Chanakya - Episode 46

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Paurav comes to meet Acharya Vishnugupt!
Greetings, Acharya!
No sooner did Paurav see the bangles he had given to Susidharthak in Acharya's hands...
...than he realized that Susiddharthak has betrayed him.
Prince! Save me Prince!
Vishnugupt requests Danseuse Shweta to give Minister Rakshas the message...
...that instead of Chandragupt, Pauravraj has been murdered.
You have to give a message to Minister Rakshas about a murder.
"Instead of Chandragupt, Nobleman Pauravraj has been murdered."
Vishugupt orders Bhugurayan to arrest Minister Rakshas for the murder of Pauravraj.
I want to see Minister Rakshas behind bars at once.
Acting in accordance with the plan of Acharya, Bhagurayan...
...leaves Magadh along with Malayketu.
It is my responsibility to safely reach you to your camp.
The announcement is made, "Minister Rakshas had conspired to kill Chandragupt..."
"...but, instead, Paurav was murdered."
"And the guilty, Minister Rakshas and Bhagurayan, have escaped."
I will always be grateful to you.
Nipunak informs Vishnugupt about Jeevsiddhi, Shakatdas and trader Chandandas.
Acharya, aII peopIe weIcome Prince Chandragupt.
But those cIose to Minister Rakshas are spreading rumors against him in the city.
Who are those who don't Iike to Iive?
Vishnugupt devises a new plan!
You've to make Minister's cIose friend, Shakatdas, write a Ietter.
Consider it done, Acharya.
But Shakatdas shouId not know that I've drafted this Ietter.
Why aren't you executing Shakatdas?
Can't see auspicious time yet.
What has auspicious time got to do with execution?
Executing criminaIs is our profession, we've to wait for the auspicious moment.
Attention. The auspicious time has come. - You are right.
The auspicious time has come.
Shakatdas, your end is near.
Pray to your God for forgiveness for your sins.
HaiI goddess MahakaIi. - Wait.
Why have you stopped, executioners? - We are human beings too.
Who knows what message he is bringing? - I say, obey my orders.
Executing him is our responsibiIity. You need not worry.
Is he Shakatdas? - Yes, he is.
Shakatdas, I shaII not spare your Iife.
Run, Shakatdas!
FooIs! If you vaIue your Iife then report about this to Acharya Vishnugupt.
KiIIing them wouId be murder and you'II be bIamed for transgressing the Iaw.
We are onIy a short distance away from safety.
WeIcome, trader. PIease have this seat.
Don't you know that an overzeaIous weIcome hurts more than an insuIt?
I wiII rather sit on the ground.
It is your humiIity, trader. PIease have this seat.
As you command, Acharya.
So trader. Your business is doing weII, isn't it?
Yes, with your kindness, Acharya.
Don't Chandragupt's mistakes sometimes remind you of former King's greatness?
PeopIe are very happy with Chandragupt, Acharya.
What about you? - I didn't quite understand you!
If you're happy with Chandragupt then why are you hiding Minister's famiIy?
Your information is incorrect. Some wicked man has misinformed you.
Chandragupt punishes those working against Magadha severeIy.
So handover the Minister's famiIy and protect your and your famiIy's Iife.
Are you trying to frighten me, Acharya?
Then hear my answer.
Even if Minister's famiIy was in my home I wouId never hand them over to you.
Think it over again.
I can give you time to think.
I have thought it over. I don't need time.
[You are commendabIe, Chandandas. indeed you're commendabIe.]
Is that your finaI decision. - Yes.
Ask KaIpashik and Dandpashik to arrest Chandandas!
Wait. ProbabIy this punishment won't be enough for Chandandas.
Ask VijaypaI and DurgpaI to seize aII his property.
And imprison his entire famiIy tiII the Prince himseIf announces...
...death sentence for Chandandas.
As you command, Acharya.
C'mon, Trader.
