Waqt - The Race Against Time (English Subtitles)

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the kids' bus has arrived. Bring them in
The kids? Or the bus? - The kids
Now...? - Yes. Now
Which means...?
Laxman, go out and bring the children in. Now
What are you doing? Let the gifts be. Babu will pack them
No, Sumi, let me also learn this
l want to personally pack the first gift we'll give to our grandson
Grandson? First let your own son grow up
Till then, amuse yourself with the kids you call your grandchildren
Hurry... your little friends have arrived
Welcome! Welcome!
Come to me...!
Look ! There are gifts for you ! Go and collect them. Quick!
Hello, son
See that air-filled house over there? How about jumping with me?
No, l suffer from polio. l can't even walk properly
Never mind. l'm with you. We'll have fun together. C'mon
Hey Sumi! This is how the three of us will rock someday!
You, me and Adi's son !
Can't you make it quicker, mister?
l own a camel. lt's not a horse!
As if the camel knows that! Make it faster! Good!
For me? - No, it's for me!
lt's a bit tight. But when l step out in a ghagra-choli...
the cat-whistles people let out... - Ha ha ha! Very funny!
lt looks expensive. - No. Worth just 45,000
Just 45,000 ? That's very reasonable
Try it on. - How can l wear it?
Why not? - The henna's still wet
So take it off. - No, l applied it for you
Dad chartered a plane for just one day. We haven't time to go and exchange it
But how can l wear it, Adi?
Want me... to dress you?
Want me to dress you up? - No!
Why? l'll close my eyes, l promise. l'll play blind. That's it
No, Adi... no way! - l swear it on daddy
You know, l wouldn't take a false oath on daddy
''Go into hiding...''
''hide somewhere...''
''my crazy heart will still find you''
''l'm moving away, l'm leaving...''
''l'm better of being away from you''
''There's mischief in your heart''
''My heart... l can't control anymore''
''Go into hiding...''
''hide somewhere...''
''my crazy heart will find you''
''l feel so shy''
''You ought not to be shy of those you love''
''Go away...''
''go on, my love''
''There's deceit in the air...''
''l can barely contain my desires''
''Don't make my heart beat wildly, my love...''
''don't give me a scare, my love...''
''Come to me...''
''stop being stubborn''
''Don't please squeeze my arm''
''there's a scare in my heart''
''But what are you afraid of?''
''Let me go...''
''stop acting crazy''
''l know it deep down in my heart...''
''my obsession, you will surely understand''
''l haven't a clue of it...''
''if you could explain it to me, sweetheart?''
''Don't act so innocent now''
''l implore you...''
''let me go''
''Go into hiding...''
''hide somewhere...''
''my crazy heart will look for you''
Adi! lt's perfect! - lsn't it?
And l think you're more perfect
l love you. - l love you, too
What happened? - The bite!
When did l bite you? - The watch, l mean !
lt's already 11. l got to be in Mumbai by 2, Adi!
Why're you so worried? The flight literally belongs to my old man today!
Mind-blowing, dad! The trip was mind-blowing!
Not that one, that one is raw. Eat this... this is a ripe one
What difference, dad...? They're the same colour
lt isn't the colour, son. lt's the aroma
You tell a good mango from its smell. Here you are
Useless fellow! You've been coming to the farm for the last 25 years
And you still can't tell a good mango!
With an expert like you around, why must l worry? This is mind-blowing!
There's a crate for your friends. Don't forget it
And what did your friends have to say? Who else went with you to Jaisalmer?
Well, there was Hari, Raj, Happy...
Your mother was furious. But l side-stepped the issue
You didn't tell her that l chartered a plane for you, did you?
No, l didn't. Am l out of my mind to tell Mother lndia about it, dad?
You know what Mother lndia would have to say
Aditya! You've blown up 1.5 million in just a single day!
lshwar, how could you give this useless son of yours a chartered plane?
''lshwar, this boy spends money like water''
''And we've never been so liberal even with water''
Mother lndia!
Sumi... so you've overheard?
Yes, she has overheard! Do something, quick!
Mom, it wasn't dad's fault. l insisted on a chartered plane
Yes, Sumi. He had promised to take his friends to Jaisalmer on a chartered plane
And how could he break a promise? - Why...?
Haven't you taught him how to break promises?
You're so good at breaking promises. - Me...?
Yes. You make promises and break them every day
''That's it, Sumi. l'm going to stop spending money on Adi's indulgences''
''l promise. l also promise not to buy him another bike''
''And his everyday parties at 5-star hotels are off... l promise''
Ma, l... - Better if you don't talk to me!
l was talking about this tree. When it was one year old...
lt has grown up. And it also realises its responsibilities
The gardener looked after it. So it is repaying a debt by bearing fruit now
Do you understand? - Aditya will bear it too... the fruit
Sumi, Aditya has changed. l mean, he's in the process of changing
Have some patience, Ma. l... - For how long?
20 years more? Or 25 ? - Taking a dig, eh?
Here, look at my photographs! They'll appear in top magazines
Producers are betting their shirts to sign me. You'll see...
Why, Adi? Why would the producers sign you?
Well.. because l'm good-looking...
l'm rich and... - You're lucky!
Yes, l'm lucky. - Wait and see, Sumi
This boy will feature in our ad for the toys
As you know, as a postman earlier, l used to give people their letters
And this boy will get tons of fan-mail!
After all l'm a star, Mom! Look at the lines on my palm!
They reach out to the very end! - Don't trust the lines so much, Aditya
They seem to imply one thing, and give you quite another
Pretty serious, isn't she?
Mother lndia!
Excuse me...
What a pretty sari. - Thanks
But it's ordinary compared to yours!
That trademark flower-band in your hair looks very pretty
lt's lshwar's gift, literally. He personally brings one for me everyday
ls that all? A measly flowerband? l give my Ashalata a bouquet everyday!
Really? Does your wife go around with a bouquet in her hair everyday?
The two of them are at it again. Shall we...?
Wasn't me, it was Natu who took off
He says, ''That's nothing'' at everything anyone says...
So Mr Naidu...? What are you gentlemen discussing?
My son Venkat! He wants to ignore my hotel business and turn a Pop singer
l spent half a million rupees!
''You're pregnant, l'm a beggar at heart...''
To record that cursed song, he had six sessions!
That's happening in every family. - But that's very good, Mr Naidu
You ought to be happy with your son, his cassettes are selling quickly
Two cassettes! Only 2 cassettes!
l bought a cassette which got spoilt
So l was the one who bought the second cassette, too!
He's forgotten all about his education and learning!
That's really sad, really sad. But we're very lucky in this respect
Our son Adi wants to become a film actor
But he's completing his education. He stands first in the college every year
That's nothing! Ashalata's niece came first in college every day!
Hear that...? Every day! - Every day!
For the 8 'o clock classes, she got to the college at 6 !
That's very nice, Natu-bhai! You know something...?
My son stands first in studies and also first in drama-competitions every year
He's really a very good actor! - That's nothing
Ashalata's nephew is the greatest actor
He played a mailbox in one of his school plays
He gave such a superb performance...
people thrust their letters in his mouth even today!
Your son is nothing! - What was that...?
My daughter is like Einstein in brains and Aishwarya in beauty! One of a kind!
Your son's a big zero. He's dumb! - He's had too much to drink, lady...
take care of him, else... - l'll take care of him
What's wrong with him, Sumi? He gets started at just any place!
He took off at Agarwal's funeral the other day
''What...? Just a thousand people?''
''There were 5000 people at my uncle's funeral''
He must've been joking. - What joking!
