How-To Make Sol Kadi (Coconut and Kokum Drink) By Archana

Uploaded by Indiafoodnetwork on 26.11.2012

Welcome to Archana's Rasoi!
Today I am going to share the recipe of sol kadi (coconut-kokam drink)
Everyone is happy with the mention of sol kadi.
Everyone must have been wondering when am I going to show the recipe of sol kadi.
Sol kadi is a good digestive juice after a meal.
Especially after we eat non-veg.
And when we are just about to have a last helping of rice, we have it with sol kadi, but all this is possible only on Archana's Rasoi!
Let's have a look at the ingredients for sol kadi which will serve 3-4 people including those who want to have second rounds.
1 cup grated coconut, 7-8 kokam, coriander for garnish, salt according to taste, 2 green chillies, 2 garlic cloves and water.

So now let's begin making sol kadi.
In a mixer I will grind grated coconut, green chillies and garlic cloves with some water.
Green chillies...some water
I haven't added salt here because, I feel first I will see how much water is required and only after I strain the mixture will I add salt.
Now I will close the mixer and grind the ingredients.
Now I will strain the mixture.
I am straining the mixture to get a clear coconut liquid. You can also grind the mixture again to make the liquid thinner.
Now that the coconut liquid is ready, I am adding kokam.
I have also added salt to taste and coriander. I am squeezing the kokam because not only does it add a tangy flavour but they also add natural colour to the drink.
Sol kadi is ready.
Now, I am getting hungry. So I am going to get ready to eat a good meal of rice with fried pomfret or macarel.
I love eating all this. So there's no diet or soups in my plan currently.
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