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Madam! !
Why are you screaming?
You have played this English music so loudly that I have to scream!
This music is for exercising
How many times have I told you that. . .
Even I have told you that I don't like your tight clothes and your talks!
You are a nice girl belonging to a decent family. . .
you should get up in the morning, meditate and pray. . .
why are you playing this blaring music early in the morning?
Stop your acting now!
You don't know someday where this acting will get me,. . .
I suggest that you take my autograph or one day, there'll be a line. . .
and you will not find a way to reach me!
Fool !
Let me tell you something before leaving.
Drink up that milk!
Vicky, if you won't hit me then can I come in?
Don't you dare come in or I shall break your legs!
You don't even let me sleep peacefully!
Vicky, it is bad for health to wake up late!
When you will fall sick, you will remember my words!
All I can say that it is a very bad habit to wake up late! !
You wake up late yourself and now, you are giving me sermons?
Master! - Come in, I was waiting for you.
You were waiting for me!
What is the matter? - I am not feeling well !
Is that why you were late? - Yes.
Take this! - What is this, master?
Its a watch ! - What will I do with it?
Every time that you are late, you have to come up with new excuses. . .
sometimes, you've an upset stomach or you curse the chores that you do!
Sometimes you say you don't have a watch and you didn't realize the time.
Master, now I'll never be late! - You will yet be late!
Its very simple, you are an artist. . .
and an artist is not like a clerk to function in time.
Besides, an artist has to be in a mood.
And he often gets lost in his moods! - Yes, that's right!
I was thinking if given a chance what would an actor like you do?
What would I do? - You'd create a sensation in this world !
Thank you, master! You are absolutely right!
Shut up! I've told you to stop this madness or you will repent!
You are still here, don't you want to go to work?
What is wrong with you?
Nobody can understand an actor's emotions!
Oh yes, I remembered ! Naina was very upset with brother Ravi !
She's liked a necklace but Ravi's is embarrassed to ask money from you.
That's all I had to say!
Now I'll have to wear this!
You unnecessarily spoilt an actor's mood early in the morning !
Brother hurry up, I'm getting late! - Coming !
Yes, sister in law! - What is the matter, sister in law?
Keep quiet! Take this, Ravi. - What is this for?
By evening, get the necklace Naina has liked !
Wow! You're great, sister in law. - No, forget it!
Come on, take it! - Stop fussing and take it, brother!
Here! - Let's go!
But how did you know that I need this money?
It is very simple!
Our string told us! - String? !
You didn't understand? - Let me explain !
Actually, you all are like pearls in this house. . .
and Krishna is like a string who has kept all the pearls strung together!
That's how we come to know about your needs or else, we wouldn't know!
But Ravi, why were you so embarrassed to ask money from me?
I don't like it, brother has started a separate business for us. . .
he's made us independent and we cannot keep asking for things from you both !
Don't flatter her so much, hurry up or Tinku will be late to school !
Once in a while, why don't you clean up our cars too?
All the while, you keep polishing elder brother's car!
Even after 6 years, it looks as if its recently come from a showroom!
This is master's favorite car, brother Vicky.
And all his favorite things should always look bright and shiny!
Welcome Mr, Chaudhry, what brings you here today?
I heard you are contesting as the President of Mill Owners Association.
So I thought of coming here and wishing you luck!
Yes, I am but Mr. Dhanraj is on that chair since past 8 years.
I don't know of the votes I'll get against. . .
I can guarantee you for 2 votes!
One is mine and the other is yours!
Mr. Kumar, I have been dreaming of one thing since many days.
I thought of asking you if it could turn into reality!
What are you taking about? - Mr. Kumar, you know my son, Rahul.
I want Rahul to get married to your younger sister, Jyoti !
What are you thinking, Mr. Kumar?
Don't you like this. . . - Hey, no!
I was thinking that when did Jyoti grow up so much?
Mr. Kumar, a girl doesn't take much time to grow up!
That's right but I wonder, why I never thought about it!
I have no problems Mr. Chaudhry but the times have changed. . .
I will have to ask my family, especially Jyoti !
Madam! !
Krishna, stop acting and tell me what you want?
You are going to college, please drop me to the factory. . .
I have to take master's lunch and I am very tensed !
You want a lift then hurry up, I have no time!
The time is for love! Hey! She'll go away, mother! !
Oh my! Its very late.
Why are you looking at me? I've taken a shower and said my prayers!
Krishna, get down and push the car!
Alright! God, help me! !
I wonder if master will get the food ! Thank God, this car started !
Krishna, it has stopped again, you get down !
Krishna, push the car! - Yes, I am doing it!
Krishna, here we are!
Madam, I made a very big mistake by asking you for a lift.
I'll never make the same mistake. - Are you tired, Krishna?
Of course not! How can I get tired if I push this car for 5 miles?
Madam, do you have an enemy in this city?
Why? - You can sell junk to that person !
Okay, I will !
Listen, after you give this lunch, get me 4 tickets from Paras Theater!
I've promised my friends to show them a film!
I will do that but what about this piece of junk?
I have helped you till here, who will help you further?
This piece of junk will help me!
We have to furnish the contract of Ajanta Garments at any cost!
Its very simple! We don't get such a huge contract everyday.
Workers will earn in double shifts and we can give deliveries in time!
That's fine sir but we need a lot of raw material to furnish the contract.
I mean, it will involve huge capital ! - That is no problem!
Take as much loan you can !
Oh, my God ! - Krishna, what is the matter?
Why are you sweating so much? - I've traveled in a car today!
In this state?
If you travel in Madam's car, this is what happens!
You won't understand, eat your lunch. - Keep it, I am in a meeting.
Nothing is important than food ! - If I don't work how will I eat?
And if you don't eat then how will you work?
That's right! - Isn't it? Start eating now!
Sorry, master is having his lunch, you call up later.
Who's call was it? - I don't care, you just eat!
Don't you'll feel hungry?
You'll please go and let him eat!
Sir, don't mind it but its not nice to pamper an ordinary servant!
Six months are enough to learn any language.
But to use it properly, even sixty years are too little!
This man whom you have called a servant is my younger brother!
He means a lot to me, I may not have any blood ties with him. . .
but it is necessary to have blood ties?
But you haven't told us who Krishna is.
I am an orphan who was found 18 years back by this angel of mercy!
Do you want some more, child?
No sir, this is his habit.
He holds the hand of any man who comes here for charity!
But till date, nobody has caught the hand of this orphan child !
I can yet feel the sweetness of that kiss on my forehead !
Till then, he was nobody to me. . .
but today, he means the world to me!
He showered so much affection that I never missed my parents!
Hey! Come here.
Enough of it now! Give me food. You'll can go.
If you are going to sulk like this then how will I eat?
Smile! . . .smile properly or I will slap you !