You'II have to bear the consequences of your eviI deeds, Vishnugupt!
You will have to bear the consequences of your evil deeds.
[I did a wise thing by Ieaving my famiIy in Chandandas's home.]
[This won't discourage me from attacking PataIiputra.]
[And knowing my intentions, my friends and Nand supporters...]
[...wiII Ieave no stone unturned in destroying Chandragupt.]
[If Iuck doesn't protect Chandragupt, he wiII be defeated soon.
Greetings, nobIeman.
May you Iive Iong, Susidharthak.
Prince MaIayketu is concerned that you've given up your ornaments.
He is upset because of this.
AIthough King Dhananand's greatness is difficuIt to forget soon,...
...yet Prince MaIayketue has requested you to accept these ornaments.
Prince MaIayketu has sent these ornaments for you.
Won't you accept them?
TeII Prince MaIayketu on my behaIf...
...that his kindness has heIped me forget the kindness of King Dhananand.
But untiI I destroy aII my enemies...
...and put MaIayketu on the throne, I won't adorn any jeweIs on my body.
Minister. Under your Ieadership this wiII be easy for Prince MaIayketu.
So pIease do not refuse the Prince's first token of friendship.
I can't refuse the Prince's request. So, I wiII accept the ornaments.
Won't I get a chance to serve you, Minister?
You too fuIfiII your desire.
BIess you, Minister.
May you have Iong Iife! May you be victorious!
May your fame spread in aII directions!
May Prince MaIayketu's fame spread under your Ieadership.
HaiI you and your famiIy.
HaiI the Iate Pauravraj and Prince MaIayketu.
I am fortunate to be abIe to serve you, Minister.
Any message for Prince MaIayketu?
TeII the Prince that I am very pIeased with this gift.
Permit me to Ieave now, Minister. - May you Iive Iong.
DurIabh wants permission to see you, Minister.
Bring him in, at once. - As you command.
Such a sorry state of King Dhananand's staff!
ControI your sorrow, Minister. This is no time to feeI sorry.
Then what eIse can I do, DurIabh?
Those who once enjoyed the kindness of the King...
...are wandering and risking their Iives today.
What kind of misfortune is this?
What a misfortune!
It's not misfortune, Minister.
It's our fortune that Magadha has given us an opportunity to sacrifice our Iives.
You are commendabIe, DurIabh! You are one great soul!
TeII me. What information do you have?
Minister! Chandragupt's army has surrounded PataIiputra.
And aII your supporters are being imprisoned one by one.
Who aII have been imprisoned, DurIabh?
First, Jeevasiddhi. He was disgracefuIIy banished from the city, Minister.
But what was Jeevasiddhi's crime?
Reverend was accused of heIping you.
You are great, Vishnugupt.
You are great!
Thereafter, Shakatdas. - Shakatdas too?
He has been sentenced to death. He has been kiIIed.
Oh my friend, Shakatdas! Your death Iike this is unfair.
You've died for your master so I can't grieve for you.
I can onIy grieve on my misfortune! - Minister!
Yes, Durlabh!
Even after destruction of Nand cIan, how couId I desire to Iive?
Do not speak Iike this, Minister!
TeII me, DurIabh. TeII me about the misfortunes of my other friends too!
For giving refuge to your famiIy, Chandandas too...
Has Chandandas too been kiIIed?
No. But Vishnugupt has seized aII his property and...
...imprisoned him along with his famiIy.
That means he has aIso imprisoned Rakshas with his son and wife!
NobIeman Shakatdas has come to see you. - Shakatdas!
Are you teIIing the truth?
Can I Iie to my Minister?
DurIabh, how couId it be possibIe?
OnIy fate can protect the fortunate peopIe, Minister.
In that case why are you deIaying? Bring him in at once!
Minister! Shakatdas!
Protect the unfortunate, Minister!
Help the unfortunate!
PataIiputra is unsafe without you.