He took off on the lenses of someone's glasses the other day
l said, the peon in my office can't see without his glasses
And Natu the great says...
the peon in my office goes deaf without his glasses!
l asked, ''Why? Does he use his glasses for hearing?''
He says, ''No, he uses a hearing-aid. He needs glasses to find the hearing aid''
What are you laughing for? - But he's got a point
He's got a point all the time, Sumi! My grandpa's great! My Uncle's great!
And my Ashalata... absolutely original!
Sure. As if our wives are all duplicates!
Let him be. - There we were, talking about Adi and...
Your Adi...
he's nothing! He's a zero!
He's good for nothing, take it from me. l know that wastrel!
Will you listen to me... please step aside
You tossed me into the swimming pool...?
But this is nothing!
My brother-in-law threw me in the sea!
Don't laugh, Sumi - ''No offense towards my dad,'' l heard
But no offense against my son? l hadn't heard that
He said it twice! Aditya is nothing! Whereas my Aditya is...
What is he?
What is your Aditya?
Natu-bhai said nothing wrong, lshu. Aditya's really nothing
And he'll become nothing either. You know why?
Because you want to pamper your darling son
So mustn't l love my son? - Hey! As if l don't love Aditya
But that doesn't mean we succumb to each of his whims and fancies
1.5 million rupees in a single day on a chartered flight, lshu...?!
Why shouldn't l fulfill all his wishes, Sumi? Why shouldn't l do it?
What did we have when we came to this city?
We had no roof over our heads, we didn't have enough to eat
We were terrified when we thought of fulfilling a desire of ours
ln fact, we even thought our dreams were expensive!
But today, if this postman who went around delivering people's letters...
has become a rich businessman...
it's because of his son and offspring, Aditya
l've built all this only for Aditya
Will you continue doing it all his life?
lshu, you know what problems we're going through
So what am l expected to do? - Tell Adi the truth, lshwar
Before someone else tells him... - No, Sumi
Nobody, except you and me, knows about it. And if...
But you have to tell him someday, don't you?
He won't be able to bear the shock. - He will have to
Maybe it'll make him change, he'll become more responsible?
l don't like that look! - l have a way!
''We're emperors of our world...''
''our world's full of fun''
''We're emperors of our world...''
''our world's full of fun''
''We've seen off our woes...''
''we hardly find time from our happiness''
''Every prank of yours, l've been part of''
''From you l learnt to make the most of a fun-filled life''
''l'm going crazy''
''Father and son, we always were. But we're friends too''
''Ever since you have arrived, l have rediscovered...''
''my younger days in you''
''We're emperors of our world...''
''our world's full of fun''
''From you l got my life...''
''from you, l got this world''
''This world would've meant nothing had you not been part of it''
''Every hardship is behind us''
''Our destinies are one now''
''We have no grudge, nor complaints...''
''we have everything we ever wanted''
''We're emperors of our world...''
''our world's full of fun''
''We've seen off our woes...''
''we barely find time from our joys''
Good shot, dad
Adi, l've decided to get you married to Richa, my friend Pratap's daughter
We're meeting at the club at 5 tomorrow. Be there
Dad... - Don't refuse, Adi
She's a very nice girl. You will have to agree
You'll be there, won't you? - How can l refuse you, dad?
What's this, Adi...? You're not even reacting
My Papa's had a heated swimming pool built for me right in my bedroom
l can now swim even in winter. With you
You know l love you, right? Love you, love you, love you !
l love you too, Pooja - Why are you sounding so sad...?
Guess what, darling? There's no one at home tonight
You've been really pampered, haven't you? - Sure. l'm my father's only daughter
So how will you leave this house and move into mine?
Well....? Why can't l?
You have a heated swimming-pool. And l have just an ordinary pool
As if l was born in a heated swimming pool!
l'll manage with a simple swimming pool
You have 12 bedrooms in your bungalow. And l have just 7
The poor manage with just 2 bedrooms, don't they?
ln any case, l'll live wherever you are. Right?
For your sake, l'd live even in a 4-bedroom place
When the chauffeur's not around, you'll have to drive on your own
Teach me. l'll drive on my own. Even an lndian car. Okay?
What if we don't have a cook? - We'll get food from the restaurants!
Because l love you, baby
Now tell me what you wanted to. - Pooja...
Daddy's fixing my wedding with his friend Pratap's daughter this evening
And l just couldn't turn my father down, Pooja
Aditya never refuses me. Right...?
Right. Unless he hears what you're saying
Must you joke even now...? You tell me, Richa
You've met Adi already. What do you think of him?
l don't know. l mean, l found Adi very funny
l found him to be very jovial. - Exactly! He's very jovial
He's a born comedian. - Born comedian...?
That's nothing. l was an unborn comedian
The moment l was born... - The comic bandwagon took off...?!
People were rolling with laughter! ''Look what's born !''
Get rid of him
Please! Please leave! This is a very personal meeting
l know, your son with Pratap's daughter
Like a crow flying away with a precious pearl
He's calling Richa a crow, Sumi! - Actually, he's calling Aditya a crow
Correct! This girl's so educated and your son's a drop-out from school!
l'm going to thrash him, Sumi! - Please... take him away from here
Pratap, l suggest you come with me! He's not turning up
Will you keep quiet? My Adi is a stickler for punctuality! Okay?
Oh yes, a great stickler! He's always just five hours late!
The drop-out monkey!
My Adi's done his MBA. With a first class!
That's nothing! My father was a TC (ticket collector) on the Rajdhani!
l'm not talking about trains! l'm talking about his degree!
He has two degrees!
And my uncle was running up a fever of 105 degrees!
C'mon... come!
What's this guy...? Let's go before he returns
Natu will come back, but where's Aditya...?
We were supposed to meet at 8 and it's already 9 !
l'll phone him
Go on, Adi. Get married to Richa
She's very nice. She can even brew tea!
You will be happy with her. - But l love you, Pooja
So why didn't you tell your father? - My father...
You know what could happen if l told my father
Yes, l do. Which is why l'm asking you to go away
Even the phone's ringing now!
Adi...? Papa here
Yes, yes...
What...? Oh, l see, l see...
He's helping some poor man out and got held up
Actually, we're here at the club...
Thakur... - You can take your own time...
Your phone, Thakur... your phone's ringing
Well... a wrong number. The instrument isn't working
They're all bloody crooks. - Really?
Relax, Thakur. He must be caught up with a problem
l'm sorry, Pratap
The humiliation l had to face because of him...
Yes, he even switched off his phone. - What...?
His phone...? - Yes! He switched it off.
There's a limit to irresponsibility. - l tell you !
There's a limit to carelessness! - Let him come. l'll take him to task...
Yes. Let him come
l'll take him to task in a way... - Will you take him to task or ask?
''Where've you been, Adi? What happened, my son?''
l will take him to task, Sumi! Let him at least come home!
lf l don't break his legs, l won't call myself lshwar again !
Dad... - Adi...?
My son ! What happened, son? Where were you?
Why the long face...? Tell Daddy what's up, c'mon
Laxman, will you a fetch a book of names?
We got to change the master's name. - But l was about to scold him, Sumi...
This book...?
What have you brought the book for? Go away!
Go where? - Go and get to work!
Can't you see how upset he is? Adi... no, my son ! Why're you crying?
Laxman ! Fetch some water. - To drink...?
No, to bathe! Get a bucket full of water!
No, Adi.. don't cry
Why must you cry...? Sit down... take it easy
No, not the cushion to wipe tears. - Use daddy's shirt
You mustn't be carrying a handkerchief? - Can't you see how upset he is, Sumi?
Oh yes. Well, what's up son? What's biting you?
Daddy, Mummy...
this girl, a friend of mine, ran away to get married
And l helped her do it. - ls that all...?
