Local community education helps to find a job

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Whether you're from an English speaking background or not
the Foundation Skills Program makes everyone feel welcome.
The program provides participants from all walks of life
with the knowledge they need to do the job,
by providing experiential learning in real workplaces,
in an environment that builds confidence.
I came to Australia 25 years ago,
and I just recently found out about the Foundation Skills Program.
Learning becomes an enjoyable experience.
It is my great pleasure to attend our Graduation Ceremony today.
I just finished 2 courses: Let's Work At It,
in Parafield Gardens Community Center.
And the second one is Intro To Office Programs,
and it took place in Burton Community Center.
I suppose all things are scary when you first start.
But once you start everyone is really nice and you're making new friends.
They make you feel really welcome and that helps especially when you're learning a new skill.
Hi, I'm Loureen Balugo, I follow the program and
I'm really happy to be in this course. I've been learning a lot.
What are you doing? What are you doing?
I was working at the farm before. A roast company,
and vegetable pads and fruits.
I've been there for a long time. And when I met my friend
she introduced me to this program. And I said yes, I will try my best!
Suzanne's pathway, I suppose is quite different to other people.
She had actually done further training before doing this course.
So I suppose her employability skills were
there but her confidence and knowing that she could do the job
was something very different.
Here I am, I finished my Children Services, in Certificate 3,
and I also found a job through this program.
I know how to do cappucinos!
Being from the Philippines I know of course it's a totally different thing.
I've studied there, but I haven't got any work experience.
Enjoy your coffee!
I haven't really thought of doing training in barista before,
but because of my volunteering work I had to do
I had to make coffees. So yeah, they showed me,
the people in my volunteering place showed me how to do it.
Loureen, she has been in Australia for a number of years,
and she did a Business Administration Course.
But then -she told me several times- she was stuck in a rut.
So she really didn't have the motivation to get up in the morning to
actually go out and find a job.
Because she had been rejected after rejected, when she
did apply for these jobs, which you can imagine,
is heartwrenching, you know, a young woman, never had that paid work,
you just don't know which steps to take.
Coffee making may look like a simple process when you see a skilled barista doing it.
But when it's the first time you've touched a coffee machine and you haven't been there,
it can be quite daunting.
And just giving you enough skills to step up to the machine,
texture the milk, make the steam up,
and go waw, I can do that, I can make a coffee!
So now I know how to make coffee.
Proper coffee, not like instant ones.
She came on to the program, built up her confidence,
and was able to go on to volunteer work.
Foundation Skills Program is pretty much building the foundation skills for participants.
It's about language, literacy, numeracy.
But also overcoming those other barriers like self confidence, self esteem,
you know, shyness, those sorts of things as well.
My name is Fung, I am Vietnamese.
Me and my family have been in Australia for 7 months.
I wanted to go to the course so I could further develop my
employability skills, which I have gained working for more than 10 years in Vietnam.
The teachers are very professional.
Very experienced. They encourage us to get involved in the
course, they're open for ideas.
I've been unemployed for a while. I did a Tafe course last year but
I wanted like a refresher. I did Introduction to Administration, so
it's Office Principals. If you go into the community you get to know people, contacts.
And it helps to get into employment. It helps you for the next step of
what your career pathway is.
They helped me to strengthen my employability skills.
Which I aimed for, from the beginning, when I joined the course.
This has been 6 months work for me.
So just to see that everybody is so happy, so grateful,
and really positive about the whole experience,
is really giving me the drive to go further I suppose with
in community training and give that extra step, that extra enthusiasm for next time.
I was able to apply it in my volunteering, so I'm
now doing volunteering work in the reception,
in Salisbury East Community Center.
and so they've got the coffee machines as well that's why
I'm doing both jobs!
Working at the Parafield Gardens Children Center,
if they need a worker they always call me.
I can show others and encourage others that they can do it.