Master, eat quickly, I have to take back this box!
Why are you in a hurry to take back this box?
Madam, is going to see a film with her friends. . .
I have to go and get her tickets!
Amitabh has created a problem for me once again, what will I answer her?
This is the best place to hide!
Jyoti, the show is house full ! - Good that I sent Krishna before!
But will he get the tickets? - You don't know Krishna !
He is very smart! - But where has he gone?
We cannot see him anywhere. - Well, he. . .
Yes, Madam!
Why were you so late, the film has begun !
What happened? - Nothing has happened !
Why are beating around the bush? - No, I'm not, I'm saying the truth !
And whatever has happened, it is because of him!
If Amitabh Bachchan was not here, this show wouldn't be house full !
He's harassed everyone since past 10 years, all his shows are house full !
Does that mean you did not get the ticket?
How can I tell you that I was not successful?
Jyoti, this Krishna has spoilt our mood !
Sure! You don't know my worth !
Madam, you would see only one hero's film in one ticket. . .
I can show you a film of three heroes without a ticket!
No! - And how is that?
Welcome, Master! Why have you come so early?
You should have more late so that like Tinku, we all would have slept!
I have heated the food thrice! Wake up, Tinku !
I have told you all many times to eat your dinner without me.
But you all never listen ! Please sit down.
But brother, have we ever had dinner without you?
Brother, the sun has never risen from the west!
Neither it will happen in future!
Krishna, serve the food ! - You are in this house for few days!
Why, where am I going? - Its simple! You are getting married !
What do you think of Mr. Chaudhary's son, Rahul?
He's a very nice boy, the family is known to us and the boy is educated !
He's handsome too! I suggest. . . - Keep your suggestion to yourself!
I want to know what Jyoti's thinks!
No brother, I will not get married !
When a girl feels shy and refuses, she means yes!
Madam, I am speaking in your defense!
Sister in law, stop him!
If Master accepts your decision then you will regret!
You just wait there!
I must have done good deeds in my last birth to have such siblings!
Or, in this day and age, where can one find such affectionate siblings?
I haven't given you anything else other than responsibilities!
And even today, I am leaving the responsibility of my children on you !
Mother, I will love them more than my life!
I promise that there will never be tears in their eyes!
I know that son but when you will get your own child. . .
Mother, this fear has always nagged you, isn't it?
Today, I swear upon you. . .
I will see to it that I never have my own child !
Whenever I see them I feel that our sacrifice was not wasted !
They never made us feel that we don't have our own child !
Isn't it? - Yes.
and you know when I named this house ' Swarg'. . .
I did not know that it will actually become a paradise for me!
As you all know that there are 2 contestants. . .
standing for the President post of Mill Owners Association.
One is Mr. Dhanraj, who has handled this position since past 8 years.
And the other contestant is Mr. Kumar!
He is contesting these elections for the first time!
Mr. Dhanraj has received 1 1 votes and Mr. Kumar has received 13 votes!
I will request Mr. Dhanraj to greet the new President!
I can understand, sir. The chair that you owned since past 8 years. . .
when it was snatched from you, you must have really felt very bad !
But what can be done, this chair is just like an unfaithful girlfriend !
It keeps changing people!
Mr. Kumar has got it today, tomorrow perhaps you may get it back!
You don't understand, Mr. Nagpal !
Your tomorrow may come after 1 year, it isn't going to happen immediately!
And within this 1 year if Mr. Kumar learns that. . .
I've embezzled millions of rupees from the Associations funds. . .
then what will I do? He will start investigation against me!
I may even have to go to jail !
You are unnecessarily afraid of Mr. Kumar!
You don't understand ! I don't fear him, I'm afraid of his honesty!
There is a saying in Gujarati ' if you meet a snake and a honest man. . .
then first you must kill the honest man ! '
Kill the snake later on !
What do you want, sir?
You don't understand, Mr. Nagpal ! This man has created problems for me.
Forever, he is stands like an obstacle in front of me!
For example, a few days back this Ajanta Garments matter. . .
this contract that your company received. . .
actually, I was supposed to get it!
But this has not happened for the first time, it always happens!
If he keeps on getting contracts, I'll have to close my company!
Sir, I joined hands with you so that I should earn extra money.
And now that I am working with you, its my duty to help you !
You just tell me what you need !
I want Mr. Kumar's destruction !
Nagpal, do as I tell you !
I will change my name if I don't succeed in making Mr. Kumar a pauper!
Sir, we've taken a big loan and yet, we're falling short half a million !
Did Mr. Chaudhry send the friendly loan we ask for?
Sir, the amount is big, obviously anybody would ask for security!
Did Mr. Chaudhry say that? - No, his lawyer said it!
Alright, mortgage my bungalow!
I'll sign the papers.
Master, what are you doing? Where we'll live if you mortgage the house?
Fool ! I am just mortgaging the house, not selling it!
A businessman is like a farmer, the way a farmer pays off his debts. . .
on harvest, similarly I'll pay off my debts on the delivery of my goods!
But master. . .
This is business, you will not understand it!
Its not easy to make money!
This money can also create problems if a man earns more than required !
He can only sleep on soft and cushy pillows. . .
He cannot sleep on silver pillows!
You are right but tell me where do you take so much money these days?
Master, your brothers don't give less charity than you do!
Vicky was saying that he wants to donate ten thousand to an orphanage.
Its good to give charities!
Sir, the workers are very happy!
Hello, Mr. Kumar! How are you?
Hello! How are you, Dhanraj?
I am alright but whatever you are doing to me is not right!
I heard the news that you're making investigations against me!
I had high regards for you, Mr. Dhanraj !
I never imagined that a man of your caliber will work so dishonestly!
What are you saying, I have worked dishonestly?
That is poles away from me, Mr. Kumar! - Not at all !
Both are synonymous, Mr. Dhanraj !
Its very simple! You embezzled millions of rupees from the funds. . .
you took undue advantage of the President's position !
But who doesn't do that, Mr. Kumar? Everyone cheats!
Why don't you find a way that I am saved and your problems also end !
I did not understand. - Its very simple, Mr. Kumar.
There is a saying in Gujarati that ' if you are caught accepting bribe. . .
then free yourself by giving a bribe! '
I've heard that you've got a huge order from Ajanta Garments.
And you are willing to mortgage everything to furnish the order.
Why do you need to do all this in my presence?
You name the amount and I am willing to give it to you !
Consider me as your brother, you don't have to mortgage anything !
And you don't have to ever repay this money back!
You slapped me? !
I have answered your question !
Besides, I did not have a better answer!
There is a saying in Gujarati. . .
' if need be, accept a slap too. . .
but return it back with interest! '
I will return it back with interest, Kumar!
Okay Jyoti, I'll just get it!
