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Episode 26
Go and see Soo Jung.
When you meet her,
ask her to invest in Sae Kang Enterprise.
I'm actually asking you to do something like that.
I'm really sorry.
Are you acting this way because of what is going to happen tomorrow?
Even if things are at this point,
our company can still handle it.
Even though you can say that,
the key is what comes after.
If Sae Kang Enterprise doesn't invest,
other investors will definitely not cooperate either.
you can imagine the consequences.
why are you so pessimistic?
Haven't you weathered even more difficult periods than this?
How much time do we have?
When do we have to get the investments by?
By this week,
By this week.
Kang Ho.
I know, Father,
I'll think about it.
Take care of your health.
Kang Ho.
What did your father say?
Don't worry about Dad.
My father,
definitely won't collapse here.
Am I asking about that now?
I'm asking what your father said.
I still have something to think about.
I'm leaving first.
Oh, this kid.
His father has already collapsed,
where else is he going?
What should we do?
How could our company end up like this?
Eun Nim!
Kang Ho.
Have you been waiting here since then?
I'm worried about the President.
How's the President right now?
Luckily we got him to the hospital in time.
They said as long as he's careful he should be fine.
That's such a relief.
What is this?
Your hands are so frozen.
I'm fine.
Let's go,
I'll send you back.
No, you should go back.
Don't worry about me.
Go and take care of the President.
I came out to get some air,
but I should send you back.
Is the...
President really going to be fine?
Your expression doesn't look good.
Didn't you say the President would be fine?
Is it because of what you said about the company the last time?
I've already said everything will be fine,
you're still acting this way.
because from tomorrow onwards,
I won't even see you when I go to the office.
Till you find a new job,
Your living expenses and allowance,
I'll give it to you,
so don't worry too much either.
It's fine,
you don't have to worry about it.
Why? A husband giving his wife living expenses and allowance,
isn't that a given?
From now on,
you just do what you want,
and read the books you want,
and just think about me.
And exercise.
Why are you like that?
You're really burdening me.
Are you saying my words will burden you?
That's really disappointing.
What you're saying is that, if I become a poor fellow,
you won't even pay any attention to me?
that's not what I mean.
When Eun Nim is having a hard time, I'll help you.
When I'm having a hard time, you can help me.
don't say anything about feeling burdened, to me
to me.
Eun Nim's parents,
I can't face them.
Because of me,
you were fired by the company.
I'll explain things to them,
so please don't worry,
just go.
I know.
I'll call you.
I think I forgot something.
It's something I have to do before I go.
I'm crazy, crazy!
I should have just listened to Mom.
All men are wolves.
I'm really too careless.
What should I do now?
Eun Nim!
What happened to you?
What's this?
Were you...
Were you really fired?
Sit and talk.
I kept worrying.
Then you should have just called.
What are we going to do now?
What was the reason you were fired?
How could they fire someone without any reason?
Did you do something wrong?
Tell my honestly.
Did that family find out you were dating Kang Ho,
and that's why you were fired?
It's not that.
It's because I was not fulfilling the requirements...
How were you not fulfilling the requirements, how were you not?
Didn't you enter through formal measures?
It's clear that their family objects to your relationship with Kang Ho,
that's why they fired you.
Since things are already at this stage, what can we do.
Just treat it like you have no luck with that company.
Forget it.
you're really simple-minded.
We thought in the beginning, that once she entered that company,
that we could have a better life.
Now, how are we going to survive?
Are we really going to starve to death?
Nan Jung's business should be getting better.
From tomorrow,
I'll look for another job.
Please don't worry.
I'm really okay.
Hey, what did Kang Ho Oppa say?
Would Kang Ho Oppa just watch you get fired?
Go back and rest first then.
I'm sorry.
Then, why would you look for a guy like that?
If it were another guy,
you definitely wouldn't have gone to the point of losing your job.
Ah, what honor are you looking for,
trying to get a guy like that?
Just stop talking!
Go and meet Soo Jung.
Go with her to ask President Park of Sae Kang Enterprises to invest.
In the future, exclude the elders,
the two of us should just meet.
Now, the only person who can save the company,
is you.
Hi Peter.
It's me, Kang Ho.
Hey Kang Ho,
What's up?
Last time,
you were looking to investment opportunities in Korea.
How did it go?
I'm still looking around.
Oh, really?
Then, I have a good business that I can introduce you too.
Can you tell your father about it?
That would be great.
We would be very thankful if there was a good investor.
Where is your father?
Is he in New York?
