Mahabharat - Episode 54

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No one can be a better narrator than the Creator
Are you not wondering ...
... what kind of a curse this is ?
How will this ace archer look as a haermophrodite ?
Just like the goad makes the elephant restless ...
... this curse will make us restless ...
... till its mystery is solved
We are neither mothers nor wives
We are mere representations of beauty
Accept this beauty
l have accepted you as a mother
There can be no relationship between a mother and son
Forgive me
l will always be a son for you. Never a man
Always a son. Never a man
Then l curse you
You will always be a son. Never a man
l curse you to an impotent life
He did not insult you
lf you are neither a mother nor a wife ...
... but mere representation of beauty then ...
... you cannot desire anything
You cannot love or hate
You have violated your limits
Forgive me but l have already cursed Arjun
l cannot take back the curse
You can reduce the period
Limit the curse to a year
As you wish
- My respects - May you live long
Don't say that, my Lord
My life has no meaning
This curse will prove to be a blessing ...
... in the year of anonymity
Now you may return to Earth
As you say
But how will the curse be useful ?
Urvashi has reduced the limit of her curse
Now you will have only one year of impotency
Also, you can choose that year
As you wish
None is more respectable to me than ...
... my Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh
Brahma because he is the Creator
Vishnu because he is the Protector
Mahesh because he is the ultimate Truth
One has to be careful in respect and disrespect
Both are like the knot in a rope ...
... which cannot be undone once it is tied
The Present is the interpreter of the Past
lf the Present has already decided about the Past ...
... then on what basis will it accept or reject the Past
So, do not be emotional
Be aware because ...
... awareness leads to salvation
ls Yuddhistir respectable only because ...
... he is the son of Truth ?
There is no greatness in being someone's son
ls Bhishma honoured because he is Ganga's son ?
Respect cannot be inherited
Respect is the result of one's actions
Respect is given to those who prove ...
... by their actions that they are worthy of respect
The turning at which this tale is poised ...
... none except Draupadi is worthy of respect
l do not count Lord Krishna among them
He is not a character but the Great Hero of the story
Since we are talking of him, let's visit him ...
... before proceeding with the story
Wait Abhimanyu or else you will get a beating
What are you looking for Subhadra?
l am sitting here before you
You very well know whom l am looking for
- Where's the naughty boy? - Naughty?
That is one of my many names given at Nandgaon
But you should call me brother
l was very naughty then
l used to break pots and steal butter
Mother Yashoda got tired of listening to complaints
- l am looking for Abhimanyu - l see!
Even if you distract me, l am going to beat him
- Don't tell her Uncle - O so you are there
He is now under my protection
Come son !
Never forget Subhadra
You married Arjun because he was destined to be born
This boy gives meaning to your life
He belongs to the Future
He won't be remembered because he is your son
You will be remembered because you are his mother
Should l touch his feet?
But give him everything that you have
Abhimanyu. Do give your mother trouble
That is your right
But do not trouble her so much that she cries
God does not like that
Don't you want me to be an ace archer like father?
Of course, you have to be an ace archer
Then explain to mother
Whenever l am studying she says ...
... it is time for food
Did you hear that?
He is studious. That is his salvation
Don't scold him
He will be the youngest warrior in History
He will fight such a war ...
... that he will be honoured ...
... in the Past, Present and Future
What war are you talking of?
l am talking of the war ...
.. between Truth and Untruth ...
... Light and Darkness
lt will be the ultimate war
No one will remain impartial in the war
You will fight the war through Abhimanyu
And you?
Do you want to know everything today?
Take him away and do your duty
Shower all your blessings on him
Protect him with your blessing
One full day of the war l am talking of ...
... will be dedicated to his valour
He will win this war, won't he?
He will win the day so that ...
... the greatest warriors will salute him
Take him away
He is the Future of the dynasty
He is a part of History
He is the only Hope
He is the only Trust
Come Vidur. Sit with us ...
... and mourn for Hastinapur
Mourning is not the solution to the problem
But if your mother is lying on her death bed ...
... and if all the doctors give up hope ...
... what else can the mother's son do?
l am the son of two mothers
My second mother is Hastinapur
You are a great politician
Can you suggest a way to avoid war?
lf the Pandavas had not decided about war ...
... why has Arjun gone in search of divine weapons
Do you mean to say that ...