Deepa, you have done a wonderful thing by getting Jyoti here!
This party could be more fun. . .
if you add some alcohol in your friend's soft drink!
What do you want, Prince?
I want to deflower this bud !
I will handle the rest!
Why is this bitter? - Because, I've mixed poison in it!
Don't get upset.
What, Jyoti is not even at your place?
No, I have called up all her friends.
She is not with them. Alright!
You have pampered her! She can do as she wants, you'll not say a word !
Stop getting worried, Jyoti is not a child.
She's not a child, that is why I am worried !
Nothing !
Leave me!
You can slap me but first let me do something for which I deserve a slap!
Leave me! !
Excuse me, sir.
Come here, darling !
Ms. Deepa ! - Yes!
Where is Madam?
You mean Jyoti, she left an hour back!
She's left? !
Wait, rascal !
Who are you? - My name is Krishna !
She is my Madam! - You rogue!
I can kill the man who looks at her, how did you dare touch her?
Hit him, Krishna ! - How did you dare touch her?
Hit him more, Krishna !
You dared to touch my Madam!
If you wouldn't come in time then. . .
Don't cry Madam, I cannot bear to see your tears!
Stop crying !
Let's go home, everyone is worried about you and waiting for you !
Where were you until now?
Where were you until now?
Don't ask her anything. - There is no need to ask!
We can judge by seeing her condition !
Why did you go for such a party?
Leave my hand !
No master, before you do anything, think that Madam. . .
No Krishna, your shawl on her torn clothes narrated everything !
You go inside!
Krishna, I will never be able to repay your favour!
No master, I can give my life for the honor of this house!
If you permit then I'll call for the priest tomorrow.
Lets find an auspicious date and get Jyoti engaged !
You are right!
What? - What is the matter, master?
What happened? - What's wrong, brother?
A fire broke out in my factory, Krishna !
Brother! - Master, stop!
Master, what are you doing?
Master, what happened?
Vicky, what is wrong with him?
I have given him an injection but remember one thing. . .
he needs complete rest! Alright Mr. Kumar, I'll take your leave!
Always keep these pills with you.
Whenever he gets this pain again, give him one pill !
But doctor, what is wrong with him?
He has got a heart attack! - Heart attack? !
Don't worry, I will come again for a check up tomorrow!
Sir! - What are you doing here?
Didn't I tell you that until the matter cools off, don't come here!
Even I did not want to come here!
But I've come to say, the police is doing a thorough investigation.
They may learn the truth ! - They will learn the truth !
I beg your pardon ! - There is a saying in Gujarati.
' A brave man gets trapped by his bravery and a coward by his fear! '
This is the reason why most of the criminals are caught, Nagpal !
What is there to fear? Don't accidents ever occur?
Can't a fire break out in the mill due to short circuit?
Stop this foolishness and use your head !
The police may try its best, they'll never be able to find out the truth !
But if you continue to act like this then we both will be caught!
I am sorry, I'll never repeat this again !
Now you can go and forget for some time that you know me!
I would like to congratulate you before I leave.
You are successful in your mission !
My mission is yet not successful, Nagpal !
Kumar has to endure a lot!
I have just inflicted the wounds, I yet have to rub salt over them!
Master! - What is it, Krishna?
Master, that. . .
Why are you crying? - Please come out for a minute!
Mr. Chaudhry, why did you send back the presents?
When the boy's side don't agree, the gifts are returned, Kumar!
What can I do, Rahul is not agreeing for the marriage!
He doesn't like Jyoti ! - Its very simple, Chaudhry.
I am going through a lean phase and even you are turning your back to me?
But why are you punishing my poor sister for this?
How is she to be blamed?
What is the matter? - He said he is sorry!
He says Rahul doesn't like Jyoti and this marriage cannot take place!
Mother, I will love them more than my life!
I promise that there will never be tears in their eyes!
Forgive me mother, I could not fulfill my promise!
How long will you sit here, don't you want to sleep?
You are strange, the engagement has broken and you want to sleep?
If they would patch up the alliance then I'd be awake the whole night!
What are you trying to say? - I am just trying to show you !
Your elder brother has mortgaged this house against the loan.
So? - When will understand things?
Your business is running whereas, elder brother has become a bankrupt!
And I hope that to sympathize with his sister,. . .
he may not put the noose of his debts around your necks!
Let him do what he wants but you'll have a firm grip on your business!
Why should you both pay for his deeds?
Greetings, Mr. Kumar! - Greetings, please sit!
No Mr. Kumar, give us our money. - Its quite difficult at the moment.
But I can assure you that you will get back your money!
Nobody can doubt your honesty but Mr. Kumar, we need our money!
Mr. Kumar, we have a suggestion, you have shares in many companies. . .
you even own some property in Junagadh. . .
we have prepared the documents, all we need is your signatures!
This is all I have, even if I sell it, I can't repay your money!
Instead, I thought of starting my business again to repay your money!
I promise you this! I need some more time.
Alright, we give you 6 months!
6 months are sufficient for me, I am thankful to you !
I promise that I will repay every penny I owe you !
These are the guarantee papers, tell your brothers to sign it!
Ravi, sign this, they'll be convinced !
I will but how many people will you convince with these signatures?
I don't understand what you are trying to say!
Its very difficult to earn money in a new business.
If you won't be able to repay your loan then we'll be in trouble!
What are you saying? Is money more dear than his honor?
You please sign it!
Can I give a suggestion if you don't mind?
Give them the money and ask them to leave!
What rubbish are you saying, he wants signatures, you sign them!
Forget it Krishna, I don't need his signatures!
Sir, can I sign these papers instead of them?
No, you are not in that position ! - Why didn't you make me like them?
Why didn't you educate me like Vicky and Ravi?
I am glad that I did not educate you, Krishna !
Give me your pen.
Mr. Kumar, I'm a very ordinary man.
My amount is also not very big, its only 200 thousand rupees!
I've given everyone something, so how can I disappoint you?
Come with me!
No Master, this is your favorite car!
I'll not let him take it away!
Krishna, when a man becomes useless. . .
He doesn't need a car, isn't this what you are trying to tell me?
Give the keys to him!
When I have lost everything then what's the point in keeping this car?
What are you seeing here?
I am seeing it takes a fraction of a minute to come from riches to rags!
Master, the condition of the mill that you're seeing after its burnt. .
with sorrows and tensions, a man tends to suffer more than this!
Let's go home, everyone must be waiting for you at the dinner table!
Krishna, I am not hungry!
Bravo, brother Ravi ! Bravo!
Bravo, brother Vicky
You have broken God's record after all !
You've compelled the Sun to rise from the East!
Till recently, you waited for the master to return till late in the night. . .
didn't you?
And today. . . - So what's wrong?
