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Hey there, Drew Canole, FitLife.Tv the four hour body challenge, glad you’re with me
today. I want to show you something that I started doing long before I started juicing.
If you’ve seen some of my juicing videos you know that I’m a juicing fanatic and
the power of raw vegetables in particular, green drinks. You see I’ve been doing green
drinks for about three years and the health benefits will blow you away. Now when I say
greens a lot of times you think: well vegetables, they don’t really taste that great and I
don’t really have time to prepare salads for everything.’ right? Not true at all,
see this green can actually taste amazing. I’m going to introduce you to my favorite
green drink it will absolutely knock your socks off and it literally takes less than
five minutes to make. Are you with me? Cool. Basics of this green drink are applying leafy,
green vegetables which we all know are great for your digestive system, they’re great
for your hair you know, if you have a problem with thinning hair, green, leafy vegetable
will help you out with that. It’ll help regulate your metabolism, if you’re trying
to lose body fat and your body’s not in alkaline state you’re going to have trouble
doing that, so it’ll alkaline your body as well. Incorporating fruits such as Blue
Berries, really high in antioxidants and some of the other fruits and vegetables that we’re
going to apply to this green drink as well are going to give you the nutrients that you
need. Alright guys, so right here we have a Pear, this is one of the biggest things
that you want to put in your green drink to make it taste good, real simple and easy.
Next up, you’re looking at this, take a guess what this is. High in Vitamin A, this
is Kale. Kale’s relatively inexpensive you know if you buy the organic stuff it can be
a little bit more pricey but most of the time I get mine at a market. Spinach is in the
bowl, this is one of the main ingredients in green drinks. There’s actually more protein
and a lot of these body builders that are out there like I can’t get enough protein
in my diet just eating greens and (?) there’s actually more protein in Spinach than there
is in red meat. Now, you have to eat a ton of it but there’s more protein, it goes
for Kale as well. So we have that, we have some Blue Berries that are high in you know,
the different types of fat that your body needs and these are frozen, you know you can
buy a giant bag of organic, frozen Blue Berries in the store, real simple and easy. And we
have my friend, the Mango. See I would only put probably eighth to a quarter piece of
Mango in the juice smoothie and a whole Pear, Blue Berries, all of this, two and a half
cups of distilled water, I mix it all up, I blend it and then we’re ready to rock
and roll. So here we go. Alright guys, so here’s one of my favorite tasting fruits
in the world, the Mango. It’s real easy we’re not going to peal it as much as we
are going to skin it, like a fish. So here’s some simple tips and tactics, basically we’re
going to take the knife down, we’re going to go all the way down to the pit, we’re
going to go just right around that pit, so we have this nice piece that’s along the
pit. See it? Right there? So then we’re going to do it to the other side as well.
Let’s find out where that pit is. Sometimes it takes a little bit of -. Right, so there’s
that and right there. So now we have these two pieces of the Mango that we can skin.
And what I usually do is I like to cut it in eight pieces so it’s like this, pretty
much, kay? So as you can see, you can always- there’s a trick that I from one of my buddies
who’s a cook, anytime you’re cutting anything, fold your fingers in so you’re not chopping
your fingers off but essentially, we are going to grab this, start it down a little bit,
alright, press down, see how I’m doing that? And I’m going to shave away. So then we
have pieces of Mango, simple as that. So just like that fish, skin away. Otherwise it’s
really, really hard to skin a Mango guys. So there we go a couple pieces of Mango, Blue
Berries, I add this in the mix and this is all ready to go in the blender and make an
amazing green drink. Let’s rock it out. Basically, I’m going to take the water put
it in the blender, drop the Mango, make sure all that skin is off as well, I’m going
to put the Kale in here, see how much we can fit, sometimes it can be a little - at jamming
all this stuff here as well, which is why the VitaMixer, the big one, which I’ll be
getting soon, is so much better. So we just add the rest of some of these veggies, it’s
this for now. We are ready… to rock and roll. -green drink you’ll ever have, see
right there? So try it out. There is your green drink. If you have vegetables in the
fridge, go ahead throw them in your blender, follow the recipe of what I said to do and
you’re going to love it. You may not think it’s going to taste as good as it does but
as soon as you taste this, you’re going to start implementing them in your diet in
a daily basis. See the bottom line is I know ninety percent of the country are not getting
enough fruits and vegetables so, this is the quick way to do that if you don’t have time
for that salad. If you do want a salad sometimes you put the ranch and the extra dressings
and everything else. Just stick to the rawness of the juice, blend all this stuff up together
and let me know what you think. Leave a comment below, subscribe to our YouTube channel and
I’ll see you next time.