Was that what you were crying for? You're really funny, Adi!
But daddy, the boy she married...
the boy...
is me
Kidding...? Kidding!
Sumi, this son of yours... you're kidding, aren't you?
No - Marriage...?
Calm down... relax! Let me talk to him!
You're not kidding, right? - No
You know what you're saying? Marriage!?
Who on earth have you married? - A girl
Good thing. Else daddy would've had a heart attack
What's her name? - l fondly call her Mithi
Fondly whatever! What's her name? - Pooja
Where does she live? - ln my car
ln your car...? Since when? - l mean, she's in the car right now
Go and bring her inside! Go on !
As you say, daddy. - As you say, daddy!
Calm down... - How can l calm down? Marriage...
He gets married without even telling us and...
Sir, the water
Take it away! Have a bath on my behalf! Go on !
ln the kitchen or the bathroom? - He bathes in the kitchen?
Wherever he bathes, lshu... will you please calm down?
Whether we like it or not, we'll have to welcome our daughter-in-law, isn't it?
Has the young master got married? - Gawd! What a nuisance!
That boy decided to get married and didn't even bother to ask us!
And this chap keeps asking all sorts of questions!
Go. Go away for now
Me...? - Yes
Go inside now
Bless you
May you live long
Dad... - Okay, okay
Do her folks know? Or are they also...?
Mithi's an amazing girl. She told her folks that...
she'd be staying at Rimi's house. And Rimi, her friend...
will break the news to her father that we've got a bit married
How much is a bit...? A spoonful of marriage?
lshu.. - What lshu !
Her father can file a police case against us, Adi!
That he will. - You mean, that's for sure...?
Yes. - ls your father an oddball...?
No, he's not an oddball. lt's just that he's a bit eccentric
l see... what's his business?
He runs a factory of knives and daggers. - Hear that?
An eccentric man who makes knives and daggers!
That's why we didn't tell him. - But l manufacture harmless toys!
Why wasn't l told?
One moment... one moment!
My dear, is your father eccentric? - Yes
He makes knives and daggers...?
Can you raise the veil, please?
You're Natu's daughter, aren't you?
Sumi! Call him over!
Make a phone call to Natu-bhai and just call him over!
Well, Natu-bhai? Why're you hiding your face like a nervous bride?
Your daughter has married my son. They ran away together!
Natu-bhai... say something, please. - What can he say?
My son's a crow that flew away with a pearl...? Huh?
Adi's a monkey who dropped out?
That's nothing, Sumi! Natu-bhai is now this monkey's father-in-law!
Your daughter Pooja ran away to marry my son Adi!
lshu... please! - Right!
Natu-bhai, we're now relatives. Please say peace
Could you folks embrace...?
Well, if not embrace, you can atleast sweeten your tongues...?
What will you have Natu-bhai? Coffee? Juice...? Cold-coffee?
Bathroom. - You'll have to go there on your own !
We can't bring it down here. Laxman...
Oh yes, you haven't met Laxman, have you?
Laxman... come here
Meet Natu-bhai. Pooja's father
Hello. - Hello
Did your daughter run away to get married?
Why did she run away? - She was the running champ at college!
Which college? - JC College
Like whom...? - JC! J.C. College!
l mean, like which college?
Jaswant Chavan College! That's why she ran away to get married!
Didn't she call you to the wedding?
Why didn't she invite you? - She was running, you see...
and l have a knee-pains
Did the marriage take place then? - Obviously, it did...
everybody was running. The bride, the bridegroom...
the priest ran with the holy fire, they even took the vows on the run !
And that guy who's laughing... Pooja's husband... her lord and master!
So who's her husband then?
Who's this guy...? A politician or a terrorist...?
Didn't you want to go to the bathroom...?
Hey Laxman, show him to the bathroom
What are you going to the bathroom for?
lt's for me to decide what l'm going to do in the bathroom!
No... l've already done the laundry
Go on ! Enjoy yourself, Natu-bhai! l have a wonderful bathroom!
This is nothing! We have a 12-bedroom hall and kitchen bungalow
And the bathroom...? Do you go to the neighbours for that?
What do you mean by that, lshwar?
Ashalata, Pooja... come on ! l've taken enough ! Let's go!
Go where...? And how...? Pooja's now my daughter-in-law, Natu-bhai!
Your daughter ran away to marry my son Aditya!
Stop raving about ''running away''!
This is nothing! My niece ran away after the marriage. Twice at that!
Please, lshwar... he's a relative of ours now. Please?
Okay, okay, Natu-bhai, l'm really very sorry
With folded hands... l say sorry to you
That's nothing! l fold my hands, bow my head and apologise to you !
l touch your feet and ask for your forgiveness, Natu-bhai!
l prostrate at your feet and apologise to you !
Your apology means nothing!
Yes! Me accepts, Natu-bhai!
''Let's dance''
''You're just the one l keep thinking about''
''Yours is the charm that appeals to my heart''
''l have loved you, with all my heart and soul''
''You win and l lose''
''You're just the one l keep thinking about''
''Yours is the charm that appeals to my heart''
''l have loved you, with all my heart and soul''
''You win and l lose''
''Your scarf... has robbed me of my peace''
''You are the only one my eyes love to see''
''The dot on your forehead means the life to me...''
''l hear bells ringing in my heart for your love''
''You are the one l love, l dance in gay abandon''
''To you l have given my heart and soul, my love''
''There's no one like you, love''
''Hide me in your eyes forever''
''You're just the one l keep thinking about''
''Yours is the charm that appeals to my heart''
''l have loved you, with all my heart and soul''
''You win and l lose''
''Your bangles chime... they reveal your secrets''
''How your bangle torments me''
''lt's your glitter that beckons me...''
''l could die for your charms''
''My love, sweetheart, l can't live without you''
''Listen, sweetheart, to you l've given everything''
''l've got to tell you...''
''we've got to live together forever''
''You're just the one l keep thinking about''
''Yours is the charm that appeals to my heart''
''l have loved you, with all my heart and soul''
''You win and l lose''
Hello, son. Where are you? - We're in Greece right now, dad
By mistake the travel agent... - lt's two months, son
Just another week, dad! We'll be back in a week
This is such a lovely place... - l don't like it without you, my son
lf possible, could you...?
Okay, dad. We'll leave for Mumbai tomorrow
l love you, dad. And this is not much of a place either
l love you, son. - You take care. Okay, dad?
l hope you won't mind? - l just want to be with you
Whether it's in Greece or Ghatkopar!
You were right, Sumi
lt's time l told him the truth
We don't have a choice, do we?
But... how are we going to tell him?
Just as you told me about it
l went home, Adi told me that you were here. so...
What did they have to say?
Sumi... - l don't want to hear it
Sumi, the reports... - No! l don't believe it!
You mustn't believe it either!
There must be a mistake... they could have made a mistake, isn't it?
Lung cancer
The last stage
l'll have a word with them. These doctors have a way of...
talking any nonsense... - Sumi!
Lung cancer
Let's consult other doctors
There's a very big cancer hospital in Germany...
All the reports were sent to them. You're the one who sent them, Sumi
The doctors have just one thing to say: 9 months
Or a year, if there's a miracle
This is no less, lshu. You promised me...
that we'd celebrate the 50th, the 60th and the 70th wedding anniversary together
You will celebrate it, Sumi
After l'm gone...
you won't forget to wear a flower-band in your hair, will you?
You will keep me alive even after l'm dead, won't you Sumi?
How will l even live, lshu...?