We wait every night. If we haven't tonight, the skies won't fall !
Let's not talk about that, sister-in-law.
After giving someone so much of respect. . .
it's not right to bring him down to the earth like this!
Krishna ! Your tongue has begun to wag too much !
Skip the nonsense! - I'll speak my heart, brother Ravi !
I'll speak my mind today!
Till today, you folks have never eaten before the master arrived.
But I can see the obvious thing today
You have turned the master a stranger in his own house!
He's the tree under whose shadow you grew into young men.
And you wish to hack it today, because it's withering away?
Brother Vicky. . . that tree needs to be nurtured and watered !
Wait for Spring ! The tree will once again turn green and bear fruit!
And once again, you shall be able to rest in its shade!
Don't talk too much of nonsense. We know what our duties are.
You sure are performing your duties very well !
The elder brother has a noose of debts around his neck.
And sister-in-law. . . ? She's sporting a diamond necklace!
The younger sister is unmarried. And the brothers just don't care!
Wow! What a way of performing your duties!
I wonder whether what flows in your veins is blood or mere water!
Krishna ! You two-penny servant! You dare talk-back at us?
Dogs are normally tied on a leash. But here, we let them loose.
Sister-in-law, they're so wrong. . .
they're so wrong to keep dogs on a leash !
Because whenever a dog barks, it barks at his master's enemies!
It's the selfish man who ought to be chained. . .
who bites his own master with changing times!
You live off our crumbs and misbehave with us?
Forget it. Why mess with a small man? Let's go.
Please eat your food, sir. - No, Krishna. I'm not hungry.
May I say something, sir?
Please cultivate the habit of eating all alone.
Don't care so much for me.
After the humiliation I've received from my family. . .
I just can't take your love.
Krishna, take my advise.
Go someplace far away from here.
I'm bound by my duty. I had promised my mother who was dying. . .
and thus, I'm still standing by my brothers.
It's like this. When a river's in spate. . .
even the trees are drowned. But the birds perched on them fly away.
And. . . you ought to fly away.
You must also go away. - No, sir. . . no way.
Krishna is no bird, nor is he a shadow. . .
to desert you in times of darkness.
Alright, the guest list is complete!
I may have to call a few extra 10- 15 friends!
Never mind, you keep your list with you and invite your guests!
I have a lot to do! - What arrangements are being made?
Its Naina's birthday! - So there's going to be a party?
Is it necessary to have a party? - I've had it on all my birthdays!
But then we never faced such a lean phase ever!
I think we should stop these extravagant expenses!
Don't worry brother, we will bear the expenses of the party!
I know it but my creditors who have given me a loan are not aware!
They'll think that we are enjoying and not returning back their money!
Fearing the creditors, you may even say that we should stop eating !
And we should live like beggars but I cannot do this, brother!
Do you know which family I belong?
I know that you belong to a very rich family!
But before that, you are also a daughter in law of this house!
If there's a death in the family, there is no celebration !
But who has died here? - Humanity and decency!
All I have to say is that spend within your means. . .
stop these extravagancies, further it is your wish !
Its so easy to give advises to someone else!
You have taken the loan and we are supposed to restrict our expenses?
If you care about expenses then quit smoking cigars and smoke cigarettes!
Yes, sister in law. - I need 200 rupees.
I want to offer oblation in the temple for your brother.
If the God's would be pleased with 200 rupees,. . .
then why would people spend thousands on the doctors?
Don't argue Ravi, don't you love your brother?
Foolishness is not love!
Besides, elder brother always keeps on saying that we should save money.
He's just told Naina not to celebrate her birthday.
Perhaps he is right, we have no money for extravagant expenses!
Yes, sister in law! - What is the matter now?
Keep quiet! Take this, Ravi. - What is this for?
By evening, get the necklace Naina has liked !
Wow! You really are great!
What is this? - The jewellery for my marriage!
You can take as much as you want.
No Jyoti, your engagement broke. . .
and to top it, I cannot take your jewellery!
I cannot satisfy my needs by selling off your jewellery!
I don't need the money!
Does this belong to you or have you stolen it?
No sir, it is a gift from someone.
Its a memento of somebody's good times!
Today that person is facing a bad time that is why I am selling it!
Here, take this!
Vicky, Ravi, what are you'll doing?
What do you'll want from my trunk?
Krishna, where are Jyoti's ornaments?
Madam's ornaments? ! - See, how innocent he's acting !
Tell us where you have hidden Jyoti's jewellery!
Have you sold it somewhere?
You all should be ashamed of accusing me for this!
Will I commit a theft in my own house?
Madam, do I look like a thief?
Do you think I can stoop so low that I will commit a theft?
Then where are the ornaments, who else in this house can steal?
Enough brother, I have no remorse for my ornaments being lost. . .
I am feeling bad because, you are humiliating Krishna !
Isn't this your chain, Jyoti?
Madam, I have no idea how this came in my bag !
I swear it! - What are you trying to say?
One of us has kept this chain? - He'll not admit that easily!
Call the police, they will make him admit it!
You are right! - Hey! How can you call the police?
Madam, they'll disgrace the honor of this house by calling the police!
Wait! There is no need to call the police in this house!
But brother, he. . . - Ravi, I am still alive!
I can deal with the trivial problems in this house!
Master, please scold them!
Madam's jewellery is lost and they doubt me!
They think that I have sold that jewellery somewhere!
Where is the balance money, Krishna?
What did you ask, Master?
I asked where is the balance money?
Master, you are asking your Krishna this question? !
Krishna, every man makes mistakes. . .
you tell me where you've sold the ornaments, I'll not tell you a word !
What is left to ask? By asking a small question, you've asked a lot!
Don't aggravate the matter! - It is already aggravated !
Now you better call the police!
When they will bash me up only then will I say. . .
where I've sold the ornaments, Master!
Don't call me Master! You have disgraced my honor!
I did so much for you and this is how you repay me?
What are you doing, brother? - Jyoti, you move away!
The day my factory was burnt and I was devastated. . .
I didn't feel that much grief as I felt when you committed a theft!
Master, when my parents had died when I was very small. . .
and I become a orphan but I did not feel as much grief. . .
as I have felt today when you called me a thief!
How could you call me a thief? - Don't give any justifications!
Move away from my sight! Get out from this house!
Forget this house, I am leaving this town. . .
I am an orphan, I can spend the rest of my life anywhere!
I spend so many years thinking that your blessings were with me!
I did not care about anything !
But now I have learnt that an orphan doesn't belong to anyone!
I am leaving and will never return back!
Get out! And if you ever step into this house, you'll see me dead !
No! Don't say such things for a mere servant like me!
I'll never step into this house ever again !
For God's sake, don't misunderstand him, don't mind his words!
He loves you a lot! - Yes, I saw how much he loves me!
