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Did you pull my tail?
Pretty girl, why are you crying?
Don't cry! Smile for me.
Excuse me, can we take a photo with you?
Look here.
Time passes really quickly.
You have worked hard.
Thank you. I'll see you.
Eun Nim.
It's Mom.
Mom. What is it?
Hurry and tell me. I still have to go get changed and go somewhere.
It must be hard on you, to have to put on that thick costume in such a hot day.
Oh my, look... you're sweating.
Look. There is nothing we can't say to each other.
Can you let me have 3 million Won of the wage you made today?
3 million Won (*around $3000)?
What do you need it for?
I want to send something to Nan Jung in the States.
How much is Dad's salary for you to send her 3 million Won?
You should tell her that if she had some sense,
she should either come back, or earn her own way.
Ah, forget it!
Just say you don't want to give it to me.
No matter what, you can't be that way.
Both of you have lived as sisters for 20 years.
It's not as if the money is for me to buy snacks,
it's for your sister who is leading a hard life in a foreign country.
Don't be so haughty just because you made some money!
Mom, I wasn't being haughty.
I wouldn't have asked you if your dad had been paid his salary regularly.
Do you know how long he hasn't gotten his salary?
Dad hasn't gotten his salary yet? Why?
How do I know?
I know , Mom.
I will deposit it in your account.
Thank you. I'll get going.
Hold on.
Do you know what money this is?
How can I not know? It's the money you need for your school fees.
I won't take it for myself. Don't worry.
What money is that? If I took the money for myself, your dad will kill me for sure.
Ah, stupid!
I should just lend her the money without hesitation when she asked.
This time, not only did I lend her the money, I got a good scolding too.
You! When will you get rid of that bad temper of yours?
Did something happen?
We have run into cash flow problem.
What should we do now?
What can we do? It's only a matter of time before we get fired.
If this is our situation, but what about the company's upper management team?
They won't be fired just because there is a problem with the company.
No way. I don't think the Director will do that.
Yes, it's Dad.
You haven't forgotten what day today is, have you?
Oh, of course.
- You can't just go in like that? - But Dad, is something wrong?
Hey! Where is your boss?
Eun Nim, Dad is busy right now.
I'll talk to you later. I'm hanging up now.
The director is not here right now. Who are you?
Get out of my way.
That girl. What attitude was that she gave me for just borrowing some money?
Seriously! Did she even think of how I brought her up?
Even many more times the amount she lent me wouldn't be enough to compensate me.
"Mom, do you know what this money is for?"
Seriously! That girl doesn't even know kindness!
Oh my goodness! Nan Jung!
Oh, my lovely daughter!
I have let you suffered.
Yes. Mom was just going to wire you the money.
You are in Japan right now?
Something came up.
Mom, it's time for me to board the plane.
You have to come pick me up at the airport with Dad, okay?
My goodness! My daughter is the cutest girl in this world!
Honey! It's me.
Nan Jun is coming back! Go with me to pick her up at the airport.
I'm busy! Go by yourself.
Aigoo! This fellow!
He can't even be bothered with his own daughter,
what could be more important than his own daughter?
Wait a minute!
Why isn't Nan Jung going to school in the States? Has she been busy dating?
What's going on exactly?
It's not because he is my grandson.
Look at his nose.
Noone's nose is better looking than my grandson's nose.
Such good fortune. Also this handsome face of his.
There is really nothing to pick on.
Have you seen such a handsome man before?
Of course not.
I miss our Kang Ho so much, my life is shortened by 10 years.
You will seem him in a few more hours, please hang on for a little while longer.
Oh... are you going out?
But, Kang Ho is coming home.
Where are you going?
Can't you cancel it?
Today is the day for Seon Young to go to the hospital.
Do you have to go today?
Aren't you going to the airport to pick up Kang Ho?
Kang Ho is not a child anymore.
I have instructed the secretary to do so.
Yes, it's not as if it's a trivial matter.
Of course you can't delay it.
I'm sorry, Grandma.