He'll be shattered, Sumi
The two of us will take care of him
We've been together through happy times...
we'll live together through sorrow, too
Which flight are they arriving by? - 714, via Delhi
lt's 3 hours late. - This is nothing
My uncle was returning after his marriage...
the flight arrived so late, he had two children on the way
Not again, Natu-bhai... Hey Laxman, Natu-bhai wants you over
Are we here to receive Aditya and Pooja?
Are they arriving on a plane? - We're at the airport, aren't we?
So they'll be arriving on a plane
But we came here in a car. - That's because we are locals, you see?
lt's different with those who come in from outside
But l arrived in a train.
At the airport? - The railway station
Trains don't arrive at airports. Only planes land here
ls this an airport?
No, it's a rickshaw-stand. They're arriving in a rickshaw!
Rickshaw-stand...? So where will they keep their luggage?
On my head. Where else?
So why're you standing here? Rather sit in a rickshaw
Not one head... l have ten heads!
Are you a ten-headed demon? - Yes, l'm a demon !
And you're more devilish than l am! Will someone deliver me from this moron?
There's Adi, lshu
We'll have to tell him everything today. Okay?
Pooja... daddy! - Hi!
Hey dad!
Dad, dad... l've heard of a quick engagement and marriage
ln our case, there's no engagement, it's straightaway a marriage and a kid!
You've become a grandfather!
Dad's become a grandfather!
What about the grandpa's hug...? C'mon !
Aren't you happy? - Happy? l...
Sure...? - l'm going mad with joy!
Natu-bhai! Sister-in-law! l'm going to become a grandfather!
Sumi... a grandfather! l... a grandfather!
l've got full value for the toy-factory l built
We'll soon have someone to play with the toys!
Adi, Pooja... l love you !
Laxman ! Fetch some sweets!
Won't you ask who'll you feed the sweets to and why? Question him!
Well, l know that the master's going to become a grandfather
Adi's going to become a father! - Really? l didn't know that
Are you going to become a father? - Yes, Laxman
We're also going to become grandparents and Pooja will become a mother
You mean, six babies in all?
Dad, if it's a baby-boy, let's have everything in blue for him
Blue clothes, blue shoes, blue pot, blue tub, blue swing...
And suppose it's a baby-girl, let's have everything pink for her
Wow! We never had such fancy ideas in our time
You mean all this will be wasted if it's a baby-boy
And all that will be wasted if it's a baby-girl?
What waste? We aren't misers like you to have just one kid, Ma!
We're going to have two children
We're going to have two children. What say?
At least learn to take responsibility for one child first, Adi
So who's done all the shopping and brought all that stuff? l have!
l'm the one who put things together. My wife keeps sleeping all day
Tell her, Pooja. - lt's the truth, Mom...
Adi has changed for the better. He has become very responsible
Tell her about the jeans. - We saw a pair of jeans worth 50,000
He didn't even try it on ! - The money you spent on these things...
belonged to your daddy, Adi. You only squandered the money
Stop it now, Sumi! lsn't my money Adi's money too?
No. - What do you want, Mama?
Create an identity of your own, Aditya. Or else...
Please tell him, lshwar
Aditya, l... - Two months! ln just two months...
You will prove that you can become a very successful film-star
Please, lshwar! - l give you two months
What? - Please, Sumi!
For the first time, he's trying to come to terms with his responsibilities
ln two months, you are going to earn 100,000 from your acting, Aditya
l don't care how you will do it, that's your problem
l can put that in writing. - Put it in writing then
Dictate the letter, dad. - ln two months, by Holi...
you will earn 100,000 rupees, or you will join Archies thereafter
Sign it, go on
Signed, sealed and delivered
Gentleman's word? - ln writing, dad. ln writing!
l could have told him then
And maybe Adi would have started coming to the factory from tomorrow
But people would've asked him later, ''What happened of your acting career?''
And he'd have had to say, ''l could've become a very successful star...''
''but l had to give it all up because my father died suddenly''
No, Sumi...
l will not let my impending death become an excuse for Adi's failure
ln fact, whatever little time l have...
l will try to make it the key to his success
The poor boy has asked for only two months
They'll go by even before we realise it
You will stand by me, won't you?
Yes. Time will stand by us too
Apart from Adi's success, you have also to see your grandson
Will l be able to see him, Sumi? - Of course you will, lshu
God ought to realise, Sumi
l'm a man who has sold toys to children all over the world...
and now l'm going away without even playing with my own grandchild
l see a bridge between the earth and the heavens, Sumi
l see myself at one end of the bridge. At the other end is my grandson
He's arriving. And l'm leaving
Our journey has already begun, Sumi. But...
whose journey will be completed first...?
''This festival of colours, we'll dance together''
''To the rhythm of the drums, we shall dance together''
''Spray the colours...''
''lt brings good-fortune to all, as we dance together''
''Do me a favour, let's play Holi''
''ln the colours is the language of love''
''Why do you keep following me?''
''Why do you set my heart pounding?''
''Go away, don't touch me''
''Goodness! Here's Holi...''
''Do me a favour, let's play Holi''
''Goodness! Here's Holi''
''ln the colours is love conveyed''
''Red, blue and yellow...''
''and your blushing cheeks''
''O dark-eyed beauty, you have an enticing gait''
''Holi's just an excuse to snuggle up to me''
''My moon-like face you want to smear with colours''
''Holi will come and go, but you have deceit at heart''
''l'm not so naive not to notice''
''Goodness! Here's Holi''
''Do me a favour, let's play Holi''
''Goodness! Here's Holi''
''Ever since l have found you, Holi's altogether different''
''Your anklets chime to the rhythm of my heart-beat''
''You will use those sweet words to steal my heart...''
''l know, you always do what you want to''
''l concede defeat to you. For l crave your love''
''This Holi, l sway with you... Goodness! Here's Holi''
''Do me a favour, let's play Holi''
''Goodness! Holi!''
''The colours are all about love''
''Do me a favour! Let's play Holi''
''For these colours are all about love''
Happy Holi to you
My last Holi
Dad... Pooja!
Move your leg. - Sorry
Don't argue, Just drink it up
l thought you were sensible, Pooja. Even if you're Natu's daughter...
l still thought you had some sense!
But what has my father to do...? - To hell with Natu !
Never mind. Not hell. To the oil fields with him!
At the moment, he's away in Australia on a vacation
Wherever! There's something called good sense, isn't there?
And you... what happened of your promise?
You were going to earn 100,000 in 2 months. So where's the money?
l knew you'd ask me this question. So l've come prepared. Look at this
The Zoom TV guys have started the Zoom ln and Zoom Out talent contest
The winners will get the lucky break
The first three will be signed by top producers in leading roles
lt's a matter of only 5 months
The contest's going to take 5 months. l can't wait so long
Dad, dad... it's a matter just five months
They'll go by in a jiffy. - Adi, my son...
put yourself in my shoes and think of my situation sometimes!
Have you ever tried to put yourself in my shoes to consider my situation, dad?
Adi... - Please! Please!
Go ahead. - What?
Do as he says
Let him step into your shoes for once and see...
how difficult it is to be a father
l don't quite understand, Sumi... - l know what Mom's getting at!
For a little while, Mom wants me to put forth my argument as lshwarchand...
and you will play Aditya. Right, Mom?
So l'm your son, you're the father? - Perfect!
But you will accept whatever decision is taken now, Aditya
Left, right, left, right... always ready for a fight!
What are you waiting for...? Go on. Get started
Adi... Adi... - She's calling you
l'm calling you, dad. You're Adi right now, remember?
All the best! You're going to win. Because you are the best, right?
ls she talking to me, or you? - Forget who she is talking to!
You promised me two months ago that you'd earn 100,000 rupees from acting...
and give it to me. Where is the money? - Dad...
actually my ideas about an acting career were a bit crazy
So l have decided that beginning tomorrow, l will...