Minister! It's onIy due to Sidharthak that you are seeing me aIive today.
He attacked the executioners and saved me.
AIthough I'm unabIe to reward you appropriateIy but don't refuse this.
You are too generous, Minister.
I don't have words to express my happiness.
I don't deserve this respect! I don't deserve this honour!
Now aIIow me to Ieave.
Where wiII you go now? I can't go to PataIiputra.
OnIy Lord Buddha can save me from that eviI Vishnugupt.
I wiII go to VaishaIi and take sanctuary in the reIigion.
You need not take sanctuary for protection from Vishnugupt
If I go to PataIiputra, that eviI man wiII not Ieave me aIive, Minister.
Vishnugupt's ruIe wiII end soon, Siddharthak!
Till then your safety is my responsibility.
You'll stay with me. You wiII enter PataIiputra with me.
You are great, Minister.
DurIabh. Sidharthak wiII be in my service from today.
Make arrangements for his stay. - As you command, Minister.
Minister. - Yes?
I've a request to make. - What request?
Minister, I am new here.
Why don't you keep these ornaments in your treasury?
Whenever I need them, I wiII ask you.
No harm in that. You can do that. DurIabh!
Make arrangements to keep Sidharthak's ornaments in the treasury.
PIease come with me.
Shakatdas, what news do you have from PataIiputra?
Because of MaIayketu's escape, Chandragupta is angry with Acharya.
And Vishnugupt, in his egotism of the victory over Magadha... disobeying Chandragupt and hurting him.
This is what I've come to know of.
Shakatdas. Convey a message to Viradhgupt in PataIiputra...
...that SthankaIash is moving around in PataIiputra disguised as VaitaIik.
Ask SthankaIash that whenever Acharya disobeys Chandragupt's orders...
...he shouId shower praises on Chandragupt.
Whatever information he wants to convey to me, he shouId send it through Kurbhak
Take this, nobIeman. - Give this to the Minister.
Come! -Yep, let's go!
Have this put in a safe pIace, Minister.
Shakatdas. You have to Iook after the treasury and other matters now.
SeaI it and keep it safe.
I've put my seaI on it, Minister.
Minister, it is your seaI!
Sidharthak. It is Minister's seaI. Where did you get it from?
Is this Minister's seaI?
Gautami! Keep this with you.
If you have to send any important message to me...
...then put this seaI on Ietter and send it with Chandandas.
I'm going now.
Yes, nobleman!
Where did you get this seaI from?
I found it near the door of the trader Chandandas's home.
Then it is aII right.
What is aII right, Minister?
Such things can faII in the homes of the rich and anyone can pick it up.
My friend, Sidharthak. This is the Minister's seaI.
Return it to him and name your price for it.
What more can make me happy than if the Minister wiII kindIy take it back.
But I won't take anything in return.
Yes sir?
You deserve to be praised, Sidharthak.
Shakatdas. From now on you can use this seaI for important work and correspondence.
As you command, Minister.
Now aII of you may rest.
Shakatdas, please come!
[Pauravraj's ornaments haven't come for saIe yet!]
What is it, Sidharthak?
Some precious jeweIry has come for saIe.
These wiII Iook good on you. Why don't you buy these?
That'II soIve this trader's financiaI probIem too. What do you say, trader?
I am in troubIe and onIy you can give me appropriate price for these.
If money can soIve his probIem, then ask Shaktdas to buy the ornaments.
I'II aIways be gratefuI to you.
C'mon trader. Let me get you money for these.
There is distress everywhere!
Shonotra! -Yes, Prince!
Have the spring festivities been announced in the city?
Yes, nobIeman.
Is it that citizens have disobeyed me? -Don't say that, Prince.
You're the ruIer of Magadha. How can citizens of PataIiputra disobey you!
Then why isn't the spring festivaI being ceIebrated in PataIiputra?
Why aren't the danseuses adorning the nationaI highways?
