Alien Family VS DCFS

Uploaded by SpaceHospital on 25.11.2012

Looks like somebody's ready to go home.
She's our sweet angel baby straight from heaven.
She's a bundle of joy, that's the good news--
The bad news is we ran your blood. It came up positive for cannabinoids.
Hello mommy, my name is Gary. I’m from DCFS, the department of child and family services.
I understand we like to smoke marijuana. Unfortunately, it is a controlled substance.
I have a prescription.
We live in Los Angeles.
I’m afraid your “prescription” doesn’t hold much weight with the federal government.
Now we have to say bye-bye to baby.
No-no--No! NO!
Madame--madame--madame-- that is not going to get princess back.
You have two options before you. Number one, county lockup. Number two--
You’re all set. Bye now.