70 Times Shame - ‎ألف مرة عيب ‎- 70 Kere Ayıp

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Madad Ya Sultan al Awliya, madad.
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La ilaha il'Allah
w'Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa li'Llahi'l hamd.
Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La ilaha il'Allah
w'Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa li'Llahi'l hamd.
As salatu was salam, alfu salat alfu salam
alayka Ya Sayyid al Awwalin wal Akhirin.
grant us your intercession, Master of Beginnning and Ends
and strengthen us through Your Shariah Ya Akram al Akramin.
Madad Ya Rijal Allah, madad, madad.
Ya Sultan al Awliya, madad.
Ya Aqtab, Ya Qutb al Mutasarrif,
give us your consideration.
Say O our attenders,
audhu Billahi min as shaytan ar-rajim Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Rahim.
O people, O people,
Assalamu alaykum,
ayyuha'l insan, O Mankind
keep your honours.
You have been created to be
Allah Almighty's deputies on this planet.
Don't ask any other honour.
ad dunya jeefatun,
The Seal of Prophets (sas) saying and giving an
example that dunya
jeefah, a carcass.
People running away,
people running away, but they are
not looking at dunya as a carcass.
Running to carry from dunya
as much as they
may carry.
Holy Quran bringing everything
for mankind,
Quran-e-Karim training mankind,
calling them on best way
to reach an honour.
No honour after (beyond) this.
O people, dunya
was just given to Qarun,
Qarun had 70...
treasures, no one knowing their beginning and ending.
And he was getting out
time after time,
on occasion, to show people
his sultanate.
He was thinking that he was
king, and his kingdom, no one reaching.
And people were looking and seeing his...
not worth, but,
he was thinking that no one was given his majestic position.
People were saying, ohhh...
ohhh... Qarun is just given such a
magnificence... and such a kingdom and richness
we are wishing to be like Qarun.
Allahu Akbar, 'ala man takabbar wa tajabbar.
Allah Almighty is over those people
who are claiming
'we are powerful ones, we are majestic ones,
we are richest ones.'
Then, what happened?
What happened to Qarun?
Allah almighty making
and ordering earth
...ordering earth, 'Swallow Qarun.'
Earth catching first his feet
beginning to come down and he was shouting, 'O Moses,
O Moses, save me.'
And Moses (as) saying, 'O earth, swallow him,
swallow him, swallow him.'
That happened to Qarun.
It is written, his story.
Just written through holy books.
O holy-book-granted people,
first, the Children of Israil,
then Christians,
those that are claiming, 'We are following Jesus Christ.'
Jesus Christ was using one comb
once looking like
& making like this, like this, and throwing away comb.
And he was carrying a cup for drinking water.
Once he saw a person making like this, drinking and throwing away.
O Christian world, what are you doing for Christmas?
Or New Year?
You are trying to dress, to show,
to show yourself as something, that is not the way of Jesus Christ.
Or, it is not the way of Sayyidina Moses (as)
or the Seal of Prophets (sas) never making, showing people.
He was saying, 'I am sitting as a slave...'
- not a slave, 'a servant, and I am eating like a servant.'
Where are Muslims? They are trying to prepare themselves
for Christmas or New Year.
That is the biggest ayb, shame to Muslims.
70 times shame to Muslims.
What happened to Qarun?
You may read through holy books.
I am sorry to say that holy people
are believing Torah and Bible,
and they are not saying to people, 'O people leave that,
because death is running after you.
And if you have been granted 70 times more than Qarun,
never going to change you
or save you from death.
Earth saying, 'O Mankind, now you are running on me
to reach something, but you must remember
that tomorrow you are coming under me.
Now over me, and tomorrow, under me.
People left their beliefs
or prophets,
that were calling people to be servants
of the Lord of Creation, the Lord of Mankind.
The Lord of Mankind, granted to them an honour
that no one can give.
But people are drunk now,
they are drunk now,
I don't know what is coming soon on those people.
And everywhere there are so many troubles.
That trouble is a beginning
that the Lord of Heavens is angry with people.
O people, O Muslim ulama,
the Children of Israil's rabbis,
O His Holiness, Pope,
and other holy people,
why you are not reminding people that
today people are living, tomorrow going to be under earth?
And, there is the Lord of Creation
Who is carrying you to His Divine Presence
for judgement on Judgement Day?
That is a warning from a very weak servant.
I am sorry Muslim ulama are not reminding people.
Rabbis are not reminding their people.
Pope, bishops, are not reminding their people
and they should be punished also
because Divine Judgement coming soon.
We are reaching the last part of the life of dunya.
Everywhere there are so many troubles.
And troubles are taking away from mankind their sweet life.
It is not a sweet life. Finished.
Troubles are running from east to west and north to south.
The Lord of Heavens sending His prophets,
particularly the last one, to say to people,
to remind people, 'O people, I prepared for you
a way for your life to be a sweet life
but you are running away from Me and following shaytan
and shaytan giving to you troubles, endlessly.
And on earth, sweet life just finished.
O Attenders,
they are not making me address all people
for myself, but, it is an order
and it is a grant to my heart to speak to you.
I am nothing! I am sinner, I am sinner,
and I am asking forgiveness
and after forgiveness, I am asking blessings.
O people, leave, leave shaytanic...
shaytanic lifestyle
lifestyle, leave it, leave it.
First one that Allah almighty is saying, 'I am making forbidden
from Myself, not to do zulm.' No oppression.
And also I am making to you
forbidden to make oppression and
bad things - killing each other, I am not happy with you.
Whoever is doing this
I am taking My heavenly revenge on them.
O people, fear from Allah, Subhanahu wa T'aala
Tauba Ya Rabbi, tauba Ya Rabbi, tauba astaghfirullah.
First this addressing is to Muslims,
to Muslims and Mu'mins
take your care for yourselves.
Leave killing people,
leave killing people.
Glory to You O our Lord, we repent, we repent O Forgiving One,
we repent O Forgiving One, we are wrong servants,
we left Your servanthood
and are following shaytan and shaytan's servanthood,
- not servanthood; leaving servanthood of the Lord of Heavens
running to be slaves of worst creature, shaytan.
May Allah forgive us. O people, pray. I am weak one.
All of us weak ones, O people repent to Allah.
Come and ask pardon, 'Pardon us O our Lord.'
Send us the one who may save us from slavery of shaytan.
May Allah forgive us O people.
Assalamu alaikum. Fatiha