BMW iPhone Pairing with Bluetooth

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Hi. I'm Andrew Clarke, Senior Product Development Engineer here at BMW North America.
I'm here today at the BMW Engineering Center to explain to you just how easy it is to connect your mobile phone with your BMW using wireless bluetooth technology.
Bluetooth wireless technology puts hands free calling in motion by wirelessly connecting your mobile phone and your BMW.
It allows you to place calls,
browse contact book data,
and answer calls using your iDrive controller, voice commands, or multifuciton steerting wheel.
To wirelessly connect your phone,
you need to follow a simple procedure known as pairing.
Pairing is very easy to do...
...and only takes a few minutes.
All you need is an approved Bluetooth mobile device that is ready for operation.
For the most up-to-date list of approved Bluetooth mobile devices,
please go to
At this time, I'll demonstrate just how easy it to ...
...pair an iPhone to your BMW.
Remember to only pair your phone when the vehicle is stationary.
Using your iDrive controller, select telephone from the main menu.
Select Bluetooth, and then add new phone.
Your car is now ready for connection.
Now take your iPhone...
...go to settings.
And then turn it to ON.
Once active, your iPhone will search for Bluetooth compatible devices.
Your BMW will be identified by the letters BMW and the last five digits of the car's VIN.
When the car appears in the device list,
select it.
And you will be prompted for a passkey.
You are able to enter anywhere from four to sixteen characters for your passkey.
I will use 1 2 3 4.
Once completed on the phone, go back to your iDrive screen and select the same passkey that you entered on your phone.
After pressing OK, pairing is complete.
And that's all there is to it
Your car is now connected to your phone.
With pairing complete,
your phonebook will now be uploaded to the car.
The amount of time that it takes to upload your phonebook will vary depending on the size of your phonebook.
To dial a contact, select telephone from the main menu.
Then go to phonebook and select any name from the list using your iDrive controller.
Having a paired Bluetooth phone is great.
You can make hands free calls using the iDrive controller multifunction steering wheel, or voice commands.
For more information, see your owner's manual.
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