... they have no right to do so?
lt is not a matter of right, Vidur
lt is a matter of Hastinapur's existence
Call it my selfish motive ...
... but l do not wish that there should be war
Why not, Grandsire?
Call it my selfish motive
l respect you Grandsire
So, l shall keep quiet but will History keep quiet?
History will ask you why you do not desire war
Do not be so heartless
You, too, know the answer to this question
You are questioning his wisdom
Let him ask his questions
l do not wish war because if it takes place ...
... l will have to side with Evil Duryodhan ...
... though the Pandavas are on the side of Truth
This in spite of knowing that it was Duryodhan ...
... who ordered Draupadi's disrobing
l have still not recovered from that wound ...
... and l doubt if l will ever recover
lt is not right that you should...
... use your oath as a shield to side with evil
l know the answer ...
...but l will ask you again
What should l do?
My oath is the basis of my father's marriage
Tell me how can l ignore this oath?
lt is easy for you to say this because ...
... you have never taken an oath
Do not think that your love for the Pandavas ...
... exceeds my love for them?
Do not think l do not know the difference ...
... between Truth and Untruth, Religion and Evil?
lf war does take place ...
... both l and my weapons will side with Duryodhan ...
... but my blessing will be with the Pandavas
Always remember Vidur!
The day Hastinapur was partitioned ...
... l, too, was divided into two
l do not like to see you worried, friend
You know that l am not a coward
l also know that Death is the Ultimate Truth of Life
But l do not wish to die at Bhim's hands
As the end of thirteen years draws near ...
... Bhim's oath echoes in my ears
Are you afraid of Bhim?
Sage Drona has not taught any one of us ...
... the meaning of the word ''fear''
Why the tremor in your voice?
You are a brave warrior
He is also brave
We have both learned from the same teacher
He knows what l know
War is not Dice which Uncle can win by treachery
What l mean to say is that if there is war ...
... any one of us can win ...
... and any one of us can lose
l am not afraid of war ...
... but l do not wish to lose to Bhim
You should have thought of that before
Are you my brother or their spy?
They are also our brothers
No! They are not our brothers
Brother is right
You know they are not our brothers
Five children found in the forest ...
... cannot be our brothers just because Aunt says so
lf Queen Kunti says the Pandavas are her sons ...
... then they are her sons
A mother may be yours or someone else's ...
... she is to be respected
Should l give them Hastinapur?
The kingdom is yours and will remain yours
But you have no right to insult a mother
All right! They are my brothers
But ask Yuyutsu to leave because ...
... he is siding with the Pandavas like Uncle Vidur
Get out Yuyutsu
l'll leave Brother
But it is my duty to warn you that ...
... the footsteps of destruction cannot be heard
No Duryodhan
Go Yuyutsu! Go!
Why did you stop me?
Because he is your brother
l don't want a brother ...
... who thinks in favour of my enemies
Besides, he is not my brother
He is my step-brother
You must respect those ...
... who dare to oppose you
That's why both Uncle Vidur and Yuyutsu are respectable
Train your ears to listen to criticism
Those who dare to oppose you..
... are truthful from their point of view
They are also courageous
Maybe Yuyutsu is better than l am ...
... because l never oppose you
Why don't you oppose me ...
... whenever you wish to do so?
Because my life has only two aims
To support you and to kill Arjun
Same day Life will have to choose between Arjun and l
l am willing to die ...
... but l will not share this era with Arjun
Be it the palace or the forest...
... life is incomplete without you
Without you all, l was restless in Heaven
How was Heaven?
l would have enjoyed it had you all been there
My body was there but my soul was here
Did you get the weapons?
Show us the Pashupastra
Show us how it works
Beware Arjun!
Divine weapons are not for play. This is Shiva's weapon
Use it if you wish to destory this Earth
O Son of Kunti! lt will be a tragic day ...
... when Man begins to misuse these divine weapons
Use these weapons for the welfare of Man
Come! Take a bath and refresh yourself
We will talk of Heaven after lunch
Come Brothers!
Duryodhan, you are so busy preparing for war ...
... that you are forgetting your duties
You must attend the marriage ceremony in Shalva ...
... because the King is your friend
Karna is right!
l don't deny that
But nowadays l cannot see anyone but Bhim and Arjun
King Jaidrath of Sindhu has sent a message that ...