You will straightaway plunge into the Zoom ln Zoom Out contest! Right?
No, dad, no... - Now don't con your father!
Sumi, look at the twinkle in your son's eyes!
He dreams of becoming a star. Go on, son. Become a film-star!
Are you happy now...? - That wasn't what l was getting at, dad!
You haven't heard me out, dad... - Silence! No arguments!
Maybe l'm a bit stubborn and sentimental
But l'm not stone-hearted, my son
Sumi, there are times when l'm very angry with myself
What have l given my son...? - So much !
What's so much? A BMW, money and a house. That's it?
That's it...? - What else!
A good father will give his son freedom
Go on, son... - Where?
Go and fulfill your dreams, my son. You have my blessings. Go!
But didn't l promise to earn 100,000 and give it to you, dad?
Or l'd join Archies, remember? lt was in writing... here it is
There you are. Happy now? Now tell me something, my son
How many years do you need to make your dream come true?
3 years? 5? 10 years...? - What...?!
Sumi, Pooja dear, l, lshwarchand Thakur...
give my son 10 years of freedom to make his dreams come true
And that is my final verdict. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen !
There you are! He's stolen the thunder from you !
Say something, my son ! - What will l say?
This dad won't let me take a breath, where will l speak from?
Dad, daddy... - No, no need to say thank you
lf you must say thank you, say it to God...
who made my eyes open to reason ! l'm an elephant...
who chews with teeth he does not show
My son, l still remember
l left my father's house and came to Bombay with just 35 rupees
To live life on my own terms!
How can l stop my son from doing the same thing today?
Just as l made my future bright with my hard work and sincerity...
you must also create an identity and carve a niche of your own !
Go on, my son. Go ahead!
All right
Those last words of yours were like divine intervention, daddy!
They contained so much of truth !
What are you trying to say, son? - All l'm saying, dad...
just as you left your father's house with just 35 rupees...
l, Aditya lshwarchand Thakur will leave this house and go away
Now look, son... look... - No! No... please, dad!
Please don't stop me now. Because l will not stay here!
l'm useless and spoilt, but l have a lot of self-respect!
Mom! There are times l'm so angry with myself!
What have l ever done to make my daddy feel proud of me?
So much... - l haven't done! But l will. Now!
Mithi, Ma, and Laxman... wherever you are!
From today... this moment, l'm leaving this house
From today, my air-conditioned room will be Laxman's...
and that dilapidated outhouse will be mine!
And until l achieve something in life, l'm not coming back to this house
So give me your blessings, dad! - Give him your blessings, lshu
You're his father, aren't you? Bless him for a long life
May you live long
Nice... good game! We must play it more often !
All right, dad. We're tired. Pooja and l are going to bed
Good night, dad. Nice game...
So l'm an elephant who chews with teeth you can't see?
l'll now show you how l bite. Get out
Sorry, Pooja. You can stay here if you wish to. But he'll have to leave
l'll go with Adi. lt'll be a test not just for him, but for me too
All right. Move it, Adi... Go on
Treat every word l just said as irrevocable
Until you achieve something in life, you will not step in this house
Now get out and stay out. Out!
Go away!
Do me a favour, let's play holi...
The door in the bathroom won't shut! - That's very good news, baby...
Shut up! l'm going to give you a whack!
Are you taking all this seriously? - What else!
lt's all a joke. Daddy will arrive in a little while and say, ''Let's go home''
But l'm stubborn, l'm not budging
l'll say, ''No, pay a penalty first. Send us on another honeymoon''
What do you think? - You've gone mad! You know that?
You're the one who'll go mad. Have you heard of Morocco?
Morocco! Not Monaco
Just imagine... you and l. ln Morocco
''There'll be dawn, there will be dusk...''
''days will pass by...''
''but l'll forever live and die for your love''
''There'll be dawn, there will be dusk...''
''days will pass by...''
''but l'll forever live and die for your love''
''Ever since l've fallen in love with you...''
''life has been beautiful''
''Buds have blossomed even in autumn...''
''in you, l have found every happiness''
''My eyes have dreams, dreams of you''
''l'm in your arms, in sheer ecstasy''
''l shall blossom, no doubt''
''For your love, l shall live and die''
''For your love, l shall live and die''
''There'll be dawn...''
''there will be dusk...''
''days will pass by...''
''but l'll forever live and die for your love''
''l shall live and die for your love''
Aditya... wake up and smell the coffee. Okay?
l'm down by the boat, man !
Hello! - Who?
Question-paper...? This is Natu here
From that side of the phone?
Stop it now. Give it to your boss
What...? The phone?
No, cut your hands and give them to him
The left? Or the right? - Both of them, you demon !
lf l cut both my hands, how'll l hold the phone...?
Place the phone on your head. Cut your hands and give them to him
lf l cut my left hand with my right hand...
what'll l cut my right hand with? - Forget it! Never mind!
Let's begin at the beginning!
Give the phone to your boss. That's it!
But your phone is in your hands. How can l give it to him?
Give the phone you've got! Why're you battering my brains...?
Ricky's conned me too! Such a big surfing board...
Whose phone is it?
Give it to me. - To you?
Hello - Send this guy to the war!
He's more dangerous than dynamite!
What did you say to him?
On the phone? - Go on
Hello - Where must l go?
The Andamans and Nicobar lslands
Hello! Sister-in-law! Are you there?
Natu-bhai, we have a bit of a problem here
l know, l was talking to it moments ago
No, it's not about Laxman... when are you returning?
lf the embassy could help it, they'd send me packing tomorrow
But it might take another month. But what is the problem?
We've driven Aditya out of the house. With Pooja
Hey Laxman... why has the fan stopped? - Has it stopped?
Why has the fan stopped? - That's what l'm asking...
why has the fan stopped? - Whom are you asking?
l'm asking you, Laxman ! You ! - l see.. it's me. But what?
Why has the fan stopped working?
Because the lights are off. - Do we have light here?
Often. But this time there's no power failure
l've switched it off
Hi, dad... c'mon ! ''We're emperors...''
Didn't l tell you dad would come? - Laxman...
have you brought the broom? - This one...?
Yes, Laxman. Give that broom to me. Now, this moment... in these hands
And go on now. - Where to?
Take this fuse. And hide it someplace no one can find it
Go on. - May l hide it behind the fridge?
Give that to me. Take your stuff, switch on the AC in Adi's room...
and go to sleep. Hurry! - Now...?
You aren't doing this to irritate me, are you?
You're the one who's doing things to irritate us dad, not him
Now please call us home. We're fed up here
The rent of this room is 1500 rupees
lf you want electricity, you'll have to pay an advance of 5000 rupees. Cash
You opened an account for me which you've already closed
And you gave me a credit-card which can't be used anymore
Here you are then. Clean the house, wash the cars, work in the garden...
and you can live here in return. Fair enough...? Here you are
What if l refuse to do it?
This happens to be my property. You'll have to vacate it, my son
Whom are you trying to scare? l have a lot of friends
We'll go and live somewhere. Right? - No
You've done all you could, Aditya. l know you very well
This is where you'll have to stay. You don't have a choice
So the rent of this room is 1500 and the advance is Rs.5000
Until you pay me that sum, you won't even be able to breathe freely...
let alone having any food. Okay, my son...?
See you...soon
l'm not coming!
l'm not going to ruin my life, trying to sell your toys!
You saw how he talked to me?
ls this how a father treats his son, Mithi?
Exactly! That's what our son will ask. How can a father treat his son like this?
