13 Hutchinson Employees Win $250,000 Mega Millions Prize

Uploaded by KSLottery on 07.07.2011

On behalf of the lottery and the state of Kansas, congratulations
to all of you, we're excited, we're probably excited as you are
to give away our money, to you and we
wish the best for all of you who won yesterday so congratulations.
I got a phone call from Deshana, screaming in the phone
saying we won the $250K
and she was trying to get ahold of a live person and I was the first person she got a hold of.
My children have a whole list of what they want to get so we'll see.
I'll probably give some to the church and
I've got one son who is getting ready to go to college
so I'm sure some of it will go to that.
My wife is going to be driving a new red convertible pretty soon.
We won a quarter of a million dollars playing Mega MIllions (cheers).