WordPress Video Tutorial: How To Install JW Player Plugin

Uploaded by carlvanderpal on 11.11.2011

Hi Guys, Carl from carlvanderpal.com!
In this video what I'm going to show you how to install the FREE JW Player so you can play
videos within your wordpress website.
The first thing you need to do is log in to your wordpress admin panel.
Then, come down to plugins and then come down to Add New.
Now what you want to do here is click on the Search term in here and type in jwplayer and
then hit Search Plugins.
The one you want is this one here because it's also FLASH and HTML5 equivalent.
And all that means is if the device is like a PC or laptop visit your site and views the
video, it will show the flash version.
But if somebody comes to your site and comes with other device like iPhone or iPad or something
other than PC or laptop, it will then switch to HTML5 view.
Okay, So the next thing we need to do is click Install now and click on OK. Once it's done,
all we need to do is Activate Plugin.
Now that we have it activated, we have to go to the settings.
So what we need to do is come down to JW Player here. Click on the drop down menu and click
on JW Player.
Okay, first thing we need to do is make sure we have latest version of JW Player.
So you just click on this button here and it will install all the latest JW Player.
And there we have it.
So let's just click back here again into the JW Player.
All this is down here is the standard video player but what we gonna do is we actually
create a new player that will allow you to embed your videos to the same size as your
YouTube video.
Cause as you see here, the height and width is not what we want and it has a standard
player and what we wanna do is optimize this particular player with a little bit of SEO
optimization as well.
So what we need to do first is come to your particular YouTube channel here and what you
want to do is come down to the Share.
Okay, so what we target here is the optimum size of 640 wide by 360 pixels high.
So let's go create that in a new JW Player.
So what we gonna do is Create a Custom Player.
Okay, lets name the Custom Player now whatever your site is about say for example mine on
video seo.
Okay, so I'm gonna name my player, what my website is about.
So if yours is dog training, call it dog training player.
Now, I like to have a control bar to the over position.
The skin instead of the default, I like this particular skin here.
In here, the height is 390 by 640 high.
And all the rest of the Advance settings and Ad Serving settings, you don't need to touch.
But you can certainly have a look if you're looking to make extra changes.
Other than that, what I'm gonna do is hit the save button and there we have it.
So now look on our player rock and ready to go with a bit of video engine optimization
like basic search engine optimization in the actual player itself.
So what we need to do is to come back in our specific video and we want to copy the URL
from the address bar and we gonna do now is embed this particular video into a post.
So we come up into a post then click on to all posts.
Okay, so we're going to embed it into the Hello World post.
So I'm gonna click on edit and I'm just going to expand this window by just clicking in
it and dragging down.
What I wanna do is have my video on top of the page so let's just bump that down a bit.
Now, what I'm gonna have to do is come up to here and add an image.
Now what you will notice here is the extra panel here called External Media.
So what we gonna do is first off is add what we call a video still.
Now, we are talking about the size of 640 by 390, I really made previously a video still,
so what we gonna do is I'm gonna select this and upload that file so that we have a video
I'm gonna select this image here that I made before which has the right dimensions.
Now what you will notice is that I've also optimized the actual file names, so YouTube
subscription widget.
Then, click on open.
Okay, once that's done, what I'm going to do up here is go to the External Media.
Okay and then what we do here is paste the YouTube video in it there and we hit Add Media.
Okay, and what it does, it actually grabs the title; the description and anything sort
of link and so anything from here from the actual channel itself.
Okay, so I just keep it as it is, the title, the caption, leave the description here.
For the link URL, I just select that as none.
Now, with the thumbnail, instead of pulling the YouTube thumbnail, this is what its done,
so I gonna select the one that I actually uploaded here so it's a nice clear, crisp
one rather than the YouTube chooses, which maybe a bit blocky.
So I don't want to do a download file, but the HTML5 file as I've said before, when a
PC or laptop, comes to the site it actually shows the flash version.
But for the device like a smart device like an iPhone, iPad or anything that does not
have flash installed, it will then switch to the HTML5 version and then secure that
video there.
So I will just drop this one here and select that and up here, I just gonna wipe out this.
Remember how we create a new player before, so select the player and we gonna embed the
video seo into the page.
So there we go.
It's actually got a bit of short cut code, so rather than have it embed a really, really
long code, it actually just is the short cut code, so you don't have to know anything from
And all we need to do is click publish or update.
Now, what we do is we wanna go preview these changes.
So let's go and have a look on what it looks like on the default template.
Okay, so we scroll down here and this is the player that we created before, such a nice
looking player.
As well as the video still.
It looks really, really good and a lot more crisper and cleaner than the usual YouTube
That's the end of the tutorial and if you like this tutorial, make sure you subscribe
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and video SEO.
Thank you!