DAILY VLOG #16 ♪~(´ε` ) : Lecture Theatre

Uploaded by bocktopus on 11.09.2012

"It's not a big deal - don't worry your head about it!!!" "Still LIfe?" "Yes we have to do still life!"
Hello, I've not blogged today, but it's lunch time and we are in the Lecture Theatre, with my friends!
"Hello" "Hello" "Hi"
OK! What have we done today? I had French first lesson, and then we had frees!
"You don't have to go quite guys!" "I'm not being quite, I just generally don't talk!!"
Ok I had French, and then I had two frees, four frees?
Three frees, and then it's lunch now and I've got double English in the afternoon, and then that's it.
Then I don't know what I'm doing. Probably nothing, so that will be good!
Hello, I've just got home. It was a really long day, even though I only had three classes.
Because I had one lesson in the morning, then all day I was free.
I had double English in the afternoon. It was mind-numbing! But it was good. I enjoyed it!
And I'm home now, and it's raining really badly. I don't know what I'm going to do,
so I think I will try and get some more photo's done. See how far I can get with that.
My status of going to HyperJapan has changed to 99%.
Which is good! So I should be there. I should be there on the Saturday.
They are what I wore today. It is a kind of tank-top kind of thing,
And my skirt and I wore it with some grey tights and my wedges. So it was nice. Yes?