Photoshop CS5 Tutorial - Wallpaper + Optical Flares - TDS design

Uploaded by TorresDesignS on 14.07.2011

Before to start this video, I wanna recommend a great designer, he has a lot of talent, and much experience on Photoshop.
Visit him , clicking on image and you will be redirected to his youtube's channel.
This wallpaper is Full HD, I leave it in the video's description, if you like you can download it!
Also I leave some "Optical Flares", is very easy to use, in the last video, I used this, for the Halo Background.
To apply this "optical flares", you need palce one of them in the picture, and select "screen" in blend mode .
If you want, you can delete some parts with the eraser.
Thanks for watch, but before to leave this video, please, dont forget to visit my friend!!!
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