Let's Survive - Resident Evil 5 - (Extra) - Lost in Insanity (1/2)

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history evil
tells asl
got rick what's what's your opinion on chris
accepted europe or in this s for celebrities brazil's first you don't
organizationally bernal not designed to live
your since there is any way you don't want to know my decision process you you
will and also
well pundits are forty nine
obsessive here
and the one that doesn't work for us is a crimson rick wants answers
it's not even looking up lol going on
what you're doing a in a lot of the so to be sure
eighty eight he grownups virgins worker thus
socially performance or a pro-choice
landed or or
there's no there's just a lot of views on that one
abusing or arms
and this is a exceed your region
uh... media
but survive serious reasonable lives
lol server that we're going to be doing the do you know city
farewell your story amino for six months when why and what your opinion
no idea actually being mike
them all
i want to regret it later by dr
yeah i'm all right
is literature to people
or impossible disney controls list isn't it was speeded gumption
they were both pretty much what uh... pretty much um... unaware of ravana my
dissatisfaction moved
professional pruned off quite
here really keep their u_s_
or i guess trilogy realtors are sure you do it
appear here
yet you beco
back-off alternate girl
goodrich westlaw mackinaw
believes you get
all right
with him
you know that you should probably brick bit
wall on the while opening it born through not imelda aroma
but what if someone else
and look what's waiting for you
because the nation's its own a gun
sorry tomorrow
this year are difficult to know
uh... away this is mike this is my favorite barry she heard on the itchy
today hungry eat don't be fooled
it you can see
we're or every other documents her
um... side
reelect over about work
we really really read them in the in the main campaign we're not gonna really
reliable worrier read them whenever we do our
banks you'll will record
chris what's wrong and she just law knowing the designed as an example
cartoons trauma haha
what that sure is what happens in the and pokemon why cant wait you get shot
out of it and that's all
also think we're pretty much
or well sorry we're
hold on it
just a moment
okay anyway alaska
away would be a man of the other uh... went wrong
though not on the panel condoned dozens of the images tufts
uh... went
i forget what exactly are or fruit
here we go about
to be a little bit
to be honest with him actually mean that there with the first it's very hard i'd
widened oil only forward away picture show you
you did he go to it collected behind door got its start first yes
what are we really through which was so sick the audio and video
the only reason why they delivered to him because or switch was going on
style me
anne wait did i mean which everywhere
mcqueen acquitting orang window here dude there's like there's like ten
people over here right now
you problem probably why should have had the comes just for this work
the start when
toolkit will sleep
lights capcom widrick
but they have many of them were going to be x
team thinks
in a
well where do your muscles and i like it
your letter of the speaking square
uh... on just a little bit work
well that went well
you all here check that
and that
play on
wait for it
oh asshole
wall aren't market not enough what d_n_a_ king
but they're is not there no
unless i put it in a bit let's see detected it at the data dot
separation it back to my involvement to proceed
anywhere ever come get it
there the bike yes i know i a m not come save the mike
policy and
you go to work towards the right
but we begin with so students
phil ochs where
unit or through this together
is going to use a mic
hope god away expire dog bites
why karma
carmichael castle
I already said it ; _ ;
okay okay let's stop messing around, okay let's go................. *high pitched spanish woman yell*
Well the gloves are off XP
Well I'm not going out there now.
but he's not there in the
all men i know this is going to be good
style that sticky bernhardt
are you okay
because place it
will be okay
locadia alcoholic are all community
you know
right then
go object what united
though you already did not go through the left of of a full array
dude thought do this
isabel i don't wanna missus to lower and can we go
the size of a mess of them over here it's more fun that way
little clips services
well we are ratio that but you know one out
go for it again
your trip
the slots child's play
this auction split
on an static
muslim leaders with it
well or amino clerkship that clearly
please wait what way of the of the lawyers were you worried
okay then on the road to the far amana goodman a use capcom washable ransom for
a place to use it when i didn't even drive it
well mental state of oklahoma forgive me but i was kind of away reinstalled the
way that happened
also i have used barack arms are at an outlaw away
his here
hello i will tell me what to do that wall overwhelmed just staring at the far
let's not repeat what i did last time
'cause we quit all the way over here with that thing chasing us
and i did not rest easier creek
uh... going to happen when i forgot the creek
okay though who who's going to weight and you need to give me a verdict
remember the walk
options are
okay now being at will
that's something we could have kept a pistol four-part
blow on just to make this sober i'm gonna we get whatever date
you have to work personal
unlock that italaat soul
all himself with gotcha
miles what's good
always details biological weapon
and she's only let god
alright red ink
to lock the door
north not all my god
why did that take
two brigades of one last time
so it's
uh... man
relating on weight
now dome i mean i'm not going to battle
you know what's that looks at such as might have prompted
but i_b_m_ rock
it may help us out for something to help
at night
all kinds of on
known as the car was struck back made
that's right out of the what he said
uh... they're all out
off the
don't worry i grab the criticized
carlo review perfectly
hyperion seeing utilities are such a bad
what people and injured at a it
don't spoil it
he's walking
all the way uh... military camps
i like is that one place on the side of the nightly reviewed records around
source standing right here really keeping the door open
because he went all the way over there and just you know
and artists like
anyway killed week jewelry
can we covered you don't go now please
lol hahaha
don't you think
manages their callum i'd like to do the job done perks at solaralert
a lot going on
alaska but
belarus ladies first
he was dead
what what's wrong with him
for now
what huge crane
that construction group
what you want to it
but no no not not decide we need to std
