Uploaded by DS2DIO on 03.08.2012

Jon: What's going on, it's Jon Chu here, and I don't know if you guys know or not, but
I'm directing the Believe tour for Justin Bieber which goes all around the world coming
up this year and I'm here with his amazing choreographer Nick DeMoura.
So tell us, what are we doing here? Why are all these people here?
Nick: All of these people are here for the Believe dancer tour audition and we have about,
almost a thousand dancers who came out so far today to audition for the believe tour.
You know, we're looking for the best dancers in the world. I know you and I want to take
it to a whole nother level so for them, they're like so excited to wanna try and be part of
that. So it's gonna be like an epic journey.
Jon: It's crazy, we're creating a huge, crazy show for all of you guys out there, we're
gonna make you proud, we're gonna make you believe in magic. And because we are of the
internet generation, what we realized is, yes there's over a thousand people here and
there's lines out the door, we know that there's a lot of you guys out there, there's a lot
of talent out there that we want to see so we're opening up our auditions to people online,
all around the world. We need you guys in the next two weeks--
Nick: August 17th, on Friday.
Jon: Yes, deadline. So make sure you get it in, get it in early, and what should we have them do?
Nick: I feel like we just want to see anything you have. If you're amazing at contemporary,
do contemporary, if you're a ballroom dancer, do ballroom. Hip hop, popper, locker, tricker,
whatever you have that you think you can share to try and become a part of the believe tour
that we might be able to utilize, show that. Whatever that is, show it.
Jon: And give us your personality, tell us your name, don't put your phone number and
address because people might be calling. So, just to be clear, this is not a contest. There
isn't necessarily a winner, it's just a way to see what's out there using the tools we
have available so we can pick the best of the best to go on a world tour with Justin
Bieber. So, do your video, put the little DS2DIO logo on it. We'll put it right up there,
the link right up there.
Nick: The link will be up here somewhere about right there, I don't know.
Jon: And title it #believetourauditions so we can find you. Make sure to subscribe to
my YouTube dance channel, DS2DIO, the best way to make sure you stay in the loop and
get important updates. You've got two weeks, do it. This is the chance of a lifetime.
Nick: Very big chance. Jon: Amazing. Nick: Good luck! Jon: Peace. Nick: Take care.