STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ - Timeline - The Great Hyperspace War

Uploaded by MichalTCZ on 01.09.2011

Of all the wars fought to assert the supremacy of the Dark Side,
the Great Hyperspace War stands as a testament to the enduring nature of the Sith.
For centuries our Empire lived in isolation, steadily building its wealth and influence during a Golden Age for our kind.
But those glorious days were numbered;
with the passing of our Dark Lord Marka Ragnos,
a struggle for supremacy began that threatened to splinter the Sith Council
and revealed our existence to the universe.
At the heart of the conflict: Naga Sadow and Ludo Kressh,
the only two Sith with the desire and will to lay claim to the title of Dark Lord.
Their rivalry knew no bounds; even clashing in the halls of the dead.
There, not even the returned spirit of Lord Ragnos himself could prevent what was to come – Hyperspace Travellers;
the return of an ancient enemy; a sickness at the heart of the Sith; and a crushing defeat dealt by the Republic.
But the fall of the Empire was not altogether unexpected.
In the war’s final days, plans were made by certain factions within the Sith
who had foreseen the coming destruction and welcomed the cleansing fire it brought to the lords of Korriban.
The weak perished and all that remained with those capable of ensuring that out of the ashes of defeat a new order would be formed in the darkness.
Six years after the victory of the Jedi, the Emperor revealed his vision of a restored empire and formed the Dark Council –
while in the silence of the Outer Rim, Resurrection Holocrons were activated...