You've started neglecting him even before he's born, Adi
What neglect, darling...? - What else is this!
l haven't even had a cup of tea and you're rubbing cream into your face
But l have to. The contest begins soon
Apart from my talent, l also have to take care of my looks
There are 5 months to go for your contest. What'll l do till then?
You want me to act for a meal?
Pooja hasn't had anything to eat. - She's the one l'm taking this for
Made in clarified-butter. l'll ask her to eat it up quietly
And Adi...?
l mean, he must've come to his senses by now
l'm sorry, baby. l ought to have considered your state
After you, you are my responsibility
l have a suggestion. Go away to your Papa's house for a few days,okay
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
lf you can't handle responsibilities, why did you marry me, Adi?
Because l love you, darling! - No, you don't! You only love yourself!
Or you wouldn't have been so shameless to ask me to go to my father's house
What else can l do...? l'm worried about you
Get to work. Understand your responsibilities... live up to them!
Now who's going to make a lead man out of me in one single day?
Or do you want me to sweep the garden...? Me? Sweep the garden?
Where are you going now...? To Papa's house...? Hey!
Taking a walk, are you...? What are you upto?
You think you are a prince
And despite being a princess, l'll have to work for a living
My baby's starving
Listen to me... Listen ! Please!
Don't cry. l feel awful when you cry, please
And give that broom to me. lt doesn't look good in your hands
Look at me... you do trust me, don't you?
l don't right now. - Well, all right. You will soon
ln a little while, l'll get fruits, pizzas and... everything for you !
l'll bring for you everything in the world, okay?
So go inside and rest
lf not for us, do it at least for the baby that's going to arrive
Please, please, please...
Ma... what's for breakfast? - Nothing for you
l stay out for a day and you get back to making rotten things!
l'm so hungry, l'm going to faint. Rustle up a meal for me, please!
Aditya, you've got an opportunity to prove...
that you can look after your wife and child
Don't lose this opportunity. - You too have the opportunity...
to feed your pregnant daughter-in-law. What are you doing about it?
You keep scolding me for nothing! Please, Ma... l'm terribly hungry
All right, you don't make it. l'll ask Question-Mark to do it
Hurry up and pack it in
You sit here
Aditya's in the kitchen. Stuffing the lunch-box
Adi, keep that lunch-box back
Sumi, this boy is not stepping in this house again
Keep it back. - Not for me. For your daughter-in-law
She's hungry. lt's necessary for her to eat, isn't it?
So have the food brought from her father's house! ls this a hotel?
Why're you talking like this, Dad? Mithi's pregnant, isn't she?
Did you ask us before you planned the baby?
10 babies are born every minute in this country
Must l turn my house into an orphanage...
so every hungry beggar can barge into it whenever he's hungry?
My child is not an orphan, dad
With a father like you, what else will your child be?
The child will himself ask you some day...
''Why did you give birth to me, if you couldn't look after me?''
Even an animal takes the trouble to hunt for her cubs, you shameless man !
You're worse than an animal! The beggar!
Go on now! Get lost!
lf you're so fond of begging, stand with your wife on the streets
A lot of people will take pity on you and give you money
And when the baby's born, take it along too. You'll get a lot of money!
C'mon get out!
lt's all happening because of you, Sumi. Only because of you !
l'm his mother, lshu... do you think l didn't feel bad?
Was that any way for me to talk to my son?
l've broken my son's heart
After l'm dead, you must tell him that all this was because...
My darling son ! How hurt he must've been
But l liked it very much
We're teaching him to walk on his own, lshu
Let him fall and steady himself. He'll learn to walk on his own
Whatever you're doing is right. You mustn't regret it
Go away, Pooja. Go back to the room
No, Aditya. Let me stand here
l want our baby to see what a responsible man his father is
He can even pick up the broom... - l'm a terrible man
Why else would Papa say such nasty things to me?
What a scolding he gave me! - You're a very responsible father
But you are a terrible servant
That's not the way to sweep the floor, Adi. Let me do it
No, l'll learn it. l can't sweep the garden too
Didn't l ask you to go away? Go on... go away from here
Where are you going, Adi? - Our baby's starving, Pooja
We need to do something. l'll be back soon
l'll do it right away, sir
Sharma, this is Chowdhary
Listen to me. He's irresponsible
Keeping me on tenterhooks till the last moment. Why?
No, you listen to me! l'll complain to the stuntmen's union, you dig?
Sir, if you need an assistant...
l need poison right now. Will you fetch some?
lf the shoot is cancelled, the producer and the director will kill me
Give me one chance, sir. l badly need money
l'm talking on the phone, let me talk
Now listen to me, Sharma. l understand it's a difficult stunt
But l can't help it. Who will reason with the producer and the director?
Can you?
Right, that's why l ask you to talk to some stuntman and send him over
All right, charge double the amount. You don't want me killed, do you?
l'll do it, sir... - Shut up, will you?
l know it's risky, but there's risk involved in every business
Flood, earthquake, extortion threats ... anything can happen
So you won't send a stuntman? To hell with all of you !
l won't let you down, sir. Please give me one opportunity
The best stuntmen in the industry have refused me
You think you are the cat's whiskers? - l don't care for my life
l'm not scared. l'll sign any document you want me to
One chance, please
lt's only to please you, Ma
Aditya's pride must not take a beating ... l got to take care of that too
My dear, your baby...
Nothing will happen. There will be no problems, l promise
lf Adi doesn't bring food tonight, l'll myself come to you...
and you'll feed me
My dear...
God willing, you won't have to come here
lt's very risky. - lt's okay
But l'll accept only cash. - See those dogs?
They've been starving for two days. - My baby is starving too
A big chunk of flesh will be tied to your arm
Once the shoot is on, nobody can help you, get that?
Those wild dogs will pounce on you
l'll get the money after the shot, will l ?
Tell the director that we've found a stuntman. Give him the dress
What are you watching? Save him. Go
Moron ! Couldn't you have asked for help?
Are you blind? Get first aid
Had these dogs torn you apart, l'd have been jailed
Don't ever show me your face! And never do stunts again, okay
Hang on
Are you alright, young man - l'm absolutely fine.
Just tell him to give my money - Give him his money, right now
Thank you - Young man, what's your name?
Name? l'm trying to make a name, sir
The day l make it, you will come to know
Thank you
Have food, while l go and see him
They've taken daddy to the hospital, Adi
lshwar Chandra Thakur? - Room no 510
What madness is this? Adi will find out
Doctor, listen... please try to understand
My son has set out to become a hero. l don't know when he'll make it
We are here. We'll take care of Pooja
This ward is fine, she will stay here
He's right, doctor
My baby will be born in this very room
Whether l become a hero or not, l'll pay up, even if l have to beg
And doctor, book the room in my name
Ma... the rent for the house
Ask him to put the fuse back...
so that there's light in my house again
''No complaints, no protests...''
''no sharing either''
''Come, let's embrace...''
''and shed a tear''
''The flames of constraints burn me''
''No one knows my pain''
''My heart's rent''
''Breath betrays me''
''Time looks down on me''
My will
l've bequeathed everything to Adi
Life insurance policy
The first step towards securing our child's future
Our child is now secured
''l love you''
''Everything that's mine belongs to you''
''You have...''
''no idea...''
''you are my heartbeat...''
''you mean the very life to me''
''You make...''
''my story''
''Believe it or not''
''lt's a terrible point in life''
''l haven't lost you, neither do l have you''
''Though l wish...''
''we can't unite''
''My heart's rent''
l got to go to the dance class, then the gym
We got to rehearse the lines in the evening
l've boiled the milk, the sandwich is ready too
l've heated the water too. What else do you want, princess?
l just want to see you - My baby wants to see me!
