What if Justin Bieber knocked on your door to give you some Proactiv? (Official)

Uploaded by Proactiv on 01.02.2012

Hey what's up, guys. It's Justin Bieber. And I'm on my way to surprise some fans. I'm bringing them a year supply of Proactiv. Let's go.
Ashley says, "Hey Justin! Please bring me some Proactiv. I love you so much."
Chloe O'Jade says "Justin Beiber, do you actually use Proactiv? I thought your skin was beautiful as it is." Wanna know a secret? It's because of Proactiv.
[Justin]: Need some Proactiv? [Girl]: Oh my God! Thank you! Oh my God, I'm freaking out.
Let's go to the next house.
Hey, I got some Proactiv for you. You want some of this? Is everything ok?
Do you like my music?
Proactiv, look it! She needs Proactiv.
Hi. Can I have a hug?
Wanna say hi to the camera?
Marcelle says, "Oh, Justin can you please get me some Proactiv?"
Hope she's inside.
[Girl]:Wow, I swear to God, I think I'm dreaming. [Justin]:No, no you're not dreaming [Girl]:I think am dreaming [Justin]: No you're not dreaming. This is real!
[Girl]: I don't think it is [Justin]: I'm really at your house
Ready to go?
Hey I go you some Proactiv.
Michelle says, "Dear Justin, I love you so much. Proactiv has changed my life."
[Justin]: Crazy! [Woman]: So her wish just came true. But she's hiding and she won't come out
[Justin]: Charlie! [Girl]: Yes!
Give me a hug. Aww!
[Justin]: Bye! [Girl]: Oh my God
[Justin]: Everyone say bye to the camera! [Girl]: Bye!
Mission is accomplished, that was the last house. Everyone was excited, and I'm excited cause I'm able to help people out and feel confident and, yeah. So I'm out!