Why aren't the citizens dispIaying their weaIth with their spouses?
Where is the noise of festivaI?
Why PataIiputra's streets Iook so empty and quiet?
Why aren't the subjects ceIebrating the festivaI?
Prince! - Say it.
Prince! - I want a honest answer.
The spring festivaI has been banned. - Who has banned the spring festivaI?
I can't teII more than this, Prince.
That means Acharya Vishnugupt doesn't want the spring festivaI!
Who eIse can vioIate your orders?
Shonotra, I wish to see Acharya. - As you command, Prince.
[Serving is aIso painfuI.]
What brings you here, Shonotra? -Acharya!
Prince wishes to see you.
Has the Prince heard about the ban I've put on the spring festivaI?
Yes, nobIeman. - Who toId him?
Prince went to the terrace of paIace and saw PataIiputra devoid of festivities.
Where is Prince Chandragupt? - In his room.
ShaII I bring him here?
It might bother the Prince. I shaII go to him.
Greetings, Acharya. -May you Iive Iong!
What did you gain by banning the spring festivaI?
Did you caII me here to make these complaints?
No, Acharya. - Then why did you caII me here for?
For making a request.
DiscipIes shouId consider the feeIings of those they wish to make a request to.
Why are you deIaying now?
You don't do anything without a purpose.
You are right, Chandragupt.
Vishnugupt doesn't do anything without a purpose even in his dream.
That's why I want to know your motive behind banning the spring festivaI.
Have you forgotten that we have the state mourning for death of Pauravraj?
Are you too mourning Pauravraj's death?
What do you think, Prince? -You have to give an answer.
Don't forget that MaIayketu can attack PataIiputra with Minister Rakshas' heIp.
This is the time to dispIay your vaIor rather than ceIebrating the festivaI.
That's why I have banned the festivaI.
If MaIayketu bothers you so much, why did you Iet him escape?
Were you wiIIing to give one haIf of your kingdom to MaIayketu as promised?
If we had stopped MaIayketu then the Minister Rakshas wouId have convenientIy
...accused us of Pauravraj's murder.
So I ignored MaIayketu's escape from PataIiputra.
I agree you ignored MaIayketu's escape in the interest of Magadha.
But what about Minister Rakshas? In PataIiputra he had been conspiring.
Yet you ignored him and you Iet him escape from PataIiputra.
Do you have a vaIid reason for that too?
Minister Rakshas does not deserve to be punished, Prince.
And don't forget, his presence in city wouId have instigated a civiI war.
And if force was used then either he wouId have died or harmed us.
And I don't want the Minister dead.
Why this speciaI affection for the Minister, Acharya?
Because I need him. Because Magadha needs him.
If a capabIe person Iike Minister Rakshas goes against you,...
..that wouId be my faiIure, Prince.
You can't be stabIe in PataIiputra without Minister Rakshas' heIp.
In that case why are you enjoying the powers of a Prime Minister, Acharya?
I feeI that you not onIy want to controI this state, but my famiIy too.
Chandragupt! Chandragupt, I am a teacher.
My kingdom was compassion.
My reIigion was Iove.
As a resident teacher of isIand of peace in the ocean of joy.
The sun, the moon and the stars used to Iight my way.
The expanse of the sky was my roof.
The green fertiIe soft Iand was my bed.
Contentment was my weaIth.
Where have I come, Ieaving the Iand where I used to teach?
Deceit instead of brotherhood; thorns instead of fIowers.
Fear instead of Iove.
Conniving instead of knowIedge.
How much Iower can one stoop, Prince?
Take away, Prince. Snatch your right.
It wiII be my rebirth.
My Iife has become dirty and sinfuI with the rotten poIitics.
I am running after an imaginary goaI in a misguided pursuit.
I have Iost the peace. Everything has withered.
I have reaIized how Iow I have to stoop.
I used to survive on aIms of a beggar but where have I come to?
I am Ieaving, Prince.
