Squaresville Ep. 2 Let's Hang Out In The Treehouse (w/ Mary Kate Wiles & Kylie Sparks)

Uploaded by squaresvilleseries on 30.03.2012

What do you want
to do?
We're doing it!
I told you.
I wanted to come sit in the tree house and here we are!
What do you want to do now that we're in the
tree treehouse.
Want to take a blood oath?
I'm squeamish.
We could be spit sisters.
Is that a thing?
It's a thing.
Well, we swap so much soda that I figure we're already spit sisters by default.
do something rebellious!
Like what?
What, smoke cigarettes?
Yeah, only not as gross.
Is there something you
can do that's really rebellious that won't give you lung cancer.
Rebellion's overrated.
You are never up for adventure.
This is not adventure, this is us sitting on planks of wood.
Tell me a secret.
I'm deathly afraid of getting a splinter in my ass.
Your turn.
I'm deathly afraid of pigeons.
You've had something real.
You were going to say something.
No I wasn't, I'm afraid of pigeons.
You were going to be real with me, and then you chickened out.
What were you going to say?
What are you afraid of?
You didn't tell me what you're afraid of.
I'm afraid, that my kids will be born without enough toes, like me Aunt Ella.
I knew that.
It's true, I really am afraid, she had to learn how to walk different.
Your turn.
I was going to
say that I'm afraid
I'll never get out
of here.
I know you will.
Where will you be?
There with you.
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