What is happening, why are you screaming?
Don't speak to me! - Why?
I've stolen Madam's ornaments and taken away the money!
What nonsense are you saying? - No, I am saying the truth !
I am thief and why are you speaking with me?
You also hit me!
Madam, when Vicky slapped me. . .
I did not mind it. Naina called me a dog. . .
I tolerated even that but today when Master slapped me. . .
that did not hurt me on my cheek, it has hurt me on my heart!
What, he slapped you? !
Not only that, he has also asked me to leave this house!
I will not stay here, I am going ! Madam, you listen to me. . .
if unknowingly I have hurt you then please forgive me!
What am I hearing, you raised your hand on Krishna?
You asked him to leave? Do you really think that Krishna can steal?
Even if God comes and testifies against him. . .
I will not believe it then how could you?
I don't believe that he has committed a theft!
Then why did you do this?
It is very simple Janki, try and understand !
I can endure everything but if they say anything to Krishna, it hurts me!
Today was the limit to my endurance when they called him a thief!
With great difficulty I have controlled myself!
With great difficulty I have raised my hand to slap him!
And with a great difficulty I asked him to leave this house!
But just think, where will he go?
It is a very big world, he will find a place somewhere!
And after being hurt, he'll know how to take care of himself!
No, I can't let him wander alone in this wide world !
No Janki, you don't know how my brothers are!
You've not thought that after my death. . .
Don't say that!
You have no idea how they will treat him after my death !
He will never be able to realize this because, he has a pure heart!
But why did you send him away in this manner?
Because, he would not understand any other way, Janki !
Besides, he would never be able to leave us!
Master, the hands that have hit me, can't those hands bless me?
Madam, atleast you bless me!
Now I understand that I am no more connected with this house!
It was a very simple thing but I have understood it today!
That a poor man's destiny can shine upon him for sometime. . .
but it cannot be the same forever!
Excuse me. . . - Move away!
Excuse me, sir. . . - Go away!
What a strange city! Nobody is willing to listen.
Brother, where will I get a house to stay?
A house? ! - What is so funny?
You fool ! Who gave you a ticket to Mumbai?
I've come without a ticket, I did not have money to buy a ticket!
Listen to me, when I came here, I had asked the same question.
But its 20 years now, I haven't yet got the answer!
I am managing like this with my one leg, you did not understand?
You think this your father's house, why didn't you think before coming?
Enough ! . . .
Hey! My bag.
Who has taken away my bag?
Where did my bag go? - Like your bag. . .
one day even you'll disappear! Go back!
Look friend, I am giving you a precious advice free of cost!
In this city, every man gets three things with great difficulty.
Look there! . . . Food, clothing and shelter!
Thief! ! Catch him! !
He's running away with my bag !
Chief! ! - What is the matter?
Why are you screaming? - Chief look at this!
That is mine!
He's my man, what is your problem?
Brother, that is my bag, he stole it from the station !
My name is also written on it, Krishna !
So what if your name is on it?
If you write your name on this area, will it belong to you?
Look mister, please don't get abusive! - Move away!
Just scoot from here or I'll bash you up!
But that bag is mine. . .
Brother, that bag is mine and I want it back!
There is something important in it, I plead to you !
You are making me angry! - Listen to me, brother!
Give my bag !
Look, give back my bag !
Hey! Get his bag here.
Come on, pick up your bag !
Don't be scared brother, you have come in the right hands!
What are you doing chief, do you want to beat him to pulp?
And you also go your away, this man is quite crazy!
But he's taken my bag. . . - Forget the bag and scamper!
Brother, your blood is precious than this bag !
Brother, I am joining my hands and pleading in front of you. . .
but now I open my hands!
Are you running because, your chief is being beaten up?
Let me go!
By God ! You've really done a great job, won't you tell me your name?
Looks like you are new in Mumbai !
And you did not find any shelter?
And you even look hungry! All this means that you are a decent man !
All that we'll speak later but tell me what is your future plans?
Where will you go? - Wherever my feet take me!
That sounds good ! Okay, tell your feet to follow me!
My mansion is close by!
No, I don't want to be a burden on anyone!
Besides, my own family threw me out of the house. . .
I am not even related to you ! - Of course we are related !
You are poor, so am I!
And by God, two poor men share a bond which. . .
two brothers or a son and a father don't share!
And to tell you frankly, I have liked you at the first sight!
Come along with me!
Brother, you really have a sad tale to tell !
By God, I feel like crying !
You heard my story but did not tell anything about yourself!
My name is Airport!
What name is that?
Here, people make a joke of someone's helpless state!
And that joke sometimes gets attached to you as your name!
I am a production manager in the film industry!
And I go to the airport to pick up the artists and leave them!
You mean the hero and heroines? !
Yes, right from Amitabh Bachchan to Asrani and Sridevi to Aruna Irani !
I've gone umpteen times to drop them and pick them up at the airport!
But till date, I have never traveled in a plane!
Please introduce me to Amitabh Bachchan !
Now that you are here, your this wish will surely be granted !
You live here alone, don't you have any relatives?
I have a distant uncle and a lady whom I consider as my sister in law!
My distant uncle always maintains a distance. . .
and the sister in law never considers me as her own !
What is in this bag for which you were ready to fight that man?
Shall I show you?
Is it so precious? - Yes, its my Master's picture!
Oh ! So he's the great man who accused you of stealing. . .
and threw you out of the house?
No, its the picture of that man who adopted a 5 year old orphan. . .
and raised him up!
Brother, what are you made of? You yet respect this man?
My friend, a God always remains God. . .
we worship him, irrespective of the fact that he gives us joy or grief!
If you don't mind, can I hang this beside the picture of your God?
You really are great! Go and hang it!
Master, I miss you a lot!
Who must be taking care of you? Oh yes! Madam is there.
Your sister is also there, they both will take good care of you !
I'll never come back, master!
Its very simple, I don't like to see you working when I'm relaxing !
I'll have to do something ! - No, brother!
We have lost everything and now we only have you !
Where will we go if something happens to you?
How will we live?
Sometimes I wonder that you all have been born to the same mother. . .
but there is a vast difference between your brothers and you !
This is the difference between your own and strangers!
Sometimes, strangers become close and your own people turn strangers!
Just like our Krishna, wonder where he is, what he is doing?
You were looking for me and I was waiting here for you !
Is that so?
Keep this, I'll open this lock by taking the keys from your pocket!
Take this!
Hey! What are you all doing?
No! ! - Who is it?
I plead to you, if you want I'll take you to the doctor too!
Please stop seeing dreams!
Or else one day, your screams will kill me!
Just check how fast my heart is beating like a train engine!
Forgive me Airport but. . .
No, today you will have to tell me what exactly is your problem?
Why do you see such dreams? - What else can an unemployed man do?