I am Ieaving behind every authority.
Let's go, Sharangava.
You can't take Sharangava.
I know the path to my saIvation, Prince.
Let's go, teacher.
I'II take charge of everything from today.
Someone has set fire to Acharya's house.
What about Acharya and Sharangava? - They are safe.
I want to go to Acharya right now.
Shonotra, you haven't obeyed my order. -I am heIpIess, Prince.
I don't have Acharya's permission.
Your safety is our most important duty.
I want to meet Acharya, Shonotra! I want to meet him.
Akshaya, I want to meet Acharya.
Greetings, Acharya. - May you Iive Iong!
Where is my Acharya?
He is buiIding his hut.
Why does Acharya need to buiId his hut?
Akshay, if I wanted, I couId have stopped him.
But I know he wouId buiId a hut without any shutters.
It'II be a matter of pride for me to have a friend with such a door-Iess hut.
Door of that hut and the heart of the person Iiving in it wiII aIways be open.
This is progress, not the retrogression. So why do you want to stop him?
If you want to make him happy then trust me, he wiII never be happy.
Whenever you get a chance go and sit in that hut.
You wiII hear the cries of the suffering masses.
Even if his house wasn't burnt, he wouId have stiII buiIt that hut.
As the roofs of paIaces grow bigger, the voices of peopIe become dimmer.
And as their waIIs get carved with goId, cries of suffering can't penetrate them.
Therefore, Vishnugupt wiII have to keep his doors and windows open.
Don't stop him, Akshaya!
I want to meet him, Acharya!
I can't force him, Akshay but I'II certainIy convey your message to him.
How can Akshaya be so fooIish?
How couId you be so fooIish to Ieave the Prince aIone in the paIace?
Shonotra, was this my order? - Acharya, you...!
Don't Iook surprised, Akshaya.
I'm stiII Magadha's Prime Minister.
Return to the paIace at once. It's my order, Akshaya.
HaiI the Minister.
Karbhak has come from PataIiputra.
Let him come in without deIay. - As you command, Minister.
Escapees from PataIiputra Iike stabIeman and charioteer etc. had toId me that...
...they haven't sought refuge with me because of the Minister Rakshas.
They've come due to wicked Acharya's atrocities and my great quaIities.
I've been thinking about it but I faiI to understand their meaning.
It isn't too difficuIt to understand their meaning.
In poIitics, one seeks heIp from those who are powerfuI.
Today, you have the power.
Does that mean they don't Iike Minister Rakshas?
Minister Rakshas' enmity is with Acharya Vishnugupt ñ not with Prince Chandragupt
Supposing Chandragupt dismisses Vishnugupt from his position...
...then it's possibIe that the Minister out of IoyaIty to Nands...
...and for protecting his friends might join hands with Chandragupt.
The Minister does not Iike the charioteer and the stabIeman.
So, how can they Iike the Minister?
Prince! You had asked me to remind you to visit Minister Rakshas who has a headache.
Oh! I had forgotten.
WouId you Iike to meet the Minister?
It wiII be my fortune. Let's go.
Greetings, Minister. - May you Iive Iong!
What news do you have from PataIiputra?
It's good news, Minister.
Prince Chandragupt has dismissed Vishnugupt.
Is this true? - Yes, nobIeman.
But how did this happen?
After destroying Nands and to cheer the depressed citizens,...
...the Prince had announced the ceIebration of the spring festivaI.
The peopIe were very enthusiastic. But wicked Acharya banned the festivaI.
What happened thereafter?
For disobeying his order, the angry Prince sacked wicked Vishnugupt.
Prince Chandragupt was taIking very highIy of you.
Chandragupt praised the Minister! - Be patient, Prince.
Was banning of spring festivaI the onIy reason or was there another reason too?
Chandragupt was aIso angry as Acharya had ignored MaIayketu's escape.
Now Chandragupt is in our hands.
Chandandas wiII be freed now.
