[MBLAQ][Eng Sub] Seungho's Room Tour @ Hello Baby Ep.02

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Mir : Well, What will we do now? Play?
Seungho : Let's show them around our house!
[MBLAQ's dorm first open?!] Seungho : We'll open our room which have decorated meanwhile.
"Leo's toy" Human Sandbag, Lee Joon?
How old are you, kid?
G.O : You really fit the level well.
Hey, boy!!
Cheondung : Stop it~ Both of you!
'Let's take a look around even their room.'
[Expected leader papa's room~]
Seungho : First, If you look around my room, it's decorated for a sedentary lifestyle.
Seungho : lying, rolling and sitting...
(Lazy-ism) [Leader's customized sedentary room]
'This is not special.'
(In this time!) [Seungho-papa seduces kids by Pororo] Seungho : I prepare Pororo* for you.
Seungho : Do you like Pororo?
[Of course] Seungho : Who do you like best?
Seungho : Who do you like best?
(Pairing papa) [Selecting Cheondung]
Seungho : (jealousy) He doesn't appear on Pororo.
G.O : He appears on Dooly.
Seungho : Please choose your favorite character.
Cheonding : Oh, as expected, a man.
Seungho : Then, I'll buy this doll for Leo if you're obedient.
Seungho : Then, I'll buy this doll for Leo if you're obedient. [Green dinosaur which Leo likes]
Seungho : Will you be obedient?
Seungho : Handshake
Seungho : (Next is Lauren) Which character do you like best, Lauren?
Lauren : (Pink girl) Loopy
'Pink girl, Loopy'
Seungho : Then, if you obey well, I'll buy you this doll .
Seungho : Will you obey well?
Lauren : Yes~
Seungho : Which character do you like best, Dayoung?
Seungho : Is your favorite Pororo?
Seungho : Then, if you're obedient well, I'll buy you Pororo's doll.
[ Do you believe in Pororo? ]
Seungho : Will you be obedient well?
'You too... Yoon Dayoung...'
G.O : As expected, Kids follow Pororo. Joon : Why are they so submissive!
Leo : I'll obey well!
You don't obey the most.
'Doongah.. What are you doing in your voice...'
It's an Octopus Prince, isn't it?
Right? [In this time, Leo caring for Doongly.]
Lee Joon : (Jealousy) Why he likes you?
Quick change into Octopus prince
Lee Joon : (misunderstaning) me... you like me, don't you?