Until my dreams don't come true, these dreams will haunt me!
Oh ! That means I will have to find a job for you.
Come on, I will introduce you to my producer today itself!
I will get you a job of a spot boy!
Which hero is shooting today? - Forget that!
N . Chandra is coming this way, call him ' Papaji' and fall at his feet!
But why ' Papaji'? - This is the way people greet here!
What is it? - Sir, his name is Krishna.
He is very hard working and wants a spot boy's job!
Don't ask me such a small thing, hire him!
Thank you very much, Papaji ! He gave me a house to live. . .
I had worn my clothes and now, you have given me food too!
Wow! I like Mumbai !
So, are you happy? - Of course I am!
Rascal ! You betrayed the person who fed you?
I embraced you with affection and you betrayed my faith?
Is this how you repay my favors?
Don't you dare show me your face ever again ! Get out from here!
Master, I don't mind if the entire village thought I was wrong. . .
but I am deeply saddened because, even you could not understand me!
I am leaving !
Why did you throw out the person whom you loved all your life?
Why did you do that?
I did it because I love him a lot!
And if a person loves someone then for his benefit. . .
sometimes it is necessary to show that you hate him!
You tell me, what do we have left with us now?
Only poverty, pain, agony. . .
I did not want him to lead this life with us!
He is very young, he has a long life ahead !
I could not tolerate to see his life burn in our sorrows!
Now I understand that my Master had also put up an act!
That slap was just an act! My master loves me a lot! !
What has the doctor to lose?
It was easy for him to say that brother ought to be admitted in a hospital.
It's we who'll have to pay the fees!
We don't have a plant from where we can pluck the money!
Yes but we have to get him treated !
No! We have to get him admitted in some hospital !
But it is not necessary that the hospital has to be private!
She is right, we can admit elder brother in a charitable hospital !
Yes, the idea is to get him treated, people do go to such places!
You'll please don't worry about elder brother.
You will not have to face this problem in my presence!
Are you trying to show everyone that we are not concerned about him?
And its only you who is worried about him!
She works as a mere steno and earns a miserly amount. . .
and thinks that she is very smart!
I want to know why you disgraced our family by taking up this job?
The family has lost its honor by me taking up this job. . .
and you'll want to get elder brother admitted in a charitable hospital. . .
will this add to the glory of our family?
Jyoti, you are crossing your limits!
I have learnt from you all to cross my limits!
When my jewellery was stolen by someone else and Krishna was accused. . .
where was your limit at that time?
You were sarcastic about elder brother smoking an expensive cigar. . .
where was you limit then?
When the guarantee papers were not signed and he had to give his car. . .
where was your limit at that time?
You'll lost love and respect for him as soon as he lost wealth !
Today he is deep in debts. . .
but you'll are living life lavishly!
Your indifference is taking him closer to death. . .
He thinks that instead of having such selfish and greedy brothers. . .
he would have only Krishna with him!
Very good, Ravi ! You have done a great thing !
By slapping your younger sister you have proved how great you are!
Jyoti, it is very simple. . .
the ' rakhee' that you've been tying on his hand since so many years. . .
think this slap to be a gift from him in return of that ' rakhee' !
Shameless man ! I did not even dare to glare at her till date. . .
and you raised your hand on my innocent sister!
No brother raises his hand on his younger sister because he likes it!
But when the younger sister forgets the respect for her elder brother. . .
then it becomes necessary to slap her to teach her discipline!
No, she did not misbehave with you'll !
She just showed you'll a mirror. . .
she had no idea that you'll will get so offended seeing your faces in it!
Instead of taunting us, it would be better if you come to the point!
If you despise us so much then why did you maintain relations with us?
That's because, he had promised your mother on her death bed. . .
that he will see to it that her children never cry!
But he was not aware. . .
that the same children will one day, make him shed tears of blood !
He has done a lot for you all !
Have you'll already forgotten? - You are forgetting, sister in law!
The sum of 13 thousand which he invested in business and progressed. .
that amount he got only after he sold a small cottage!
And that cottage did not belong to him, it belonged to our mother!
Whatever he's done for us was not a favor but his duty!
Please don't mind, whatever they're doing is for you all and this house!
You'll get food but have you ever realized where that money comes from?
We are doing as much as we can !
But he should not try to disturb our peace of mind !
I don't want anything but I'll just take away a right from you'll !
None of them will light my pyre!
As it is we don't have a right over that, brother!
Its your child's right but unfortunately you don't have a child !
Besides, whatever you may be, after all you are our step brother!
You seem to be busy counting your money!
How much have you collected? - Hardly any amount!
Inspite of working day and night and cutting down all my expenses. . .
I've been able to gather only Rs. 900 /- !
Wonder what I will do!
This is Mumbai, you won't be able to live here if you lose hopes so soon !
I earn a measly amount, how can I repay Master's loan worth millions?
Where there is a will, there is a way!
No, to earn a lot of money a man has to be smart, shrewd and educated !
I am an illiterate, unintelligent and a village bumpkin !
What can I do? - Everything will be fine!
God is watching, he will take care of everything !
O God, please make me able enough that I get back my Master's old days!
Yes, I am a criminal and this world of crime. . .
Yes, I am a criminal and. . .
Yes, I am a criminal and. . .
Whose guests are they? Move them away, we are shooting !
Yes, I'm a criminal. . . Put off this light! It breaks my concentration !
Stop combing your hair and start acting !
Why is this boom here, why aren't you serious about the shooting?
You laughed??
Sir, you have explained it to him so many times. . .
we all have understood but he doesn't seem to understand at all !
Did you understand everything? - Yes!
Will you say these dialogues? - Yes, I remember them!
Can you say these lines in front of the camera?
He'll feel bad !
You will say those lines! - No sir, he'll feel bad !
You will say those lines! - Alright sir, if you insist!
Let me see how you say it!
Yes, I am a criminal and everyone in the world of crime fears me!
I am a social stigma !
I know that you despise the mention of my name!
And you think I am wrong, but I am sure that nobody is born wrong !
No thief steals for fun !
No bandits raids a place because he loves to!
No woman sells her body because she likes it!
Situation and circumstances compel a human being to commit wrong things!
A man who dies of poverty is not even granted a decent cremation !
Since then I have learnt only one thing in life!
That it is not a sin to be born as a poor man. . .
but it is a sin to die as a poor man !
By God ! Your performance was great.
Frankly speaking, I've been happy in my life only two times!
Once, when the country was free and now, when my friend has got success!
I don't understand one thing, you want to buy Mr. Kumar's bungalow. . .
and I want to sell that place to get back my money!
Instead why don't you give me the money and get the house in your name?
Why get it auctioned? - You don't understand.
When a house is auctioned, the family loses its honor in public!