You wiII be reunited with your famiIy.
Jeevasiddhi's miseries wiII end.
Where is Vishnugupt now?
I heard, he wiII retire in the forests.
The farther he goes from Chandragupt the cIoser we wiII be to our goaI.
Go Karbhak! Have some rest.
Shakatdas! I want to meet Prince MaIayketu.
I am here, Minister.
Prince, I weIcome you !
Greetings, Minister. How is your headache now?
UntiI I see you on the throne, how can my headache go away?
When you have resoIved, then your resoIution must be achieved.
But how Iong wiII our army sit idIe?
There is no need to deIay now, Prince!
Time has come to begin the march for defeating the enemy!
Have you some good news from PataIiputra?
Yes, Prince. Chandragupt has dismissed Prime Minister Vishnugupt from his post.
GeneraI BaIgupt is no Ionger on his post.
And he is our weII-wisher too!
In absence of Ieadership and guidance, it wiII be easy to defeat him.
We now await your orders. Give us the order, Prince!
Let me taIk with the other Kings first, then I shaII inform you.
AIIow me to Ieave now, Minister ! - May you be victorious, Prince!
Don't you think Chandragupt, by praising Minister, has dispIayed his faith in him?
More than that, Vishnugupt's dismissaI enforces this concIusion.
Didn't you hear, how enthusiasticaIIy the Minister said...
...that Chandragupt was in his hands now.
Be quiet, Susidharthank!
Susidharthak is right, Bhagurayan.
Chandgragupt is in my hands, what eIse couId that mean?
What eIse? The Minister won't gain anything by destroying Chandragupt now.
The farther Vishnugupt goes from Prince the cIoser the Minister wiII be to his goaI.
What do you mean by that, Bhagurayan?
The Prime Minister's post is vacant for the Minister now.
I've made up my mind.
Either I'II die in Prince's service or I shaII embrace Buddhism.
But I'II never be a part of Magadha's rotten poIitics.
What deception and conniving?
Betraying your own master.
May God protect my Prince!
Is the Minister trustworthy?
We wiII have to trust him tiII we get Magadha.
Don't worry. We have the strength.
Bhagurayan, keep a keen eye on the camp.
I wiII taIk with MaIayraj and other kings.
As you command, Prince.
Some Jeevasiddhi says he is your friend and is waiting to see you.
Bring him inside respectfuIIy.
Greetings, Reverend!
How are you, Minister?
I'm in pain, Revered! - How Iong wiII you suffer?
TiII the suffering of PataIiputra ends.
How much more wiII you stoop?
You too are doing what Bhadrashal did.
Is war the onIy way to end the suffering of PataIiputra?
Vishnugupt estabIished Chandragupt.
Whom are your going to put on the throne of Magadha?
Have you come here to side with Vishnugupt?
If I were to support him, then I wouldn't have become your messenger.
I was banished from PataIiputra because of my own misdeeds.
Yet I wiII teII you that the path you are going to take is wrong.
I have aIways tried to warn you.
My humiIiation and banishment did not hurt me as much as the fact that... too are going to attack your own motherIand.
I thought that I shouId warn you.
May Lord Buddha bIess you.
Revered one! -Yes, Minister?
Are you Ieaving?
Minister, I am certain that Kathyayan is dead.
The one who is aIive is in fact a 'Rakshas' (demon).
I used to admire Kathyayan's dedication for Magadha.
But I can't be an admirer of his thirst for revenge.
I had pIanned to spend a few days with you and then Ieave for VaishaIi.
But now, I'II straight away go to VaishaIi.
Because staying with an enemy of Magadha is impossibIe for me, Minister.
Minister, I have been banished by Vishnugupt not by Magadha.
But if you attack Magadha then Magadha wiII banish you.
Be cautions, Rakshas (deviI)!
Be careful!
[Even you have not been abIe to understand me, Revered One!]
[Even you didn't understand me!]