How to Make Valentine's Day Gifts : How to Make Valentine's Day Magnets

Uploaded by expertvillage on 11.02.2008

Hi! My name is Lanie Evans and on behalf of Expert Village, I'm here to show you how to
make some decorative Valentine's magnets. Take a look at some of the supplies we're
going to use. Scissors, glue stick and glue gun, foam hearts. We're going to use pipe
cleaners and also some industrial strength magnets. Over here, I have one little character
that I've already made. I'm going to show you how easy that is to make these guys. Take
some googly eyes and just glue them onto the heart.
These are hearts are great. They have an adhesive background or backing so that you just stick
on and they'll stick together. From here, I'm going to turn it over. Take the pipe cleaner
that I've folded in half. I've cut the ends off so they all have rooms for the arms, and
I'm going to glue those together. I'm just going to go ahead and while I'm here put the
glue down for everything else. I'll need 4 dots of glue. You have your legs going on,
and then finally the magnet. Be careful, the glue is very hot. Magnets are small. This
magnet wants to go toward actually the pipe cleaners, but it'll work. Let that sit for
a minute. This is your end product here. Another idea or variation is you can add your children's
photographs to the front of the magnet.