There is a saying in Gujarati. . .
' when someone becomes your enemy, see to it that he becomes a beggar. . .
so that he extends his arms to beg and not get more powerful ! '
Did you'll hear? They want to auction our house!
Why are you so shocked, someday this had to happen !
Will you let your house get auctioned?
Vicky, this house is just not built with lime, sand and bricks. . .
it has your elder brother's hard work mixed in it!
Besides, if we go away from here, where will we live?
We all have to make our own arrangements,. . .
Naina and I have seen a flat, we will shift there!
Sister in law, I am like a guest in this house. . .
I can go and shift with brother Ravi and his wife!
But you don't worry, I will search for a room for brother, Jyoti and you !
I know I will have to pay the rent, but I don't mind it!
You'll pay rent. . . ? - Yes
People even lay down their lives to save their honour.
Our house is being auctioned away. And you're not at all ashamed?
You are brothers of such a great man !
How could you'll think so pettily? - Sister in law!
Please, I plead to you both, don't let this house be auctioned !
Please listen to me, this is our house, don't let it get auctioned !
Gentlemen, before I start the auction, I'd like to tell you that. . .
Mr. Chaudhry has made the first bid for this majestic mansion !
Let's start with 5 million ! - 5. 1 million !
Is there anyone else, the last bid is 5. 5 million !
5. 6 million ! - 5. 7 million !
Anybody who will bid higher? - 6 million !
So is that final? 6 millions!
No! !
I have put every article in this house with my own hands!
This is my husband's house, my house!
This is a temple of our love, this is our paradise!
I will not let anyone takeover this house, I'll not let it get auctioned !
Janki, open the door! !
Janki, open the door! !
If you break down then who will support me?
I know that you are enduring a lot!
The bidding proceedings are echoing in your ears!
I know it all but Janki. . .
No Janki, don't do this to me!
I have nobody else besides you, if you go away, how will I live?
No, Janki ! !
Madam! !
No, you cannot leave us and go!
Did I go away from here so that you can go away from me forever?
Did I go to town and toil so much so that when I return back. . .
you don't even speak to me?
Look at this, I've got so many saris for you !
See this one is pink, this is black and this one is red !
I've not got any white color sari for you, Madam!
I've not got a white color sari !
Krishna, you know what, nobody can stop you from being a star!
Click our picture, he's going to be a superstar!
If you try to view the history of Indian film industry. . .
we realize that there have been various superstars in different eras!
The first era was of the great hero, Dilip!
Then was Rajendra, Dharmendra, Jeetendra, Amitabh Bachchan. . .
and today, everyone is speaking of one name, Krishna !
Krishna, you have achieved fame in a very short span. . .
how do you feel after achieving this recognition?
Frankly speaking, I think all this is a miracle!
It is always said that there is someone responsible for your success. . .
today, you are the shining star of the industry. . .
can I know who is responsible for your achievement?
Many people are responsible for it but first & foremost, its my Master!
Master? ! Krishna, our audience would surely like to know more.
I would myself like to tell them that my Master's name is the name. . .
that I chant before chanting God's name!
Because, even God takes back the things that he gives you. . .
but my Master has only given me!
I may be away from him but its due to him people are watching me today!
It could be possible that even he must be watching this programme.
Master, are you watching me?
I know that you must be feeling very happy!
But you must be thinking that why I haven't returned back?
Its a matter of few days more of separation. . .
I'll surely fulfill the promise I made to Madam, I'll surely come back!
I will surely come back, Master!
You don't know what wonders my acting can create.
I suggest that you take my autograph or else one day. . .
there'll be a queue for my autograph and you won't be able to reach me!
Master, Madam, I have come back!
Why is the house locked?
Who are you, whom are you looking for?
Why is this house locked? Where is my master?
Who is your master? - Mr. Kumar!
Oh ! You are talking about him? He was a very nice man !
But its been a long time since he left!
Left, where?
I don't know but after the auction, nobody has ever seen him here!
Auction? !
Yes, Mr. Dhanraj now owns this bungalow!
What about his other family members?
Sir, they were butchers, not his brothers!
They've become rich and have bought a factory with the auction money!
They both took away the entire money!
They threw Mr. Kumar and his younger sister from this house!
They both are as good as dead now!
But why did he comply to their demands and their injustice?
Why did he silently go away? - What else could he do?
The poor man had almost lost his senses after his wife's death !
Krishna, nobody knows where Mr. Kumar went away!
I am glad you are back, there was something weighing on my conscience!
Now perhaps, I may feel better!
But Mr. Nagpal, how did all this happen in your life so suddenly?
Your wife died, your daughter became a widow. . .
And I have got cancer! - What?
If you sow sins, you reap sins!
A fire didn't break out in your Master's factory, it was created !
I was bribed by Dhanraj and I was the one who stared that fire!
Airport, now we have to play a new role on the stage of life!
We have to meet Master's enemies!
In a new form and with a new name!
We have to avenge for Master's and Madam's tears!
We've to give a befitting reply to every atrocity mete out on them!
And I take an oath that until I don't avenge Madam's death. . .
and Master's destruction, I will not think of anything else!
Brother Ravi !
What's the matter Vicky, why are you screaming?
If I break the news that I've heard, you will also jump with excitement!
An exporter is in town and he has orders worth millions!
If we manage to get even one order, we'll earn a substantial amount!
Don't worry Vicky, we will surely get this order!
I'll prepare samples that won't be available in the market!
That's like it!
Good quality! But the order is worth million and your factory is small !
Will you be able to produce that much? - Of course, we can !
We will furnish the order in time, Mr. . . .
In Hindi it means ' Havaiadda', you can call me Mr. Adda too!
Mr. Adda, please give us one chance!
Just a minute! Sir, both the partners of Naina Garments are here!
What, sir?. . .Yes, they are quite good looking.
They look quite decent and want to progress a lot!
But sir, they have never got such a big order, isn't it?
Its difficult to find nice and decent people.
Give them the order!
Congratulations! !
Your job is done, collect Rs. 500,000 /- from outside!
I mean take an advance! - Oh, I see!
In return of 5 lakhs, they'll take 5 million from the market!
And that's exactly what I want! - Krishna, we've taken them to task!
What shall we do next? - Next is Dhanraj's turn !
Mr. Dhanraj? - Yes, speaking !
You have a bungalow called ' Swarg'? - Yes.
I want to buy it. - But I don't wish to sell it!
Think again, I'll give you a good price!
I'm yet not interested !
Not even for 5 million? - Not even for 5. 5 million !
Not even 6 millions? - Please understand, I've told you !
What about 7 million?
Who is speaking? - 8 million?
What is in that bungalow that you want,. . .I mean. . .
9 million ! - Wait a minute!
I will not disappoint you if you are persisting so much !
