Wegmans Cedar-Plank Jerk Split Chicken

Uploaded by wegmansfoodmarkets on 16.05.2011

It哀 summer time. Nice weather out here.
I匍 gonna go hit the grill. I匍 gonna do a little jerk chicken,
a little flavor of the islands here. We哉e got a jerk marinated
split chicken here. It哀 tumble marinated.
It哀 got a lot of flavor packed inside there,
but you can also buy the marinade and do it yourself.
I匍 gonna put a little twist on this and put it on a cedar plank,
give some smoke to that. To give our chicken a little bit
more flavor on the grill, I匍 gonna use this cedar plank here.
We勁l actually cook it on top of this instead of the top of the grill.
The cedar plank will fill some smoke inside there,
give a little kiss of smoke on our chicken.
And I can feel good about it because it哀 organic and sustainable as well.
This Jamaican jerk barbecue sauce actually mimics the flavors
of our marinade of all spice and Scotch bonnet peppers.
I like to use it more as a finishing sauce kinda to dip it in.
Or even, you know, a glaze at the end of cooking.
Let哀 go cook this thing. So I匍 gonna show you how to do this
cedar plank Jamaican jerk chicken. There哀 a couple ways
you can do this. The way I like to do it is I like to
get my grill fired up ahead of time and we咬e gonna get that on high
and then we咬e gonna brush it down. I匍 gonna take this and brush it off.
Get everything that was stuck on the grill off first
and then I take a little oil soaked cloth, like these grill wipes,
and brush it on the outside, or on the top of the grill.
Get that nice and covered, coat it.
And then I take a little bit of our basting oil
on top of the chicken. Just brush this guy on there.
And then I go directly onto the grill with the chicken.
`Cause what this does, instead of using just the plank,
what you can do, but instead of using just the plank,
I匍 gonna place it directly on the grill and actually get some char
on the outside of that and it哀 gonna flavor it
as well as using the smoke from the plank.
So I'm gonna give this a little sear, a couple minutes,
and then we咬e gonna flip it over and we咬e gonna sear the other side.
Okay, it哀 been about two minutes or so, let哀 check to see where this is at.
I匍 going to be careful with these guys because they tend to char
pretty good out on the grill, so you wanna take it nice and low.
I started on high and then I dropped it down to about a low temp.
just to get a nice sear on that. We勁l flip that over,
get another sear on that one side, caramelize it a little bit.
And then we勁l introduce the plank to this.
Okay, it哀 been another two minutes here
and, as you guys can see and I could smell,
it哀 got a really nice color on the outside
which actually means a lot more flavor before we introduce the cedar plank.
So my cedar plank I哉e got here, it哀 pretty nice and wet,
actually it哀 been soaking for an hour. You need to soak this for an hour
because we咬e gonna introduce a piece of wood to the grill
and that really doesn咨 mix well. So we want actually to
have this smolder on the grill. So I take my piece chicken off of here.
In your recipe, we咬e gonna use two, fits right on the plank,
but we咬e gonna do one today. And we咬e actually place that
directly on the grill. And we put the lid down
and smoke哀 gonna fill that cavity, in a sense, smoke that chicken
as it sits there on the grill. Together with that sear that I put
on there, it哀 gonna be fantastic. Alright, so it哀 been about
45 minutes or so. Now I want to make sure that
I哉e been checking this the whole time. This is not something that
you咬e gonna leave there, run inside the house,
watch the game, come out 45 minutes later
and expect this thing to be okay. I wonder if I just put this on the grill
and just left it there for 45 minutes and didn咨 even look at it.
This is not something that you let go and just let catch on fire
because this is what勁l happen. This is exactly what
we咬e looking for right here. So we咬e gonna check this...
to be done. And what we咬e looking for
is 165 degrees. And I always put it
in the thickest part of this. It哀 about 170 or so
which is perfect for me. So, um, I匍 gonna take this guy off.
Again, as you work, you wanna make sure that we咬e working safe
so I used a pair of tongs in the beginning
and now I get a fresh pair of tongs, you can change that out in the middle.
But when we look at this guy, nice brown color on the outside.
This falls directly apart. If I want to take my thighs,
I cut straight down here. It哀 super juicy right on the inside.
And then If I also want, I could take some of this breast meat
and start to slice it right off of here and this looks beautiful.
Alright. So now also what I哉e done, just to put
a couple of these on the plate. Thighs,
a couple of these breast pieces. Then I warm up some of that
barbecue sauce to put over this. And this is the perfect compliment
sauce to this Jamaican jerk chicken. It哀 not sweet, but it has
all those same islands flavors that we have in the Jamaican jerk
marinade and you咬e gonna get a lot of great island flavors, a lot
of smoke, directly from your grill.