Controlando sua casa pela - Internet - controlled home automation

Uploaded by MauricioRivello on 02.10.2011

Hello! I'm Maurício Féo.
In this video I'll show you the automation project I'm working on for my house.
In which the purpose is to control your house through any computer, tablet or cellphone with internet access.
And be able to control your house with one click.
It works as follows:
You access a webpage hosted on internet, on any server.
Then you loggin and..
..there will be some buttons and options for controlling your house.
When you click any of these buttons.. connects to the circuit, that is in your house, which..
will be plugged in an internet router.
And by this circuit it will controll most of the devices.
First function: The lights.
Initially, my intention when creating this system was to pretend that somebody is at home when we are traveling.
Then we could turn the lights ON and OFF by the internet,..
..or set the circuit to do it automatically at night.
That way, simulating the presence of people in the house.
But it can be used at your convenience.
For example, not needing to leave bed to turn the lights off when going to sleep. ( ok, I'm not that lazy)
You can program the lights to turn ON at your wakeup time.
Or even install a presence sensor to turn the lights OFF when nobody is in the room.
Just depends on your creativity.
Second function: The gates.
Being able to open your house from anywhere, you're not gonna need to trust your keys to..
..someone who is going to do a job in your house when you're at work, for example.
And you will be able to receive that unexpected guest even when you're not home.
But the real advantage is not needing it anymore.
Damn controller that never works when we need it.
Third function of the system: Home appliances.
In order to control most of your home appliances, I've created this:
It's a power strip that you plug in a socket and in your circuit.
And everything you connect to this power strip you're gonna be able to control..
..from your circuit and as consequence from the internet.
In that way you can turn on the Coffeemaker or electric oven minutes before you get home.
So there will always be a fresh coffee or maybe a lazagna waiting for you, who knows.
It works either with air conditioner or heater..
..for those who likes to arrive home with it already in the right temperature.
Well, there's still a lot to be done. This is only the beginning.
But, as I have more time, I will be posting updates and tutorials on the internet.
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