One of the First Stereophonic LP Records

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This is stereo.
(Jet engine powering up)
(Atomic explosion)
(Car door slams shut)
(Car starts)
(Screeching of tires)
Oh, by the way, my name's Jack Wagner, and I'm gonna take you on a stereophonic tour of the city of Los Angeles!
Gee, it's almost time for the first race of Hollywood Park. Let's pull in right here and see if we can catch it.
(Announcer voice) The horses are at the gate now.
(Announcer voice) The flag goes up.
(Announcer voice) Now, I'm runnin'.
... Blind Story taking on Tom Brandy. He's gone to second now, William is third, Challenger Tom, Resistance, and The Sand. a turn, Brandy is go, Charlie in front, Blind Story challenging on the outside, he's not going to let him in.
And now it's Blind Story shunting in front by a head... Brandy is going second by two, Large Cover-up is third by a half a length, Challenger Tom and our William.
At the head of the stretch is Blind Story, drawing out by a length and a half, Brandy is going second by two lengths, Challenger Tom, and here comes the Sand, by the outside. (Crowd's cheer drowns out the announcer)
(Crowd) Woo-Hoo! (Another man in the crowd)...Keep it hoopin'! Fifty to one. Who? .. Oh no, I thought... Yeah, second. Sixth. Kill me, you could kill me...
(Narrator) Well, I could tear up these tickets. Even in stereophonic sound, you still have to have the right horse.
Let's get back into the car. I want to take you over to the Grace Memorial Church of God and Christ to hear a pretty exciting sound.
It's right around the corner from the airport here. Hey! Look at that four-engine job coming in for a landing!
(Jet engine sounds)
Here we are: the Grace Memorial Church of God and Christ.
Their service in stereophonic sound is quite an experience, listen.
Now we're off to the Riverside race track.
There is sports car racing going on there, and the sounds are just tremendous.
Look at those cars: Mazeratis, Ferraris, Porche Spiders. I think they are just about ready for the next race!
Some race, wasn't it? But if you think that sports cars are fast, just listen to this jet bomber go by.
It's getting a little late now, we'd better get back to town. Hey, we're really in luck, here comes a Southern Pacific freight train!
Now I'll take you to the Bel Canto recording studio, where you'll hear the greatest sound of all: music.
This, of course, is a very modern recording studio, but back in 1900, the most up-to-date studio recorded music that sounded like this:
This acoustic recording became obsolete in 1925, when the popular 78 rpm electrical recording was developed.
Shortly, over 20 years later, the epitome of sound reproduction was accepted to be in the long-playing thirty three and a third rpm disc.
We'll have to admit, that was fine sound reproduction. But now, listen to the finest: Bel Canto stereophonic sound.
Yes, this is Bel Canto stereophonic sound: the sound that creates the illusion that you are actually attending a live performance,
for Bel Canto records sound as you actually hear it: that is, with both ears.
This is the basic principle behind authentic stereophonic sound. Stereo enables you to locate and identify sounds in the area from which they actually originated, thus giving you the realism of a live performance.
Again, let's go back to the old acoustical recording.
Then, the much improved 78.
This was followed by the high-fidelity long-playing record.
And now, Bel Canto stereophonic sound.
This is the ultimate in sound reproduction; for stereo is not just over here, nor is it over here, stereo is here in your own home.