See me on the 70mm screen
After l win the contest, we'll have a real ball...
in our new house. You'll say, ''lshwar...''
''get me water. lshwar, get me juice''
''lshwar, get the car''
''lshwar...'' - lshwar?
Yes. l'll have a servant by that name
l'll put out an advertisement. Servant, gardener, chef, chauffeur...''
''apply if your name is lshwar, else don't...''
Our new life will drive you crazy
Just watch...
l'll give you your every wish l promise
Look... l made this doll, for my grandson
His name is Jerry, the giraffe
l'll be the first one who plays with my grandson
l'll show him. He told me to use my baby to beg, didn't he?
No problem
Every one will play with my baby, but l won't let him even see his face
No way, Pooja
Will l get to see my grandson?
l won't let you leave!
l'll go to heaven and plead with God. l'll take Laxman and Natu along too
God! Just imagine. Laxman will say...
''Who is this celestial beauty? Rambha?''
''Who is Menaka? A dancer?''
Natu-bhai will say...
''Menaka's dance is just nothing. My wife dances like Britney Spears''
Keep joking like this, Sumi...
till the end
Do l have a choice?
Lord, don't let him pick up the phone. Please
Hello - Damn, it's him!
Hello - Who?
Natu, from Australia
Give this message to lshwar Chandra
Listen properly. We're returning to lndia the day after
We're returning to lndia the day after by flight
After landing, we'll take a cab home
Then we'll freshen up, eat and sleep...
wake up next morning, have breakfast and then come to meet you folks. Okay?
You get that? - Who? l ?
Who am l talking to then, pesticide? - How'd l know?
l can't see you on the phone
My mistake, boss. l hold my ears in contempt
How can you hold your ears with two hands?
Does one use four hands? - You said you had ten heads
How well you remember that, you devil!
Will you give my message or not? - What do you say?
Should l ? Or should l not? - Please convey
What's the message? - Hang on, let me recollect
Sure. - The day after...
you will reach the bathroom, and then home
Then you'll go to the airport, where you will take a bath...
eat and then you'll sleep in the car
You'll wake up in the morning and fly to Australia to meet the boss
Right, tell them, they'll understand. All right?
But l don't understand. - Don't understand what?
Why'd you go to Australia to meet the boss?
The boss is here. - My enemy! Demon !
Louse! Bloody ass! - Should l also inform all of them?
lshwar Chandra... we're back from Australia
Where are you, mite?
Looks so quiet. - Laxman must've driven everyone out
My boss is... - The demon !
What happened? - Nothing. Stay away
Why are you running? - l'm wearing a track suit
How long will you run? - Give me his remote control
Want to watch tv? - Remove his batteries!
You will tire yourself out
The boss and his wife might be late... - Never mind. Stay away!
You will get tired. - l won't
Shall l serve food? - Call the police!
Shall l get some juice? - Nothing. Call the police
He should be tied and locked up. He's gone wild
Go inside, and get two glasses of chilled water, now
Go on
Come, he won't do anything. - He should be tied up
Welcome Natu-bhai. Greetings
Hi there... well, in a track suit
This is nothing. My mother-in-law would wear a swimsuit
For a jog? - ln the swimming pool
When my father-in-law was alive, she used to wear a crimson swimsuit
After he died... - She stopped swimming
She started wearing white swimsuits. Old-fashioned people, you see
But she didn't stop swimming, health conscious as she was, unlike you
Why do you drag me in? - Look at your face. Weary
All for driving your son out. - Nothing of that sort, l'm fine
How was your Australian trip?
Australia...great! My God fantastic
lndia is just nothing. Even little children speak English there
Shall we go and meet Pooja? - Why not? Let's go
One minute
Mangoes for Aditya. Don't tell him that l gave them, or he won't eat
Tell him you got it
This is nothing, don't worry. - l didn't tell you anything
l'll explain to him Don't you worry
But Natu-bhai...
l'll handle everything
l'm telling you You definitely going to win
How are you, Mom? - l'm fine, dear
Let me show you my kitchen, come on
ls everything okay,dear?
Dad, please come inside... please sit
Can you explain how one must sit there?
Well... - Who do you think you are?
How dare you put my daughter up in such a filthy place?
Please come inside...
Yes? - Pack Pooja's bags
But daddy l...
You eloped, l didn't complain
This is nothing. Sangeeta ran off twice after marriage!
That's a reason to console myself. But there's a limit to everything
Aditya, at least think of the baby
That's the reason l toil day and night, dad
After the contest... - After you win, right?
The father and son are at loggerheads. Why must my daughter bear the brunt?
Let us live, l beg of you ! - What are you saying, papa?
l can understand what a father goes through when his child is in trouble
Go on, dad
Either you send Pooja with us...
or compromise with your father and go back home
l'll take Pooja home - No need for that!
You have worked so much for this contest. You will surely win
Please go away. - Don't be stubborn, Pooja
Not l, you are being stubborn
l have no problems here
What Adi is doing for me and the baby, is beyond compare
Where will the baby be born? ln some Municipal hospital?
Are all the normal babies born only in five-star hospitals?
As long as Adi is with me, it won't be hard for my baby
Trust me, papa
l'm carrying, but it is Adi who's been the real mother
What a sacrifices!
You pale before her What a sacrifices!
l had told lshwar Chandra, Pooja will never desert Aditya
Still he told me to try and get them separated
He told you not to tell him!
So, to set me and Pooja apart...
dad sent you here, right?
Dad tried to set us apart
He wants to separates us
How could he do that?
l goofed
Can't l shoot him? - No
l don't know how l goofed. l'm a born actor
Really? - Yes. ln school, l acted as a dog
Even today the principal and teachers treat me like a dog
Let me commit this one murder, Sumi. Just one
This is nothing, it'll all be fine. - Fine, my foot!
He must be detesting me now
Dog, eh !
Mangoes, your favourite
Eat quickly, you got to go
Dad sent these
Mom brought them, please
Dad sent these for me
Same colour, same shape...
same smell
27 years... every season, dad would treat me to these mangoes
C'mon, how could l forget it.
l know very well
Come inside, son. - Alms... you sent over
We're not beggars
You'd rather not do such favours
Tell him
Adi, he sent them over because you like mangoes, son
Someone trying to break my family apart... l hate it
As for the favours, tell him that...
l hereby break all ties with him
Besides, l've stopped eating mangoes from today
Yes, hold on
Adi... phone
Yes, it's me. - What are they saying?
Hang on... Yes, tell me. Sure, l'll send three photographs
Okay... alright Thank you very much
What is it, son?
l've come first, dad! - Congratulations, son
lt was one-sided. l got the most marks
You will come first, son ! Just watch
l'll win, dad! - You will win, son. You are...
l entered your house, by mistake
You embraced me, by mistake
You called me Daddy, by mistake
You proved how much you love your daddy, by mistake
No way. ln my excitement l entered, else who wants to come in this house?
And, l don't love you
For that matter, even l don't love you
l'm not happy either. - Why would you be happy? You've lost!
Hardly matters. What worries me is that l've lost a part-time servant
You won't work for me anymore. - l won't even stay in that outhouse
Oh ! l'll have to find a servant to keep the outhouse clean
Besides, it's hard to find honest servants
So right! lt's even harder for me, since l'm looking for a special servant
A servant called lshwar Chandra
Employ him, Adi
At least he'll remind you of me
No way. l won't even let you inside my house
Cancel. Let's cancel this new game
Let me in. At least, to play with your children
C'mon - l hate you, dad!
l just hate you
l can never be a responsible father. lsn't that you what you always said?
l promise, l'll prove you wrong. My son will never ask me...