I'm in Tokyo with my father now.
will you have time tomorrow.
I'll ask my father and call you back.
then I'll wait for your call.
It's me.
Tomorrow, 1 p.m.
Have you prepared the porridge and food to bring to the hospital?
Yes, I've prepared it.
Oh, alright.
I'll drop by the hospital on my way to work,
give it to me.
No, no,
you go to work.
Grandmother will bring it over.
{\a6} *term for mother that is used by grandparents addressing the mother of their grandchild
how is he? Why are you back?
He went to work.
What, he went to work?
His health is in such a state,
and he's still going to work?
And you just let him go?
Then, what can I do?
If we're unable to settle the problem with the check today,
we'll go bankrupt.
I'll go to work.
Where's Sae Hun?
Sae Hun just went out.
How did things end up this way?
Such a strong company like ours,
how could we suffer such a heavy blow?
Yeon Hee,
I have something to say to you.
Where do you go to work every day?
What do you mean?
As a mother,
it's logical that I want to know where my daughter works.
I'll tell you in the future.
Oh my.
Why are there so many things she's hiding from me?
I must make a call, and meet.
And ask clearly,
how he's going to treat our Yeon Hee in future.
Let's meet and discuss it.
I'm not saying that you must invest.
If you take a look at the investment proposal,
I'll go look for you at your office.
Yes, thank you.
I'll go to Sam Woo Investment in the afternoon,
prepare with Secretary Kim.
I'm Yeon Hee's mother.
You know who Hong Yeon Hee is, right?
Go out first.
I don't know.
You've called the wrong number, haven't you?
Look at this horrible person.
You brought my daughter around, insanely,
and you say you don't know?
where are you right now?
I'm sorry,
I'm going to hang up.
Why are you here?
I thought we could have lunch together,
I was about to call you.
I have something to tell you.
Eun Yeoh,
go buy some roses.
Pick some fresh ones.
What have you been doing,
that your mother would call me?
My mother called you?
Did you tell your mother who I was?
No, I didn't tell her.
She doesn't know who you are.
Then, how could she know my phone number?
She might have looked through my cell phone.
What are you planning to do in the future?
If our relationship is discovered,
you know what the consequences are, right?
I know.
I'm already very troubled right now.
Yeon Hee, please don't add to it.
I know.
I'm sorry.
Nothing like that will happen in the future.
It's me, Secretary Kim.
Have you stopped the matter with the check?
Oh, oh,
you've worked hard.
make a dinner appointment with the vice-president of Tong Yun Bank.
Alright, I know, good job.
Come in!
Go to the hospital.
If you fool around like this,
what will happen if something happens to you?
I'll wait till your mother comes before I go,
don't worry.
That's right.
Have you thought about
what I said yesterday?
Sit down.
I've analyzed the proposal for the vacation resort.
It's very viable.
It's like what Dad said,
if we could only get the investments,
it's a business that is worth a shot.
So, Father,
no matter what I do,
be it through Sae Kang Enterprises,
or other methods,
if I can get the investment,
let me do as I see fit.
What does that mean?
At the point where the company's survival is at stake,
forgive me for involving my personal feelings.
But, Eun Nim, to me,
is also a matter of survival.
Tell me.
If the investment succeeds,
please agree to the marriage between Eun Nim and I.
Thank you, Father.
I'm going to Japan right now.
Why can't I get through to Hyung's phone?
Did Hyung go somewhere?
Yes, he went out quite urgently earlier.
I get it.
When Hyung comes back,
please let him know that I'm going to Japan
with Chief Kim who is in charge of the vacation resort proposal.
But, Chief Kim said he was going somewhere else with Manager later.
The meeting here can be arranged again,
but I have to meet a very important investor,
that's why we're going to Japan.
Please explain it to Hyung for me.
who are they going to Japan to meet?
Who is it?
Is this the Kim Domestic Conflict Hotline?
Ah, that's right.
Surrogate mothers, right?
are you thinking...
Ah, you're looking for one!
Do you have any special requests?
Ah, then...
Then I'll help you find a good one,
I'll contact you when the time comes.
it won't take a long time.
Yes, yes,
I'll contact you as soon as possible.
Oh my.
How long did it take for one to appear?
What's wrong?
The minute you come in you stare at me.
what right do you have to call that person?
That person is that person, right?
How irritating,
he even told me that I got the wrong number.
if you continue behaving like this,
I can't stay with you any longer.
What... What?
Are you done talking?
That's why I said,
why do you keep interfering in my life?
Can't you stay out of it?
