Introducing Discotecture - A New Series from VICE

Uploaded by vice on Apr 2, 2012


MALE SPEAKER 1: A club is like a play.
The decorist, he sets the tone.
You have to have a good director, you have to have
good music.
Every element counts.
MALE SPEAKER 2: The best night is you go out, and you end up
maybe on a plane to Paris with a beautiful girl.
You want to set the stage for that.

MALE SPEAKER 3: We invited five designers in New York.
And they come from different design disciplines.
Getting the opportunity to design a kind of vision of the
future club, it's like a dream for any designer.
We didn't know at all what this is going to bring.
It's a risk.
On the other hand, we're there to experiment.
MALE SPEAKER 4: Night club of the future may not look
totally futuristic.
MALE SPEAKER 5: You have to try to design something that's
timeless to the best of your ability.
MALE SPEAKER 6: It's all about just creating one night
that'll create a lasting impression for the rest of
their lives, creating a memory that people will never forget.