, honey.
But she'll go shortly. I can't stand it anymore. OK. Don't be spoiled.
Now I hang up. I'll wait for you. Bye.
Want to go, Las? Yes. You're lucky not to have night shift today.
OK. I'm leaving. Take care. Yes.
Oops! Why? Forgot something?
I haven't yet kissed my husband to be. Papa, I'm leaving. Bye.
Bye. Take care.
Good evening, doc. Good evening.
Las, we cancel the operation tonight,..
because the patient's condition is worsening.
Just wait till the condition gets better. Yes, doc.
OK. You may go home now. Excuse me, doc.
I won't marry Lastri. Impossible. You're already engaged with her.
You know, right? Our engagement is just a requirement for my parents.
I won't marry Lastri because I don't love her anymore.
I just care for you.
I love you.
Lastri! Bastard!
Bastard, you, bastard! Lastri! What the hell are you doing?
Lastri! What the hell are you doing?
Get up! What are you doing?
What are you? Come here!
Come here!
Now, she returns.
You're bad. You're dishonest.
I asked you if you had a love affair or not. You said no.
No wonder I felt something was strange. Now you're dead, Mike.
Now you're dead, Mike.
I want to ask for your forgiveness.
I have disappointed you.
I had a love affair with him.
Vir, I know I was very stupid.
I know I was wrong. I made a mistake, Vir.
You want to forgive me, don't you?
You want forgive me, right?
It was because you were the first person to open that door.
Then what else, Ma'am?
Miss Vira, who are you talking to?
Ms. Saroh. Ms. Saroh? She already died 1 0 years ago.
Don't disturb me.
I'm Saroh. Just call me Ms. Saroh.
She died 20 years ago.
Committed suicide? Murdered. Love affair.
She returned.
March 11.
Why has it become like this?
Silla! Silla!
I had a love affair with Mike.
Vir, Vira! Vira! Sil! Vira!
Open it! Silla!
Sil! Sil! Silla!
Let go!
Sil! Sil!
Silla! Silla!
I regret. I promise I'll never do that again.