Are you saying...
No matter what, I'm your mother.
Can I just stand aside and watch my child be led astray?
I can't live without that person.
If you continue like this,
it's not certain that we can be together.
If that person abandons me again,
at that point, what do you want me to do?
That person abandoned you?
Isn't that even better?
Do you not understand what I'm saying?!
I can live without you, but I can't live without that person!
How could you?
So, please don't ever do that again,
Did I birth her?
I only have one child.
I don't want to live either,
I don't want to either.
Oh, what?
I just want to massage my hardworking mother's back.
Ah, it feels great, feels great.
Mom, your work this time has to be a big hit.
Of course.
Even if it's not a big hit it's fine,
as long as it doesn't flop.
You've become modest.
Mom, don't worry.
I have a feeling, that you'll definitely succeed this time.
Mm, really.
Lee Chul.
You don't have anymore money?
I earn money too!
Then, what's with you.
What a mood spoiler, mood spoiler.
I know, I know. It feels great!
Look, look at this.
Look at your shoulders.
Mom, no matter how busy you are, you should go for a massage.
If you just leave it, you'll really get sick in the future.
That's right.
I want to too.
But where do I have the spare time to go for a massage.
Ah, just listen to your son, really.
I know.
your son,
has a really important meeting today.
Go and come back.
Mom's car...
I wanted to borrow it.
Mm, go ahead.
It's time for lunch!
It's bibim naeng myun.
Thank you!
I'll go!
I'll go.
Car key, car key!
Unni, you lent him your car?
The car that you don't even lend me?
Ah, I don't know.
I'm always fooled by him,
I don't know why it's this way either.
Are you happy?
Are there no orders?
I'm going crazy.
There are still only two today.
It's better than nothing.
It's not that.
The problem is, I have to sell some for some money to come in,
before getting new stocks.
That's exactly the problem.
What's the use of raising all of you?
You just stay around at home.
Mom, what's wrong with you?
Do you think I want to?
Didn't you say you were going to look for a job tomorrow?
Why are you still sitting here?
I'm going to look right now.
Eun Nim hasn't been to work for only a day.
If you want to scold her,
at least do it after a week has passed.
Your mouth!
I really can't live.
You're so old,
yet still staying in the house still.
I can't take it.
hurry and find a house, go stay outside.
It'll be a little better that way.
Mom's nagging,
normal people can't stand it.
Only I, can take it.
What's wrong?
Why are we still so formal between us?
What's between us?
I have something important to tell you.
Let's meet.
I'm in front of your house right now.
In front of my house?
Dress up prettily.
Nan Jung.
Whose car is this?
To go to good places with you,
I borrowed it from my mom.
I didn't even agree to go,
why did you even borrow it.
First, get in.
why don't you go home first,
and change before coming out.
Chul, I think you're thinking of going on a date with me
that's why you dressed up so nicely.
But stop dreaming,
and just tell me what you wanted to say.
I'm going to freeze to death,
just say what you want to say!
I actually wanted to go somewhere nicer,
a place with more atmosphere to say it.
You're not about to propose to me, right?
Yes, that's right.
Who allowed you to?
You said you were going to go in,
so, let's just do it here.
I don't even know where you learned this from either.
Nan Jung,
will you accept this?
Am I a child?
Will I be happy just from a balloon?
Not the balloon...
the ring...
What ring is this?
It's not very expensive,
but it's my sincerity.
Nan Jung,
will you marry me?
What are you doing?
What is this?
Nan Jung?
I've never seen you as a man.
So hurry and leave.
That night...
What does that night count for?
Aren't we in love?
What if someone hears?
Are you crazy?
Didn't I tell you?
Really, I don't know.
No matter what,
I hate the way you're acting now.
Don't look for me this way again.
I'll ask you one last question.
Nan Jung, the things you're saying now,
Are you confident you won't regret it?
The only thing I'm regretting right now is what happened that night.
Nan Jung,
I understand your heart.
Was I too much?
After lunch, prepare with Chief Kim,
to go to Sam Ho Investment.
Chief Kim and Baek Kang Ho went to Japan.
What does that mean?
How could he go to Japan?
He said he couldn't get through to your phone,
and he said that it was to see an important investor.
Didn't you tell him that there was something on this afternoon?
I did tell him,
but he said it was an important matter.
Ah, who is this?
Isn't it Soo Jung?
How did you know to come here?
My grandmother told me.
How did your grandmother find out?
Did your mother tell you?
In the morning, when I was on the phone with Madam Kong,
I told her to keep it to herself.
