Sony Xperia Sola mit "Floating Touch": Unboxing und erster Test

Uploaded by LutzHerkner on 12.05.2012

Today I'd like to introduce to you the Sony Xperia Sola.
This phone has got a very specific feat, called "Floating Touch".
The finger, hovering over the touch screen, works like a mouse cursor.
So you can navigate e.g. through websites with your fingertip.
So let's try this out and have a look at the device.
Here we have an adaptor for micro SIM cards to fit into the slot for regular SIM cards.
NFC is supported. Usually two NFC "Smart Tags" are included just like on the Xperia S.
The cover is made of plastic but seems to be relatively solid.
Micro sd cards are supported up to 32 GB, the internal memory has 8 GB.
Of these are about 5 gigs left by default.
The camera delivers photos with 5 megapixels als videos with 720p.
Unfortunately it's not a bsi (back side illuminated) sensor, just a regular one.
With a price of 349 Euros it's kind of pity that Sony hasn't built in a bsi sensor.
The "Reality Display" has 3,7 inches with 480 x 854 pixels.
So it's less than on the Xperia S with it's excellent 720 x 1280 pixels and 343 ppi.
As you can see it's Android 2.3 still, the upgrade to 4.0 is according to Sony on it's way.
The Xperia Sola has a dual core processor with 1.0 GHz which is quite alright but not state of the art.
But now let's see what's "Floating Touch" like.
It seems as if I would need to open a website for using "Flotaing Touch".
For this I need a WiFi connection, so please stay tuned! Sorry for stopping the recording session!
Here we are, back again! I built up a WiFi connection and opened a website in the meantime.
Usually I now should be able to use the fingertip as a mouse cursor, hovering over the touch screen.
I tried out during the break, but as you can see it's not working!
And as you can see for yourself the option "Floating Touch" is activated in the browser settings.
In theory it should work in the browser, but here alone. No other app supports "Floating Touch" at the moment.
But Sony said the API has been provided, so there should come third party apps in the future that will support "Floating Touch".
As long as we suppose that "Floating Touch" is working at all. What I'm tending to believe.
I will have that checked until the final review in about two weeks.
Let's have a final view onto the panel: resolution is fine, but letters are quite small. So don't you forget your glasses!
Those 3 buttons underneath the screen get illuminated in the dark.
But this edge down here troubles me a little bit: how will that look like after some month in use?
The ergonomics are great because of the width of 59 millimeters only. Height is 116 mm, 9.9 mm thick.
It's a very handy device at first glance and has a nice set of features when Android 4.0 has arrived for it.
And the problem with "Floating Touch" I will have investigated until the review.
Besides, there are two more new phones from Sony: the Xperia U and P. So let's examine these in the next video ...