But I want to know if you are joking with me?
I don't joke! - Alright! You come home with money.
I'll make the papers ready! - I've already made the papers!
All you've to do is sign, my man is waiting outside with the amount. . .
go and open the door to him!
Hold the line, I'll be back in a minute!
These are you papers and this is your money!
Please come in !
Please come!
Sir, how did you know that I would settle for that amount?
I can gauge a man's caliber, Dhanraj !
I know what can make you weak!
Take this! - There is a saying in Gujarati.
' Never make a deal with a man you don't understand ! '
But I can understand you that's why, I am making a deal with you !
Because I am benefited in it!
Here it is! Does your brother wish to sky rocket the prices of property?
No, he has some other plans!
He wants to bring down the people who think they are in the sky!
Coming !
Sir, there is a fire in your factory!
What, there's a fire in the factory? - Yes!
Who is speaking? - I am the watchman !
How did. . . . Hey! Where is my car?
There's a fire in my factory, remove the car!
Hey! Pour the water that side, my material is lying there!
Krishna, you? ! - Yes, its me! !
I have come here to see your destruction !
Do you remember, we have seen a similar sight even before?
The only difference is that you were happy then and today, I am happy!
Now I understand that you are the one who has planned this!
God has punished you for your bad deeds! Your bad phase starts now!
Here, there's a fire in your mill and there, on receiving 9 millions. . .
you even sold ' Swarg' !
I don't understand. - Just think!
What if you lose that 9 million too?
No, that is not possible!
There is a saying not only in Gujarati but in all languages. . .
' God does not announce when he punishes a man for his evil deeds! '
No! !
Hello, please come! What will you have?
Nothing ! We've come here to remind you that tomorrow is the 13th.
We remember it! - You need not worry.
Tomorrow, you all will get your money with interest!
The consignment is ready, we were going for the delivery.
- Once the delivery is done, I hope you'll give the money! - Sure!
Greetings, Mr. Adda !
Mr. Adda? ! Look, my name is Mr. Chadda !
Oh, yes! - Yes, tell me.
Your consignment is ready. - Which consignment? Who are you?
You perhaps haven't recognized us? - You've given us an advance!
And we have made a consignment worth 8 millions ready for you !
You have perhaps forgotten ! - I have forgotten?
Then do one thing, you'll also forget about it!
What are you saying, Mr. Adda? - Call me Mr. Chadda !
Don't play such a joke, we'll be ruined !
Our heart will stop beating ! - How can I help you?
Okay, we would like to meet your boss!
Go right from here and then turn left! - Thank you !
My boss is sitting in an airconditioned room!
Sir, you manager says that you don't want the delivery of the consignment?
Please don't do this, our material and house will be auctioned !
We will be devastated !
That's exactly what I want!
Yes, I am your destitute servant, Krishna !
The same Krishna whom you called a dog and slapped him!
The same Krishna who was accused for theft and thrown out of the house!
Oh ! So you are avenging for that?
I have long forgotten the way you'll treated me!
But how can I forget the tears that my Madam had shed?
How can I forget the wounds that you'll have inflicted on my Master?
Remember how you changed color like a chameleon in his bad times?
Remember how you'll refused to sign the guarantee papers?
Do you remember how his creditors took away his car?
Remember how you'll compelled Master to quit smoking a cigar?
Vicky, you don't remember anything but I remember it all !
I refuse to accept the delivery of your consignment!
Go and report it in a police station !
Go and knock the doors of the court!
Now you'll realize when the creditors will wait at your door!
Now you will realize when your house will be auctioned !
Now you will realize when your mill will be locked !
Yes, now you'll realize everything ! Why are you'll here, get out! !
Before my guards come and throw you out, get out from here!
I say, get out!
Please forgive me, Master!
Congratulations, super star! Hey! What is the matter?
On this auspicious day, why are you wearing a forlorn look?
You have taken revenge from all your enemies.
You have got back your ' Swarg' then why. . .
Until I don't find my God, my house will never be the same!
You are right Krishna, we have looked for your Master everywhere!
But we could not find him, I fear that. . .
No Airport, this is not possible!
Till I am alive, nothing can happen to my Master!
He's upset with me that is why, I cannot find him!
But tomorrow I will go in the same temple. . .
where my Master had affectionately blessed me for the first time!
I am very sure that my prayers will be answered there!
The medicine will have no effect on empty stomach.
Aren't you hungry?
Since two days you have not eaten a single morsel !
And yet you say that you aren't hungry!
I'll just be back!
O god ! I am tired of looking for my Master. . .
I wonder where and how he is?
You've given me a lot but without my Master, everything is incomplete!
Help me to meet him, O God ! !
Please sit down ! Brother, even you sit down !
Mr. Krishna will himself give you'll food today.
Master! !
Why are you in such a state?
After you left, my destiny left my side, Krishna !
Everything was snatched away, even your Madam left me!
Yes, I learnt about it!
I am seeing you after a very long time!
How is your sister?
Will you both keep watching each other or even go home?
Let's go, Master! - Hey, Krishna ! Come here.
' Swarg' is incomplete without you !
I have got them here! - You? !
They have been punished for their deeds more than required !
Now they are helpless and homeless!
Please forgive them, Master! - Forgive these people?
They are my wife's killers and you want me to forgive them?
Please don't say that brother, the young ones often make a mistake!
But isn't it the duty of the elders to forgive their mistakes?
Silly girl !
You can perhaps forget that slap but I cannot!
I cannot forget the sorrows they've inflicted on me in my next birth too!
Don't be so heartless, if you also don't support them. . .
in their bad time then who will?
Besides, have you forgotten what sister in law always said?
Even God doesn't forgive the people who don't forgive others!
Jyoti, if God puts me in hell for not forgiving them. . .
I will feel no remorse!
But I cannot let them live here!
If I forgive them then. . .
all the elder brothers who raise up their younger brothers. . .
will never forgive me!
Its very simple, Jyoti. . .
that even if they shed tears to make up for their bad times. . .
what guarantee we have that if time changes, they will not change again?
Do you have a guarantee for that? No, you don't!
Take them away from my sight, I am feeling stifled !
One day you embraced these children and made a promise to me. . .
that you will never let tears come in their eyes!
And today, when these children are in front of you. . .
you are feeling stifled? Have you forgotten your promise?
Did you break your promise?
I'll go and get the doctor! - No Krishna, I don't want to live.
You have given me back everything that I had lost!
My brothers. . .
my wealth and my honor. . .
my esteem and respect and this house!
You have done many favors on me and I ask for one more!
Please order, Master!
Get married to Jyoti. . .
this girl loves you a lot!
Get married to her!
Krishna, your sister in law is calling me!
Master, why did you do this?
Why did you do it? Your life was in your fist and you did not open it?