How to Install Bi-Xenon HID: Honda Civic 1992-2002

Uploaded by XenonSupply on 10.03.2010

Hi, Phil with
today we have a 1992 Honda Civic hatchback
that we'll be doing a Bi-Xenon HID installation on
lets pop the hood
and get this one started
here are the tools you'll need to do the installation
first you'll need the H4 Bi-Xenon Kit
available on
this is the 6000K
it comes with the wiring harness
the H4 Bi-Xenon bulbs
and the standard ballast
the tools you'll need
are the 8 zip ties included in the kit to secure the ballast
some needle nose pliers a 10mm socket and socket wrench
and some wire cutters
the first thing you need to do
before performing any installation on your vehicle
is to remove the negative terminal
take your 10mm socket
socket wrench
loosen the bulb here, give it a tap should come loose
now what I like to do is take some painter's tape
cover the terminal
just so it doesn't connect while you're working on the vehicle
now to remove the halogen headlights you need to remove this air intake
resting here
pull up gently and it should come out
now the H4 bulbs come out pretty
you have to take out this rubber shroud and remove the clip
we've already removed the halogen bulb so I can't show you
but this is the connector for it
there are
tabs on each side that you push down on
you should be able to pull and release
the Bi-Xenon wiring harness needs to be connected to the positive terminal
on the battery here
as well as grounded to the chassis
im going to show you those locations later
the passenger side
is going to actually
connect to your H4 harness
from the factory stock harness
as well as the two connections from the ballast
as well as the Bi-Xenon signal wire
the second set up cables run across
to the drivers side
with the signal wire
for the Bi-Xenon headlights
and the ballast
this side does not need an H4 harness because the signal is coming
from this side
for the Bi-Xenon harness you're going to be connecting your positive terminal
to the battery here
this connector
and the negative terminal
to the chassis right here
take the 10mm socket
loosen this bolt
we'll tighten that one up later
we have our positive and negative wires hooked up here
they're secure
not going anywhere
I started routing the cables
the short set of wires is going to the passenger side here
and the driver's side wearing
comes over the top
and around over here
now that the wires are
in the areas they need to be
we can get the ballast mounted
to mount the ballast to the chassis we're going to be needing the
mounting brackets
to install them
take the long side
place it underneath
and use the small U-shaped clip here
to get it in place
now this does come with nuts and bolts
to secure it on the other side
you will need a philips head screwdriver just to tighten this one up
once those are secure we've already
done both
we'll go ahead and get these mounted
as you can see on the passenger side
we have mounted the ballast to the wiring harness running along the chassis
and use the supplied zip ties
to secure it in place, it's not really going anywhere
make sure you clip your ends
and you can then attach the power cable
for the ballast
from the harness
make sure it snaps into place
has a secure fit make sure it's not going anywhere
on the driver's side
we've mounted the ballast
to a wiring harness that runs along the chassis
use the supplied zip ties
to make sure it remains snug
you can now take the wire that goes to the ballast
from the harness connect it
make sure it snaps over the top
pull on it, make sure it doesn't come loose
we're going to now put the H4 Bi-Xenon bulb into the passenger side here
it should be pretty simple to install
make sure the retaining clip is out
insert the bulb
clip it in place
now that it's in and secure you can take your rubber shroud put it
back over
connect all your wiring back
this small signal wire
connects to the harness here
you may want to electrical tape this connection once you're done plugging it in
and the H4 harness
connects to the factory harness
that is the passenger side
the driver's side bulb installation is the same
as the passenger side just go ahead
go ahead open the clip
insert the bulb
clip it in place make sure it's secure
make sure this goes on before you make your connections
signal wire goes to the harness here
make sure you electrical tape this one as well
as well as the connections to the ballast
like I said before there is no connection required here
for the factory harness you can actually electrical tape this
and make it so water doesn't get inside
that should be it lets go ahead and test our lights
test these lights
low beam, high beam
the Bi-Xenon kit appears to be working pretty well
what we've gone and done is cleaned up our wiring here
we've reconnected our negative terminal
use the included zip ties to just tidy it up
bring it around
as well as open the top of the engine bay
and coming down
we've also reattached the air intake that we removed at the beginning of the installation
and that should be it
thanks for watching