... he will go to Shalva with you
What will you tell him when he arrives?
l'll tell him Arjun has brought back divine weapons
Which means they have decided on war
They will attack before their exile ends
That's why l don't want to leave Hastinapur now
Jaidrath is himself a king
He'll understand this demand of politics
Brother-in-law Jaidrath!
l was on my way to Shalva when l saw you
How are you all?
Well, by Lord Shiva's grace! How's Dushala?
All right! But not as good as you
Where's the King?
He's gone for hunting
Our hut is close by
Come there and relax. The others will be coming
Should l say something?
l am sad to see you like this
Why are you sad?
You are born and bred in a palace
- And now this! - What?
No servants. No bodyguards
Look Brother-in-law!
Happiness has nothing to do with the palace
l was happy there. l am happy here
l can't bear to see you like this Draupadi
You have no right to call me by my name
You are my sister-in-law's husband
At least respect that relaltionship
How long does it take to change a relationship?
l am your sister-in-law's husband
lf you wish l can be your husband
Jaidrath! l am not a helpless orphan ...
... at everyone's mercy
l am the Queen of lndraprasth
l am Yuddhistir's spear ...
... Bhim's mace ...
... Arjun's Gandiva bow ...
... Nakul and Sahadev's swords
You are even more beautiful when you are angry
Shameless fellow!
l am like your elder sister
Learn to respect a married woman because ...
... your mother, too, was married
Don't waste time in debate
There is no one to help you here
That's what Duryodhan thought
That he could insult me because l was helpless
Don't make that mistake
Don't laugh
Your laughter contains the seed of your destruction
Take the chariot to Sindhu
Where's Draupadi?
She's always at home
This is not a prison but a home
Don't be so harsh with Brother
That's all right Sahadev
His harsh words indicate his love for me
l am worried about Draupadi's absence
Go with Arjun and search for her in the forest
As you wish
This is Draupadi's pot
Footprints !
Prints of hooves !
ln that direction
Did you see anyone?
Some king has kidnapped a woman
A kidnapped woman!
- She was fighting him - How far did they go?
About a mile maybe
Recognise this arrow
lt is Arjun's!
Don't run away, coward !
Let him go, Bhim
We have no right to punish him
Take him to the king
What's this?
Don't be surprised
Give him the death penalty. He tried to kidnap Draupadi
l cannot give him the death penalty
Why not? Doesn't justice demand it?
He is our sister Dushala's husband
Justice knows no relations
He should be put to death ...
... not because he kidnapped Draupadi ...
... but because he kidnapped a married woman
lt is an unworthy land where a king's relation ...
... can evade punishment
Before talking of justice tell me..
... who is the accuser? You or Draupadi?
You can be accused of leaving..
... your wife unprotected in the forest
Tell me Draupadi how should he be punished?
Punish him so that ...
... it will not affect Dushala
She has committed no crime
Make him your slave
Have mercy on me
Give me the death sentence
That is not for you to choose
Shave his head but leave five strands
Fall at your master's feet
Enough! You have been punished enough
l now free you from slavery
My respects!
Come Karna! Sit
l thought only we were fools to worry
Today even you seem to be worried
Not all worries are the same
You do not analyse the cause of worry
But l try and see the results
Duryodhan is an heir to blindness
His father is blind ...
... and my sister Gandhari has accepted blindness
But what is wrong with you?
lt is in your personal interest...
... that Duryodhan continues to live
l have no personal interests
l am indebted to Duryodhan
So, be clear about one thing, Uncle
As long as l live nothing can happen to Duryodhan
l stand between his survival and death
l will even deflect Death itself from him
So, as long as Karna lives ...
... there is no doubt about Duryodhan's survival
l have seen the impossible become possible ...
... and the possible become impossible, Karna
l win the game ...
... but victory slips from my fingers ...
... like raindrops in windy weather
The Pandavas' exile is about to end
Their year of anonymity is my last chance
l have noticed that Duryodhan ...
... no longer trusts me
He has begun to question me
That's why l called you
You are his friend and he still trusts you
Tell him to send out his spies
He has one full year
lf we cannot find them in the next one year ...
... then war is definite
l do not doubt your bravery ...
... but war is war
That's why l want ...
... Duryodhan to win without waging a war
That's why explain to him ...
... why it is necessary to send out spies
Catch the Pandavas before ...
... they can hide
When Truth is on your side ...
... that is where Religion exists
Where there is Religion ...
... there is hope for Victory