Kasko Full Movie - Part 04/13 (English Subtitles)

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You licked ice cream and now driving an auto.
Where is Pavan Kalyan? - l'm here!
Mallesh! l'm inside auto. Where are you going, bloody idiots?
Why is boss going in auto? - Why would he go in auto?
Why are you hitting me?
What's this punch?
Does it have breaks too?
Your style is to hit unjustly, our style is to break and then hit.
Your style is chase and hit, our style is shake and beat!
Do you've brain? - Why?
You've cell phone, call your boys. - He'll not call them, hit him!
Boss! - Where are you guy?
We are having tea, boss. - Buy poison and have it.
Bloody idiot! They are beating me black and blue here.
Come fast! - Where are you now, boss?
l am...
... near Ameerpet Sithara hotel...
We are coming immediately, come on boys.
Don't stop, knock him down!
From Kukatpalli to Dilsukhnagar, from Old city to Jubilee hills,
l'll clear off goons from the entire place.
l've started farming, l'll weed you all out.
Where are you boss? l'm in Ameerpet centre.
Fools! Your boss unconscious near river Musi in an auto,
come and take him.
She's Deepika... she'll not sleep.
She left software job in the interest of becoming a sales girl.
She'll teach you how to impress and charm customers.
Learn it.
Why has he come here also?
You bloody bastard!
Am l bloody bastard?
l'm welcoming the customer, sir.
l didn't hear it properly.
What are you doing here?
l'm sales girl and you're customer. What do you want sir?
Briefs... tell me sir.
Show me everything, come.
Have a look sir.
Pant size?- Your size sir. - How do you know my size?
l can tell the size by seeing a person.
lf you buy pant, you'll get this brief free.
Free brief? Will it be free to wear?
lnfact you'll feel not wearing at all. - Why should l wear it then?
This is airy brief.
Watch now! l'll take video of your naked body,
and upload it on net, and insult you.
lt's not holes but ventilators.
This is air free brief.
ls it air free or all free?
Go man!
lt'll be cool to wear.
They are taking my naked video here!
Blue film? Where? lf you've extra, give me one
A girl in that room took my seXy body's video.
Who is inside? Come out!
Come out! - Come, Deepika.
He's a mad cap, he says you've taken his video.
ls it true?
True sir.
Gone... gone... completely, my honour is gone to dogs.
Will you give brief with holes and punch hole to my reputation?
l lost my honour because of this girl.
lf this pictures go public what will become of my honour?
Oh my God!
Rest on table, you're very heavy.
l didn't think it was him, l thought it was that guy.
Hey silly girl!
Am l not man? Don't l've a body?
Don't we have chastity? Which can be lost, right?
Please don't shout and spoil our business.
What business? Holed briefs or blue films?
Don't scared of him, he's a useless man.
Useless? l'll go to high court... come sir...
You're waste, you're fired!
Are you enjoying biryani? - Yes boss.
What biryani? Elephant or camel?
lt's cholesterol, this is chicken. - Taking good care of health.
Bloody fools!
No, you can't do it. You can never catch Pavan Kalyan.
Only Salim can catch him... where is he?
Brother! lt seems somebody has hit JP!
What happened?
What else has to happen?
They called me to come on Wednesday to fight,
l went there,
they were strolling up and down licking ice creams,
l called them to stop licking ice cream and dare hit me,
they went shaking their butts,
l sent my boys to catch and beat them,
they left & those guys took me in an auto and thrashed me thoroughly.
They made a fool proof scheme.
They beat boss black and blue, took away his l-phone too.
Call them... call them on phone.
My name is Salim, give the phone to Mahesh Babu.
Just a minute.
l'm Salim speaking! - How do you do Salim?
Are you doing fine?
l hate comedy, it seems you hit JP!
l've entered the ring, if you've guts, face me.
Wednesday will come after Tuesday,
Mahesh Babu will come if Wednesday comes,
if Mahesh Babu comes, there will be war!
What's this Wednesday problem? - lt's a scheme.
Operation Wednesday!
l'll come Wednesday, decide the place of face off.
Hitting style may change but not the place.
Same place same spot!
l'll play a game of dice with you!
He'll die!
Mother! Brother Vamsi is here!
Son, please come in.
Come in brother.
When did you come to Hyderabad, son?
l came for you, mother. l went to your old home.
You weren't there.
After Ali's death, couldn't stay in that house.
Please forgive me, mother. l was responsible for all this.
No son... no... forget it.
Leave it... Allah will take care of everything.
Leave everything to Allah, son.
There are many like us in this world,
it'll take time for Allah to help others and come to us,
l don't have that much of patience.
Boss, l'm taking a day off tomorrow. - Why?
My wife is not well.
She'll not be well, why would she be well?
Tomorrow is Wednesday, he's planning to avoid getting beaten up.
No, boss. - Shut up!
Tomorrow we are not entering the field, boss.
Our boys will roam there as ordinary men to watch them,
they will come for us,
tomorrow is their life's last Wednesday.
ls it?
How come he's here also?
l lost my jobs because of him. Where's the knife?
l'll not spare him today.
Are you carrying a knife to kill him?
Yes. - Stop!
Why are we wearing masks?
According to my idea, Salim will not come here.
He'll send his men. l'll give him a knock-out punch then!
Have they come? - No, they haven't come yet.
lf they come, we'll not miss them.
Masks... buy masks...
Go away. - Why are you getting serious?
Masks of Senior and junior NTRs!
You promised to come on Wednesday, why haven't you come?
Got scared of me?
Salim, yours is common brain, mine is computer brain,
you know to plan but l know to shock you, fool!
lf you're so smart, come into the arena!
l'm in the arena, you're sitting in home like a rat.