How to Make a Batik T-Shirt using Elmer's Glue

Uploaded by ElmersBrands on 16.03.2010

The Bald Eagle was chosen as our national symbol because of its great strengthes long
life, and because it's only found on this continent
We're making a t-shirt today that has the look of batik
but we're not actually using wax, let me show you what we used
first we have a
spray bottle with cool
we're using cold water dye we're using white glue
we have masking tape a hanger and of course a t-shirt in your size the
pattern you can find on our website
and the first thing we've done is we've protected our work surface we've taken a
garbage bag and opened it out and use our masking tape to put down
and we've printed out this pattern or you could choose your own
and we're going to slip it inside the shirt
and you'll see because when using the white shirt you can actually see the shirt
and the design right through
and we're going to use our
tip of our glue
our design
so i'm going to color in any of the places that i want to stay white so i'm
going to go right along
and you can see i'm just following the line of the pattern
and i'm going to fill that entire area in
got a little bit here
I'm going to fill this all in and I'm just using
the tip as my paintbrush
i'm going to fill in the wings
because i'm doing this on camera
go a little quicker you're going to spend as much time as it takes to fill
in that entire shape
then i'm going to go around the head remember anything that i want to stay
or not take the dye i'm going to fill in the so if i just wanted to do the
outline i would only do the outline
if i want the entire section just a white
then i would do the whole section
so i go along and do all the pieces
now the paper stays in and I'm going to let that dry then i'd go back and do some on the back
as well
I'm also going to add some dots
just as a little bit more design on the shirt
and i've got one where I've added the glue all the way along you pull that up
so you can see what it looks like
now you can see all of this is going to stay white
now if you can pull the paper out at this point
it's okay that the paper is going to stick a little cause that's glue
when you do your final step
it's all going to come out, so you would just tear that paper out
Ok now we're ready to dye but before we dye
we're going to put it on a hanger it's easiest to do this either outdoors
or when its hanging up or when it's hanging over a protective surface like we have
put my hanger in
first thing i want to do
is to spray the top with the cold water dye so i'm going to spray along
all the way over this entire design remember
you can actually see that design coming through
you can see where that's coming and i'm going to spray the bottom half
with coldwater
and the reason why we hang it up is we want this dye
to hang and run down so that'll run into the shirt
we let that dry and then we do the other side move that to the side
and i'll show you one this is one that's dried overnight
and then we're going to throw it in some cold water
and what that will do is dissolve away all of the glue
all of this glue will come off in coldwater so any place you have a glue mark
any leftover paper that was left inside
will also be removed
and come off
and we're going to be left with the batik design so if we come over here to
the finished one you can see how the colors have rundown in everything that we
covered with glue is now showing in white
i have another one to show you too we've taken the same thing taken a piece of
put the pattern behind again just in the same way
and sprayed it, this one with a red
but we also added some docs in here so that there would be a very gated look
kind of looking like a batik then you can take this to add some thread
this would be a great
patch to put on the back of your jacket
or on another piece of clothing
so that's a great way you can actually do batik
using glue