Interview with v1lat @ Star Series DOTA 2

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Apr 27, 2012

Hi, V1lat.
An epic match, I’d say, has just finished – Darer vs M5.
Tell us about this game, you must have felt it as if you were a player.
Share with us your impressions.
You know, that’s why I like LAN.
That’s why I like informal relationship between teams.
Because it has been such an intensive game just now.
Everything could change 5 hundred times during the game.
And every moment and those ultrakills from Sang Kings etc. were so fantastic.
And I hope that there’s gonna be the same clash now.
Anyway Darer has lost because they picked too bad.
That’s my opinion.
They’ve played their pick phenomenally.
But then they got out of luck a bit.
But I think performance isn’t the most important.
The most important is moral component.
They are missing something yet.
So if they don’t focus right now, M5 will beat them.
And if M5 beat them, it’ll be a trouble.
‘cause after that I think the team won’t stay for a while.
So it’s such a background for next matches – hoo-ha
You know that if Darer loses to M5, it will be something crazy.
Because you remember when God was leaving for Darer,
he said he would never lose M5 again.
So I think it will be a real battle right now
And the first game has already proved it.
I was sure there’d be a clash,
And there’s already a clash.
Everybody must be waiting for Darer vs Na’Vi match.
And there’s a possibility this much won’t happen.
That’s what I’m afraid of.
I think that M5 might manage to break into final with drive, win…
No. I don’t want to snub anyone, of course.
But as a fun, not as a commentator,
I must say that I’m sure that M5 team, even if they beat Darer
they won’t be able to get through Loser’s Final and Grand Final.
They won’t manage to break through Loser’s Final,
because M5 team is a team of mood.
They won a qualification to DreamHack this morning,
and they’ve won Darer in high spirits just now.
And their only chance is to go through two more games on this high spirit.
I mean, one game is left.
Darer just need to focus.
Personally I’m waiting, just like half of the world,
I think, is waiting for Darer- Na’Vi.
If it won’t happen, we’ll wait till Seattle, it’ll happen there.
What do you think will the result be
In the match Na’Vi vs CLG?
CLG played 6 clan wars vs Na’Vi on the first day
when they arrived on Wednesday,
And they were decisively defeated 6 times.
I think Swedish have slim chances.
Only if Na’Vi make some sloppy pick.
But I hardly believe it,
Because they have an Estonian mastermind in the team.
It would be difficult to make sloppy pick.
I think CLG has little chance to win even one map far from the game.
What are your predictions for the tournament?
Top 4?
Na’Vi the first, Darer the second, CLG the third and M5 the fourth.
The last question.
What would you say about the new interface
of the patch that was released yesterday.
It’s not pleasant to start commenting without
being used to an interface.
The interface isn’t bad.
They added a plus for commentator to make us able to see creeps stats.
So it’s more or less ok.
People will get used to it and it’ll be fun.
Now we get a lot of butt hurt on web.
Nobody likes it. But it’s temporary,
I think people will like it in a few days.
Because items became more light and funny.
So people will get used to it soon.
Everything is ok.
Well, thanks for interview.
Not at all.