Audacity Tutorial How to Match Beats for Mashup Remix Mix Tape | Edit MP3 Matching

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hello musicians My name is Andrew Mercer and today we're going to a very short tutorial on
how to do
the matching for mashups
remixes mixtapes
doing beat matching in our destiny is actually quite simple the technology
used to do it as not that complicated at all
you need usually years
kickbacks to check with this a deluge years net this question of how to do
matching came from one of our subscribers
been at play thank you bennett play for this uh... this question
he wanted to know how you can do beat matching for things like mixtapes and
national mashups
so here we go
i actually have two songs in here that it created in grad stand for this
purpose and uh... i'm gonna try to match up both of these songs so uh... i want
to match them up in the context of trying to do it for mixed t
okay so you want one song
take ends
and gradually with the beats matching up and go into the next song okay so here
is that what the first song sounds lack
and hears about the second time
so they have a fairly close to implement a pretty close to each other
now justin demonstrate that many zooming here with mine he needing a mouse
uh... now uh... you'll notice that we have sounds like this is a snare drum
right here is hits a derek repulse nasa snare drum here i'm pretty sure that's
when the air and that's when they're let's have a listen to make sure on
heating solo on the track you see that
so i can hear that required self solo means by itself
so let's see if this is a snare drum
yes it is
all case let's see deceived this isn't it
yes that is a snare drum to
so now what i'm gonna do isn't going to go to my time shift to appear in the two
men you see that time shift to
easy stuff
now i'm going to slide this guy over
so both of the snare drums lined up
now on r_t_c_ the temple na matching up already
you see these are pretty close to impose but you can see that this near-term
right here is already starting to be able to call me after work half a per
half a measure
and look at gmail more as you go across these dark pulses are the snare drum
beats a generally there on the beat
nancy reagan wire winder is a go across that's because the temple is not the
now when you do next a sort of thing you don't have to have exactly the same
temple got too close but it does need to be exact now what i'm going to do is
with this i want dist pop song
to dance in the region in somewhere around here
or can we go back a summer rally here
and i want the all this on to begin around that point
so the first thing to do is only to hear what that by olympic ending the sound
like socal something like this
first okay so that's basically what i what they mean to sound like
and then on to beginning in the next time to start
and that's one sam's like this runs second i can will run as fast now
but that beginning says it is
so you can see this piece right here just polls right here
that's is uh... the downbeat
rate near
sia here it is again
you have raised here that's a downbeat so i want that paltz
to line up with this pops rehear
so and intensity doteasy ears for the stuffed means easy to get peace offer to
do it for you but you wanted to do this yourself your musicians
okay so it's al i just did that i use my time shift to a
to move over
peace there to so the pollsters lined up
and he's my yam
might be in the mid soon to to have a look at that
u_s_ mister move back a little bit and try and sort of sounds like
today let's go back a little bit further t x you know i mean the wrong place
menon place i was in this of course equivalency i want to get rid of all
this i want all this to go
so i want um...
has gone back to it
here might get rid of them i delete key
and now i'm going to make sure to a back
atkins here use your gears a sticker say dat je years like picked up on the
mistake i made
now let's zoom in again
here we go out as a man in a row
and now this is the polls that i want
and i want to line up a rated the run back home so it's rate the air
resume their candidate is so clear to admit now backing him
and again you got your eyeballs regime yours
now let's move back and see if it stays in time
check it out
now that's that's pretty cool if you ask me let's go back to listen to you
they'll max pitches matched beats met speeds
so they know that nothing to do it
that's pretty straight forward now if you have any comments or concerns or
put it in the discussion section damn near the bottom please
also give me a thumbs up if this is good you like it twenty-one guinea thumbs up
panel on doing the job
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