But she told you already.
I'm fine, why did you come over?
Even so,
I still know that Ahjussi is in the hospital,
how could I not come?
Alright, it's great that you came, take a seat.
Where are you going so late?
Are you going to see Kang Ho?
No, there's something.
I'll be back.
She's clearly going to meet Kang Ho Oppa,
why is she hiding it?
That's really nice,
to go meet the man that she likes.
I've never once seen you as a man.
Was I too much?
I can't associate myself with just anyone either.
I, Oh Nan Jung,
can never just admit defeat like that.
The man I want,
has to come from a rich background,
and can never let me worry about money.
He must have a good education, and has to be good looking.
His job has to be professional,
I just want someone like that.
What does this count as?
Can you not contact Kang Ho?
He's either still in a meeting,
or he's still on a plane,
so his phone is turned off.
It would be good if I could see Kang Ho too,
but it can't be helped.
I'll tell our Kang Ho.
then take care of your body.
Kang Ho is here, Kang Ho is here.
I was just about to go out,
luckily I still managed to see Kang Ho before I left.
Were things on that side,
Now, I'm still not too sure.
Is that so?
Kang Ho, you might be tired,
but send Soo Jung home.
Brother-in-law, you don't have a car right?
Use mine.
Soo Jung,
you didn't come with a car?
I took Dad's car here.
I asked the driver to go back,
I'll just ask him to come back.
Why the fuss?
Just let Kang Ho send you.
Kang Ho was away on business, he shouldn't have eaten dinner yet.
It'd be great if you could go out for dinner together.
Alright, Soo Jung, let's go.
let me tell you where the car is.
Eun Nim!
Why are you here?
I heard President wasn't feeling well.
you came to see my father-in-law?
But, in the ward right now,
Grandmother and Mother are there,
will it be inconvenient?
I'll call you later.
I have something to say to you too.
I know what that means.
This time,
the thing with the company,
I'm really sorry.
I have a lot of places where I'm lacking.
Today, I ate with Kang Ho,
and you even sent me home,
it feels like a first date.
I was really happy today.
Next time, let's watch a movie together.
Go in first.
Kang Ho, you drive safe too.
What am I doing right now?
Where are you?
At my front door.
Kang Ho, where are you?
Kang Ho.
Eun Nim has to be by my side.
Like now,
so my heart won't be shaken.
Baek Kang Ho.
Where are you going?
Don't you have something to say to me?
You just take my employee away,
shouldn't you explain that to me?
Just because I went on a business trip with Chief Kim,
you're talking to me like that?
How could you not report it to me,
and just take him away?
You have a lot of courage.
I called Hyung,
but no one picked up.
The plane was about to leave,
and I don't know why you didn't turn your phone on either,
was I supposed to wait till you did?
So, you went wild.
Did you get the investment?
This time I can forgive you,
but don't be so impulsive the second time.
I won't be able to forgive you the second time.
The last time,
after the ddukbokki that was considered too sweet was brought back to the market,
the reaction was especially good.
It suits the tastes of the foreigners too,
so it's selling very well.
Our citizens normally like ddukbokki,
but I didn't expect,
foreigners would like it too.
That's why you should challenge everything.
Don't just think it's impossible right from the start, and give up.
Understand, Il Nam?
I understand, I'll work hard.
This time, through Grandmother's ddukbokki,
a small and insignificant idea became
our company's representative good.
Remember that always.
-Yes. -Yes.
Then, the mood in the office these days hasn't been good.
Our project has given the office new life.
Everyone has to work hard!
Here, everyone, shout fighting.
Hi Peter.
So, how did it go?
Dad says it will be difficult to invest right now.
I see.
Oh, but his Korean branch of his real estate firm,
my father wants me to meet the branch manager, Mr. Johnson,
so you should try that as well.
Thanks Peter.
What is your purpose for coming here?
I'm Baek Kang Ho from Baek San Enterprise.
I'm here to meet Mr. Johnson based on an introduction.
Ah, I heard about it.
Our President asked you to leave a copy of your proposal.
I would like to meet him personally,
is that possible?
He said to just leave the proposal.
Ah, yes.
you have to contact me.
I'm calling because I saw the ad.
What kind of workers are you looking for?
Ah, is that so?
The recruitment period is over?
Ah, I understand.
Yes, hello.
Eun Nim.
Take it out.
Why are you so surprised?
You know what this is, right?
It's money.
There are two intentions.
