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He's played Max in Pobl y Cwm,
but we know him a bit better now as Simon
from the series Misfits, which has just come to an end on E4.
A big welcome to Iwan Rheon!
That's you there in the series.
Did you enjoy filming it?
Yes, yeah it was a lot of fun.
Yeah, people have compared it to a mixture of Skins and Heroes.
Would you agree with that?
Yeah, yeah! It's a little bit darker, and the humour's
to do with darker things, and it's a lot less glamorous then...
Less glam.
Glam yeah, a lot less glam.
What happens exactly to the people that maybe who haven't
watched it? You have a power, what kind of power have you got?
Supernatural! If I had a language token I'd give you one.
Oh, thanks.
What happens exactly?
So all the characters here have a supernatural power.
They all have.
We have yeah. We get hit by an electrical storm,
and then we start, in different ways, to get supernatural powers,
that, that come out of our characters...
Now, I like what you're wearing here.
Are they comfortable?
Uh, they weren't......
You look so terrible! You look so terrible in that picture.
You're like, I am going to kill you!
Yeah, that's what I was thinking yeah!
Yeah, that's what you were thinking?
Right, your supurnatural power, was to become invisible.
Not the band, but the power.
Now, if this happened to you in real life, and you were invisible,
what would you do?
Um, I would...
I'm sure everyone asks you this question.
Yeah, there are a lot of obvious answers.
But, I would...
I would play a lot of jokes on people.
I would just go on an aeroplane or something, go on holiday.
You'd go on the best holiday ever.
Because if somewhere took your fancy, you'd just go on
the aeroplane, and go, yeah, I'm going somewhere else!
You wouldn't have to stay in a queue.
Hope you don't become visible again in the middle of the trip.
Just standing there.
That would be embarrassing.
Woah, I'm here!
Right, we've got hold of a list of the things common people
would want to go and do if they were invisible.
Pull a chair from under someone as they're sitting?!
That's the first thing I would do!
I almost...
Steal money....Interesting!
If I had the power I would do it!
Catch people talking about them.
That's what I would, I must be honest,
that's the first thing I'd do.
Go to every meeting, where all my friends are,
and just sit there and think... If I could be invisible!
Act like a ghost!
That would be a good one to do!
And, and also, catch a plane to anywhere.
Exactly like you said.
Well, aswell, we went to ask children of Wales,
some children of Wales, what they would choose to have
as a power...
Supernatural, if they had the oppurtunity.
So, let's see what they said. Watch this.
What would you do if you were invisible?
Give a wedgie to people.
Go behind poeple and give them wedgies.
Give wedgies to the teachers and kiss Shannon.
Especially Mr. Purs.
Oh, I'd throw custard over Mr. Purs.
Playing jokes on Mum.
Not go to school.
I would like, say now there was someone in trouble or something,
I would help them or something.
I'd pull Molly's hair.
Go to a bank and rob the money.
Then come back to the house and throw it about and stuff.
What would your powers be if you were a leader?
I would like to, like, touch a magazine,
and be any person I want to be.
Everytime I touch something, turn into it.
Melt people.
Make Rhiannon dissappear.
I would like, I would like to make poeple love eachother.
Jump high. To the top of the world.
Like, you can stick poeple to the walls and stuff.
There's a thing there, and then...
Laser power. And then freeze them, and then...
And, I have like glue there.
You go like that, you stick to the wall.
You can go everywhere, up in the air and stuff.
Be able to make my brother shut his mouth.
That last one was fantastic!
Tell my brother to shut his mouth.
If you could choose any power, would it be invisibility you'd choose?
Yeah, I've been thinking about that. Yeah, sure of being, yeah.
Or flying?
Flying would be good, or turn into anything you want.
Any person...
Just click...
Yeah, so I could turn into you!
Hello, I'm Iwan Rheon. No!
We also came across...
Stop looking at me like that!
When we spoke to these kids, we found one boy,
who was sure that he had a power already!
So...let's see Tom talking about his supernatural power, now.
Don't record this, but I'm really a superhero.
If I stare at the camera, and close my eyes,
it will go off.
Will it?
Yeah. All of the power here will go off.
Even the microphone aswell.
Close my eyes, and then go back, and then open my eyes.
And what happens then?
All the power goes off here.
Not everywhere over Porth, only that if I stare at it.
Have you seen Tom doing his superhero power?
(Left) No (Right) Yes
Yes! I did it today didn't I?! When we were...
Oh yeah!
I'm happy but I don't want to say I'm a superhero.
Because everyone on telly will watch it,
and then they'll know I'm the superhero of Porth.
But I haven't done a costume yet.
My name is Twm, just put man on it. Twm Man.
Close my eyes and then...
Oh, thank you very much to Tom Man!
No costume for him yet.
Maybe he could borrow your orange overalls?!
Oh yeah!
Tom Man. To the future.
Right, are you going to have a second series?
We are.
When's it being recorded?
We start filming in May.
High five?
Misfits second series, hooray!
Now then!
I watched a programme on the telly lastnight.
Not lastnight, the night before, Friday night.
Jonathan Ross was there, Kim Cattrall was there,
Jedward were there, and, Iwan Rheon was there!
Wow! What experience was it to sit in the green room there?
It was fun yeah! It was interesting, Jedward were interesting!
No, it was fun yeah! It was a very good experience.
Because Kim Cattrall was there aswell, and she is
a superstar. And, you know, was she nice to be around?
Yeah, she was yeah. I had a conversation with her.
It was, yeah, she was very nice.
It was nice.
Right. Well, because we're talking about Jedward,
who were there with you in the green room,
I remember when you did a stint in the theatre.
You had some hair that stood up, and I thought you, you know,
were ahead of your time with that hair.
You were some sort of trend setter.
Because, Jedward copied your look. Wow!
So, Jedward think they created this style hair,
but they're wrong!
Iwan Rheon is the trend setter!
Was it uncomfortable having hair like that?
Uh, no, I didn't feel it.
Was it cool?
Well, not cool. It wasn't cool when I wasn't doing the show.
Ok, well thank you very much.
We'll see very much of you nearer on.
But for now, the most cool king, Misfits,
Iwan Rheon!