Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2010 (1of 11)

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Hello every body… my name is Mark Miodownik. I’m a material scientists from king's college London.
I’m going to tell you something about stuff,
but you made of stuff
i made of stuff, this floor is made of stuff
and it's wonderful stuff but you think you know something about stuff don’t you?
I’m going to show you some strange stuff, that perhaps you don’t know about.
the royal institution such a civilized place a cup of tea before I’ll start my lecture, how wonderful!
I’ll need some sugar… let's get a some sugar stuff here it is.
Putting it in my thee.
Now, look even the cup is made of stuff,.
the spoon is made of stuff
steering my cup
the thing is about stuff is that sometimes it does
That you weren't really expected
The spoon that melts in your thee! Maybe but still incredible they think
While we're on incredible
I got here a liquid that so incredible
And before I shut you, I will ask you if you will do my favour
Could you turn off you common sense for this lectures
and he just a tiny open every month and that's what it had all of us the time off to his
finalisation things are so strange so aud basis only hindrance if you keep saying all
the best make any sense the turn of the points that
now liquids and mobile phones
make agreements
anyone who's ever sat family with iphone back pocket how distraught he think
quite excited he should be doing make changes
umberto company sold if you've got the strange liquid to look for a company
this stuff doesn't hurt mobile phone to talk about little things love it's still working
fighting right now
that you could you put this in a loose
as it was all a lot of bob after that
says stop really can't just take it completely unawares
hit is eight coffee cup
sent sent it on my arms
i was using it for a visit to actual something very order that this
i took it into the lab
and material for the tests on it
nothing came up positive until we use the guy to count on it
now geiger counter to text redemptive iti
if i'm radioactive this'll click
very strange present
primary hiding checking all the presence of mind cement on the big i and insanity
so how do you understand the strange properties of matter and can we once we understand that
we use them to make even more marvelous things
well in order to understand that anita taking only jenny which is going to be involved understanding
about science
we you know what does that mean what was on the east to the three dimensions of specks
of me
so that's why i said left to right down back up
and so i think if i know where and that is the nation's surely i know everything
but it turns out not to be true
it turns out that even for a while
forty cotton
you need to know how big you are
if you know how things are going to happen
in the world's leading technology with anytime mention travelers
in these lectures
and i'm going to take you to the really big undertaking to skyscrapers i'm gonna show
that the forces that don't make up that
off is gravity and that's the really make a big difference to change things
and then within israel into small things actions
and when you see that different physics domains dumbass
quantic annex brother restraints that goes on
and also despite the fact that very small
this is off to space down there
how we use that
the key point is going to be
but at different scales different physics dominick
even though i can stand on a tiny so crystal
right it isn't
it's not gravity that keep me stuck to it
it's the separates
forces of this crystal plaintiff action at least fifty
in this lecture what we're gonna be doing is looking at animals right and how size affects
animal behavior in particular what's very useful to these small
so we can look at aunts and we're gonna see how this is the strong
to be honest when you find out what it's secrets gary
and then we can look at the big things
efforts right wonderful here
religion preaches maze ing things that time now
no actually relatively very strong
weighed in on the question
can the readings are
okay so that's going to be the journey would in effect
onto octet pasta
uh... hamish
has anyone here co-op act
but if you got packed you have so that they shut up and that was where the eagle
kept cats dogs would you go up
had testified
might act hamster on holiday with me
at your favorite soap at some point of view
and select city by
and the reason it's viewed by its very hot there's uh... when we have something to have
and that the reason why that is because we see the tallest building in the world this
is the bullets police but
anne ease huge itzkoff amal heights
we went to the top of the most leader and this is what happens when you look down
taking it very scary papa mile down that's one of these and i have not have that i think
my hamster world
that's a long way down trade war are racing to the bottom
you go this way bright and i'll take the lead
and the funny thing is that he comes up for that
he was up for jumping
practices break tenable position perhaps there is it
jumping off the building
or is it
maybe he knows something that i don't
now by telephone this hype but certainly done
but couldn't survive
bronze five months of when it comes to forego building
we may be should meet
changed anything
and see where you've got to say
company hamish
perhaps uh... and also his friend the dog
dog is hamish
for so many charlotte's annual on and and and you got sweet and payments are how's he
announcing that they have been writing up anything except that the six nation survive
it but will be
top of a tall building
and we think that i had no chance hamish has no charges about the things that give you
the right people okay so we have with went undecided insulin selling
okay but what about what about sleeping pill
pay six was adopted by and large bore of the building
well now i wonder
all you can't by passing a high-technology i think the rights okay so what how would
we decided how can we decide this is true or not
well let's do next time right
now you have no chance we've got this lunch box here ineffective now this isn't as total
building but it's pretty high
so if we do experiment dropping pacts
we can actually find out the answers the phone
of culture knowledge what real pat because what you think off
counting on iranian that no one at home with the vet thinks that problem is really cool
would never do that we'd never get we've got some crash tests at seventy-eight you're going
to take the price of the facts
now look at these links back to the fact that fact
but later on when it reaches back on
to review the results that came in it
yeah you can watch a movie you go back and take your seat
and the d_c_ and we'll see what happens
side of is pretty exciting this is an eight and is made up this thing as a box
and it's gonna take
these crash test that's the top of his lecture theatre
what all these presses pets that balloon filled with jerry
switches ballistic delhi so it's kind of ticket
it replacement the the the and flash above
plan identified
furnaces crash test dot
he's ready his neighbors across the top staff
yes always reliability regards credit navistar nothing cafe and i have a big jump now
there except the pets
so let's put pesticides that
let's go for this
or i have to get out your notice that that both the same shed right and the but it may
contain material for this is a fat this is a fact
pass sometimes they don't want to jump
they get nervous when i got you know it's like a bit of a toward it went up as a big
of a strap door and i i pressed this button
and hank and profess compaq has no choice but to draw bits of evidence panchen actually
okay aircraft that some celestial countdown for julie ok five
well day
case that crash test test that has subi as youth most of you thoughts
out it is only that's just have a look at it and i wasn't feeling
yes defined well-done did one easily now yannick bailey thank told a higher data
but right now process does appear that knows how he spends his time
crash test of how you feeling
yes alrighty political acts okay
custer's dogs in here
as being all right now
crash that killed up because
uh... i've got a little country cation link with cut his throat
yes i know you know you'll get it done
atec alright
well i
and i think they might need anne standards and all
that we might
i think that we can get in the amnesty i played by the gentlest coming or expand
or it's a crash test dot is not looking to see wealth not author
turns out that
that essentially as as you guys thought most of you
it does actually matter how big you are
babysat by a foal
what's changed and the we got the same material
one of the news it's stronger than the other one rice just jelly and that both made it
gently start
what has changed well what is bigger than a little bit they convene where experts think
about volume
is a funny wouldn't believe declining think it as liquid something that you drink
but it actually gets means how much