Wythe County Treasurer talks about Unclaimed Property

Uploaded by VaMoneySearch on 21.07.2011

I'm Sam Crockett, the Treasurer of Wythe County and a member of the Wytheville Lions Club
After I heard from ya'll's meeting in August last year in Norfolk,
the monies you found for different localities,
I thought it was worth a shot to try to get you to come to our carnival
to see if we could find, to see if we could get some hits on local people.
And so far, it's been pretty successful.
Ya'll found quite a bit of money I understand.
A lot of people don't understand what it is. They think, it's, that ya'll are looking to collect taxes from them
and I tell them that's what I have to do, collect taxes from them.
But we try to explain to them that it's a legitimate thing.
If somebody in the state owes you money, you know, that's been lost
you all have it and you'll give it back to them.
Even the lady that you found 39 cents for the other night. (Laughter)