One, it's because of our Yoo Bin that you were hired as a secretary,
but you were fired, and this is to comfort you.
is for you to leave our Kang Ho.
why are you doing this?
Why am I doing this?
Then, do you intend to stay by our Kang Ho?
Our Kang Ho is in trouble,
our Baek San Enterprises.
For you to be in there,
isn't it uncomfortable?
Our Kang Ho is a little more emotional,
his heart is a little weak,
so he can't tell Secretary Go things like he wants to leave.
So, Secretary Go, you leave him first.
The two of you aren't compatible at all,
you know that, right?
Then, I'll make a move first.
you have to take this money.
Oh my,
why didn't she take this?
Hurry and send this over,
and make her leave Kang Ho's side!
Eun Nim!
Eun Nim!
Hold on!
Eun Nim!
Take it.
It's too much.
Don't force someone like that, please.
Don't complicate matters,
just treat it like it's a compensation.
I'm sorry,
I can't.
This is the only way,
you can help Kang Ho,
and our company.
Now, the company is in bad shape.
please leave Kang Ho.
Let him be a pair with the daughter of Sae Kang.
I understand what you mean.
I can't take this money.
If not,
I'll be too pathetic.
You're here.
Have you eaten?
I'll eat later at home.
Mom, since you're here, I'll go home first.
I have some things to do.
Kang Ho.
It's nothing.
It's nothing at all.
Grandmother and I,
and your Hyung,
believe in you.
I'm leaving.
I'm sorry, your call cannot be connected at this moment.
Eun Nim.
Why aren't you picking up my calls?
Eun Nim.
What's wrong?
Why are you running away?
Why have you not been picking up my calls the whole day?
I can't do anything.
I have no confidence to tire you so much,
so please let me go.
Why is even Eun Nim,
why are you acting this way too?
Did someone say something to you?
Tell me,
did someone say anything?
-No one said anything. -I'm already very tired,
why are you hurting me too, why?
That's why,
if I let go,
you won't suffer anymore, right?
So, you're letting me let go of you, right?
Letting go?
Is that what you want?
Kang Ho.
Dad, are you discharged?
No, the doctors couldn't persuade him.
He said he had an appointment, that's why he's like that.
Father. Listen to the doctor.
You don't have to be anxious.
Is there something wrong?
I have to go meet the President of Dong Hae.
It has to do with the check.
Didn't you say it could be settled within a week?
The bank is talking about the matter right now,
and waiting for the investment.
No matter what, I have to go and take a look,
then discuss it.
I understand.
Then I'll go with you.
Alright, you go with him.
After it ends, you have to bring him back to the hospital.
It's really disappointing.
Dong Hae Bank has cooperated with our Baek San Group for more than 30 years.
Our credit,
shouldn't you know that more than anyone else?
I would like to trust you.
But recently,
you've run into hard times, you know that too, right?
I'm very frustrated too, I'm sorry.
based on our dealings,
help us one more time.
Just one more time.
Once the investments come in,
all the problems will be solved.
I don't know about other people,
but based on personal affairs,
you have to help me.
That... President,
I think you're unclear of the situation right now.
Now, it's not a problem of credit.
First, cancel the contract that delays the repayment of your debt.
are you saying I can't push back the payment dates of my loans?
That can't be helped.
If you have investors,
we'll feel more assured too.
But till the end of this week,
please give us your proposal.
If not, our business with Baek San Group,
even the buildings for the printing industry, cannot be trusted.
I'm sorry.
I still have an appointment.
I'm fine,
I'm fine.
Luckily you sent him to the hospital in time.
However, if this happens again,
then, the situation will be more difficult.
are you saying that he's alright.
for the time being.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, here!
Your father,
He's over the danger period.
Are you that weak?
What are we going to do with you like that?
Honey, honey.
Aigoo, what are we going to do?
What am I going to do?
This is the auction for the immovable assets.
Yes, what is the situation?
After detailed investigation,
it's a little hard this time.
[Park Soo Jung]
Yes, Soo Jung.
Today, Dad says he misses Kang Ho,
and wants to see you.
Do you want to go with me?
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If your father doesn't go, do you want me to go?
Look at what you've done!
What's so hard about this?
Please help me, President.
There is a condition.
Eun Nim, no matter what, she must have been dumped by Kang Ho Oppa.
Honestly, there's a woman I want to marry.
Thank you for letting me see such an honest Kang Ho.
Even if she's stepped on like an earthworm, she'll come back to life.
How could he pretend he doesn't know me and walk past me?
Is this the house of Miss Go Eun Nim?
I'm right, right?
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