A Special Gator Wedding - University of Florida Spotlight

Uploaded by UniversityofFlorida on 08.11.2012

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\f0\b\fs30 \cf0 \cb2 Dena Baker: \b0 Weddings have gotten so serious, and that\'92s
definitely not me, and I just wanted to do something where people would have a great
time.\ \'a0\
\b Andrew Reid: \b0 Dena getting married at UF, no surprise.\'a0
Dena and Andy, both\'85they are huge Gator fans.\'a0 Do it on Homecoming\'85\
\b Dena Baker: \b0 Andy is a Gator grad, he was political
science, and in the ROTC, he went right into the Navy after graduation and he served 20
years, he was a pilot. His sister took us to the beach and we were talking about how
hard it was to find guys and she said, \'93You should date my brother\'94.\'a0 I don\'92t
know if she meant it, but here we are getting married.\
\b Dena Baker: \b0 We\'92re going to have the ceremony at
Paynes Prarie. Then we\'92re coming back to the vet school actually. I rented a motor
coach and we\'92re going to have a tailgate reception. And we\'92re eating Cajun food
because we\'92re playing the Raggin\'92 Cajuns\'94 And then we have 60 of the guests going to
the game with us.\ \'a0\
\b Dr. Paul Nicoletti: \b0 Well I think being a Gator is important
to her, you can obviously see that in her behavior.\
\b Dena Baker: \b0 I\'92ve got some family who may root for
some other teams in the SEC, but because it\'92s my day, they will be wearing orange and blue
and I\'92m very excited about that.\ \'a0\
\b Andrew Reid: \b0 This was the basically the, the gateway
for being what they were to what they are. And I think it\'92s really cool that they
come back here to take the next, the walk through the next gateway to the next phase
of what their life is going to be.\'a0\ \'a0\
\b Dena Baker: \b0 I think it\'92s something that is special
to Andy and me. We both had different experiences at different times but we both have really
great memories and really great times.\ }