Alphacat Dance Performance (Episode 5) - D-trix Presents Dance Showdown

Uploaded by DanceOn on 01.11.2012


ALPHACAT: I just love comedy.
All day every day, it's what we do-- hitting the streets,
keeping it real.
It's been while since I've danced.
I'm rusty as I don't know what.
So any holes they see in my game, just patch it up.
Help me out.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: Well we're about to go dance.
Finally, fina-freaking-ly, because this is what we worked
for, this is what we've been focusing all our energy on.
And now we're about to go bam, bam, bam.
DOMINIC "D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: Dancing next, please give it
up for Alphacat, cat partnered with Lauren Froderman.
Let's see what the judges thought.
Ryan, what do you think?
RYAN HIGA: I thought you guys definitely executed very well.
I think it's pretty apparent that you can dance.
At one point I was like, who is the pro and who isn't.
But I wish I saw more of--
obviously I love your Obama stuff, and all your spoofs--
I wish I saw more of your comedy, and more of that
But other than that, you guys did a great job.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: I think that for me, it was amazing.
Listen, technically you finished the choreography, you
didn't mess up, you were all the way to the end.
But you've got to remember there's a moment in the dance
where it's just not about the steps, right?
It's about you.
It's about your heart, your love, something you've got to
bring it that doesn't have a premeditated face, that you're
in the moment.
Does that make sense to you?
And you'll be amazing.
Try it.
DOMINIC "D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: Got the execution
down though, right?
JOEY FATONE: Lauren, great job on doing that and executing.
Like we were saying, as far as choreography, feet were great.
I didn't see really anything wrong.
I loved the performance, but I didn't get as
far as what it was.
LAURIEANN GIBSON: Did you guys like each other?
We didn't know.
LAUREN FRODERMAN: The theme is a cat and mouse chase.
So it's one of those where, oh I want you, no never mind.
I'm over you.
It was one of those, where one of us
always wanting the other.
Sometimes we give in, and then we're over it.
And the other one--
ALPHACAT: But not really showing it.
I think that's where I lost it, because of the face.
The facial expressions I got from you, but I didn't get as
much as from you.
So always think about that.
Even though you're thinking about those steps, think about
that emotion.
DOMINIC "D-TRIX" SANDOVAL: How do you feel?
Is there anything you want to say?
ALPHACAT: For me, I feel pretty good.
I totally understand what they're saying, though.
I think, as a performer, sometimes you feel like you're
So then you're like, shoot, there's something I have to
change about this.
So I take it in and just work on it.
Well done guys, and good luck on getting to the next phase.
Good job.
Good job.