''Why did you sire me if you had no means to rear me?''
l'll give him all the joys. l'll give him everything. l will...
Why am l telling you all this? What would you know...
about a father's love for his child? You will never understand
True, because l didn't sire you, l plucked you out of a mango tree
So what it means to be a father... - You have no idea at all!
l agree l was irresponsible
But who was responsible for it? You were
l only wanted to hold your finger to walk steadily...
but you gladly gave me your arm
Who was judged later?
l was. That, l strayed, l'm spoilt
lf only l was left to stand on my feet
You always hoisted me on your shoulders and showed me the world below
l won't do that with my son. l'll give him a good upbringing
Still if he is spoilt or strays, l'll give him time to come around
Unlike you, l won't drive him and his pregnant wife out
l won't consider him as my enemy and humiliate him
And l'll never try to separate him from his wife
lt was so cheap of you, dad
l hate you !
Try to swap places with me, at least try
You'll know how it hurts
l'd be glad to be in your shoes, Adi
But how can l ask you to put yourself in mine?
Why not?
You are right, son
You're right
l've been unfair to you
l played the biggest part in misguiding you. l accept.
l should've handled you with patience...
given you more time... - Goodbye, dad
l want nothing
Neither your defence, nor your time
To give you time, don't l myself need time?
Don't cast me away from your life, son
As it is, l'm leaving... for good
Thank you
Here are some extra passes. lf you want to invite someone...
My parents are coming
Anyone else...? - Your parents
lnvite Ma
And daddy? - l don't want to invite him
Will she come alone? Has she ever gone out without him?
Pooja... Adi...
he must be waiting for you
Have l ever gone out without you?
You'll have to get into the habit, Sumi
Must get into the habit
You'll have to fight it out! Tonight is Adi's final round
Don't you want to see him win?
l want to go, Sumi
l have very little time
l want to see Adi once
Nobody is answering the phone. - l'm not inviting him
lf he wants to come, he can. But l'm not inviting him
Okay. - Why did you disconnect?
What's the point when you are not interested?
lf he wants to come, fine. l'm not stopping him
Really? Such a big heart
lf you could do dad a favour, why don't you do me a favour?
Try to be honest with yourself
lt's the greatest day of your life, and you want him by your side
Just admit it. lt's not a big deal
Sumi, l want to see Adi win
l want to play with his baby
You will, certainly
We're fighting against time
We have to beat time
This is cheating, friend
Who will l fight with now?
Don't hurt me, Natu-bhai
You will find many to fight with. l'm nothing
Call on daddy's cellphone
What do l say? - Ask him to come, at least to bless
l'll tell him, there are extra passes, he can come if he wants to
Okay, call
l'll say that
Yes, son? - You're coming, aren't you, mama?
Yes, son
And daddy? - You don't object, do you?
l don't, but... - Talk to daddy
ls he nearby? - Yes. Shall l give him the phone?
Hang on
Adi, wants to talk to me
Hello. Bloody obstinate wastrel!
l know you're going to become a great star
But l won't take any of your starry airs
You can come if you... - l'll come even if you deny me
What will you do?
Okay, bye. - Son...
l love you
Will you let me play with your baby?
l just hate him, Pooja
He always does this to me
But l can't live without him
You know why? Because l love him
We are at the venue
We've reached the venue
Will you manage?
Adi learnt that trait from me, not from you
Don't worry. l must tell him
All the best, son. - Thank you, Ma
God bless you
May you win
Can l give you my blessings?
Go ahead
Let it hurt you more when l win before the world
You're going to become a father
Ask yourself
Can any father be hurt seeing his son win?
All the best
Actually, this is for your baby...
No, thanks
He brought the doll purposely, so that l...
Nothing would've gone wrong had you accepted it
Get a hold on yourself, Natu-bhai
My disease is just nothing
Your grandfather must've had two cancers
Enough now
lf Adi sees you, all hell will break lose. Please
Wipe your tears. - l tell you, let alone me...
no father can compare himself with lshwar Chandra
For the sake of their children, parents give up their lives
But you have even defied death
l could achieve nothing in life
But before l die...
if l could set an example for Adi, it'll be worth it
So that his son calls Adi the best father in the world
lf something happens to me, give this doll to Adi...
Where's the doll?
He has found out, Sumi. - What?
He has found out. - What are you saying?
He must've overheard, Sumi. - Had he heard...
he'd have broken down before you. - That's what l fear. We must...
go inside
We'll sit at the back
And now we present contestant number 9, Aditya Thakur
Respected judges...
dear spectators...
and the millions of people watching this talent contest live...
l know l'll be kicked out of this contest in a few minutes
But l have to win...
the final race against lshwar
He knows!
And that's why, instead of performing, l'd like to place a request before you
Stop him, Sumi! What's he doing?
What are your doing? - Adi! Adi!
My father wants to see my baby...
before his death
He's battling against death
Will each one of you...
please pray to God and dedicate one minute of your lives to my dad?
This boy will ruin everything!
God cannot turn down the prayers of millions
Just a minute will be taken from your lives...
but it'll give my father a precious lease of life
My father will be able to see his grandson
You must be wondering why you must give away a minute of your life...
just to make my father live
But if you look at your children playing in your courtyards...
you'll probably find the answer
My daddy...
makes toys
A baby smiles on seeing the rattler hung up on the cradle
My father designs the first smile of the baby
The baby claps when the monkey-toy jumps...
and he is upset when the monkey falls to the ground
The mother then explains...
''Son, this is what life is all about''
''So if you happen to fall, don't be upset''
''Rise, and walk again''
My father designs some upbringing
ln this barbaric world, my father fills babies with innocence
lf he has in some way helped in the upbringing of your children...
then in return, please give him a minute of your lives
Whether my father will be able to see his grandson's face or not...
is in your hands
The hands that you have joined before God...
My darling!
You think only you can act?
l did some acting too somehow. - l love you, dad
l love you
We've got our son back, Sumi
We've got our Adi back, Sumi
You don't look good when you are crying
Wipe your tears ... here's the handkerchief
Wipe your tears
Handkerchief in your pocket?
Sumi, all my worries are over
Your son has become responsible
Pooja, look, my Adi...
who used to trouble everyone until they cried...
has learnt to wipe my tears
You have yet to see your grandson
l have challenged Time. We can't lose
We have to win
l love you, dada. - My son !
This... for my grandson...
my grandson
My son
My heir
Sumi, l've got my grandson
Dada, we've won
Everyone prayed for us
We've won, dada. - No, son
You've won
You put your dreams at stake, just to fulfill my dream
You won
The credit for our victory goes to the people
They wholeheartedly prayed for us
Know what, dada?
Even today we have two sacks full of letters at home
Two sacks! Two sacks full of letters in a postman's house!
What do we call the baby, dad?
Hang on. There are still some challenges left
Know what, dad? From now on, Adi will concentrate...
only on his career in movies
l and Pooja will manage your factory
And what will happen to this...?
l promise you, everyday l shall wear flowers in my hair...
apply a dot of sandalwood paste on my forehead and go to office
come here. Don't you have any questions today?
When will you return?
l will... l will return
As Adi's daughter
And we'll go to watch my movies
Hardly matters if people watch or not, we'll go
No! l'll go to watch late night shows with my boyfriend
But you must return home before seven, else...
Get lost! - Else, you'll see the worst of me
Get lost! After the show, l'll return only after having dinner with him
Keep waiting for me, lt's your turn now
lshu !
Pooja, apply the mark on him
lshwar, christen him
The grandfather will now christen his grandson
ln sandalwood, the baby is bathed...
may joys abound in his life...
may the world bow at his feet
His grandfather christens him...
lshu, christen him
Name him
lshwar is his name