Maintaining a healthy diet matters to Jennie Brand-Miller

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bjbj Jennie Brand-Miller: I think the members of the general public are interested in diet
- full stop - because everybody s got someone in their family with some kind of diet related
chronic disease problem. Super: What is the glycemic index? Jennie Brand-Miller: The GI
index is simply a scale, a scientific scale for rating the carbohydrates in foods according
to how they affect blood glucose responses. The carbohydrates and blood glucose are really
important risk factors for disease and particularly diabetes and probably weight control and obesity
and even cardiovascular disease. Super: What does your work involve? Jennie Brand-Miller:
Here in the Metabolic Kitchen we test hundreds and hundreds of foods each year. We test the
foods by asking the volunteers to consume the food; we test their blood glucose responses
over the next two hours; and we compare their responses to the test food with a reference
food. The University of Sydney has a certified symbol which certifies that this food is a
healthy low GI food. Super: Why should this matter to anyone else? Jennie Brand-Miller:
We have lots of people writing to us, on email, snail mail and they often tell us what we
call their true stories. How they ve tried every other diet until they ve finally found
the low glycemic index diet. And how they ve lost weight, often a lot of weight, and
they ve kept it off. And that means their risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, everything
is much lower. I don t want to take the fun out of food. I want diets to be something
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