spiral me
it's a nice measure wife a grenade slogans
which the two grades
was worthwhile
yet it it's not my fault that the door back there
as a lock yourself aware chiswick makes plans with my basement behaved redeye
with and you and your business
the resident or colorful witness you know
it contains i don't want to remove jet
out for the released
have trailers
well we found out about what's going to get back
unfortunately well whatever let's go
youthful run run leave him
that is such a terrible idea open
magna little man
all weekend
or front right just brought me up in a perfect
we almost had this before but that we've had a friend of
run-up like your life depends on if we could do this
not the case
but don't don't don't don't
tabulate we don't have been a lot of progress
we are all part of the war regatta pent-up order on us let's go
about four
right where on them
there and what one from our optionee
on all get the help if there's one people here for the other one
oh built
oh european on
if if it
and ethnic
get out of the year
overdo it
all i a lot malahide and slow
but you know when the job done
opened the door
or date
toronto we asked behind them
are trying trying to make it work
what do you what we want it
what happened at character
or service
um... we're going to die
we didn't have way at work
organizational is little watson's my come about what they like
like what state
uh... upon
pretty much
yet that caught cancel out
your organisms in mind that it was a lot of new york and
decided that it was a whimsical
well election we got to tell you not to use a grenade lutheran grades
the for states
not to use them for states braver than i forget that were in a la jolla
grenada lol
which is already use a gritty army three times that sort of
well you know
and it turns out you know you more of the show you the meaning of life
just hunt
on spiders he says
groups s
they're looking at
good cuz i want this thing getting giving the unplugged army multiples
looking for my own
webapp international to what
well i was just looking for my uh... first myoecd
the charger for my own controller
cuz my because my battery is also a sofa wherein will
boho itself
truly you're not here stalker
not right now
overdraw was for a few seconds blue but then in one way down pretty much
that loud noise made me made me uh... here myself for a few seconds
all my thing come near you
well you know low-energy re when you see there
an excuse
missus discovery creek
yes no
there because
but here goes appear comes okke per soldier in iraq
on but you see it and i can't hear music
i have musical
in your direction
so big
and now
at issue
volcano i remember you said that
he said that he stops it
when one of his arms is off of the home connector the voting for
helplessly area just the tip for one more you're in this period
if one if he's holding his a little bull laker with one arm
that he's going to stop the it's quite trapping you have to run in there
implant chin
or or or use a plastic that works
all year
uh... onwards around or needle there's at least two personalities of the three
and yet you can use it
the ambient perfectly a_m_ also waivers or professional you cannot speak about
cbs geyser
salutes artists actually let's settle rats were seaward
at that
along well
his friend is in serious
well anomaly what c_e_o_'s run
you'll you don't have to tell me twice
be ostracize fuzzy hear the music cell
arms richards
webfep left
and this was
uh... and sunshine
earlier um... this was a purple break this news
slightly better than the blue
but still pock a lot of agreement
the green one is because we're told
and where one of what's really has to be
we really have to work together and that one
and what colors is great
hello kitty pilgrim welfare free up
watchers at school
shanley are we going to have said we want them
that meant the most important sorted out
ascension to the uh... purple over dot
she's bitmaps yes
that one of a sheepish capital
bioware but that wouldn't you could grab and then the uh... you know
celebrated the issues works
hwy six
facility threads
they're not exactly like records from the from
up from the middle your games oversold
well yay csr
called for completely ok and mister he picked for suggestions for they did
dealers globalized as invisible uses tilting we'll see
now back to you
at and whatever what are called normal
k captured a
uh... well
however watching jurassic park and such a long time filled out about it
and i want that attempting to not give a cynic
it's all right
you all the issues are
that is worthy of being the final balls
maybe not
all my god
on niche
with all deliberate there
books you'll see
month go ahead
so if you missed in the right now the
just looking only for me to bring
ideas of the recruiter who survived ok start
give resort
home freaking state and
big boy
but do events his breath
dot prac
and he's done even the house
well survival the fitness that's all i can say
anyway let's meet what sports in a wheelchair wineries overalls and say
what school share organising looks cool there maker checkpoint further
yahoo co i can ever go on a state court from republican
outlet thank you
all what do you think it's just so
and here's our green creek
excellent speaker checkpoints that week peak creek
talk a lot of president
so far so good army one of a long we've been reporting so far it's uh...
authority organized
actually twenty nine minutes and fifty three second almost lost opportunity
some financial
of here but probably the stores
fact are sitting in my eyes and the
hofmann and
i'm spinning it
well that's all
it'll be nice if both will next week what word ap
uh... three don't want to go
out ultimately we would have gotten to it once again i counted
on what three times with us
well one war war or career where she could have gotten a date but whatever
do dat
i would like to request mc
presented you realize that were the bad guys right
and adding more about
attempt to kill the good guy the lone survivor it sounded like you said were
above the law
alone embarked on a quiet walk
anybody concert
hit kit such as
touching it
he's touching it
okay how are we going
when i picture of me
you know what
so that the story of citizen that's right
or body he's black jeanine
all right
questions williams all
and her
well this is still not totally onwards i visited her orion ceo president
deserves decker
in mind
that's right
one out there
let them out
you've got this site
i love it
your faster too
chris does not have to decide
half the speed
uh... wait while enjoy this
and jumping a two
well i was like attention away from that actually
what we have eight eight earn uh... sarsorie
would only get one more for state street before of
the next work
yet but i think you can somehow
went through but we're going to bed i had