No need to apologize to me.
You will make it this time.
Even if you didn't make it this time, don't be disappointed.
Haven't I said it before? I'm definitely not waiting for great grandson.
It would be great so long as you two are leading a happy life.
If it really couldn't happen, test tube baby is acceptable too.
It's getting late.
Let's get going.
Okay, be safe on the road.
Go now.
She is so strict with the kids, seriously!
That's not an important matter at all, she could have gone afterwards.
Has it failed again this time?
I have told you before that her endometrium is too narrow.
No matter what, this is the sixth attempt.
How is it possible that none of them succeeded?
It's not as if it's that small of a chance.
Doctor. Let's try once more, I beg of you.
It doesn't matter how much it costs.
This is not a matter of money.
If you give up now...
Give up?
How could you say such a thing as a doctor?
If it were you, would you give up?
Would you have said give up so easily?
Seems like we came to the wrong hospital.
What are you doing? Come out!
Don't you have any news from there?
We cannot act before we're contacted by the other party.
We will not let others see that we are anxious.
Why are you here at this time?
Why, you asked?
Did you ask because you don't know what day today is?
Didn't your wife tell you that we are going to the hospital today to get the test result?
It failed again this time.
If this continues, I will go crazy!
What the heck is that person doing outside?
Seon Young came with you too?
Why is it that whatever she does aggravates me?
Since she couldn't get pregnant, then I thought we could put a baby into her,
but she couldn't even do that?!
What are you two doing?
Come in first.
It's time to change hospital.
I have let you handled it, yet you have found a lousy hospital like that.
This time I will find you an infertility specialist hospital.
If I couldn't find it in Korea, then I will go to Japan, Europe, the States!
I will find you the best hospital!
Let's just let nature takes its course?
How do you do that?
Is it not where we are today, because you let nature takes its course?
You have been married for six years!
There is no way we can get pregnant, what do you want us to do?
That's why I said I would find you the best hospital, didn't I?!
Mother, I beg you don't force it on us anymore!
Sae Hun.
We have don't our best, we can't go on any longer.
It's not something we are proud of!
Then... do you want to divorce her?
Then what do you want to keep her for?
A daughter-in-law who couldn't bear any children,
I have no wish to set my eyes on her anymore.
Don't take it to heart what she said.
No, honey.
I want to continue.
Even if I die, I want to continue.
Is there enough time?
Grandma, it's Eun Nim.
I'm on my way now.
I will buy meat and fruits.
I want to do it because I got my pay today.
I beg you, Grandma!
Grandma, you can't buy meat and fruits, understand!
Yes, it's me.
Today Nan Jung is coming home, so I'm on my way to the airport.
What? Nan Jung unni is coming home?
What's the matter?
That lady came out suddenly.
I'm sorry!
Watch where you are going!
I'm sorry.
Hey, I'm talking to you, why are you ignoring me?
But, today is my mother's death anniversary.
Oh, you just came back?
What happened? It failed again this time?
Are you going out?
I'm just about to go fetch Kang Ho from the airport. Let's go together. You might as well take a ride.
I'm not in the mood to go to the airport right now.
Don't you think I feel bad too?
That's their business, it has nothing to do with Kang Ho.
We haven't seen him for so long.
I'll see him when he gets here, won't I?
I'm going to rest.
You can't be like that!
If you treat Kang Ho half as much as how you do Sae Hun.
No, even if you treat Kang Ho a quarter as much as how you do Sae Hun, that would be enough.
Do you know how upset I am right now?
How can I be in the frame of mind to go to the airport to fetch Kang Ho?
We are faced with no heir right now!
Now, how dare you glare at your mother-in-law like that?
No. Who says our family are not going to have heirs?
I have two lively and active grandsons.
Even if Sae Hun is unable to do it, we still have Kang Ho!
Isn't Kang Ho part of our family too?
Be safe on the road.
Yes, Grandma.
I'm on my way to pick up Kang Ho at the airport right now.
Yes. I will be back in a while.
No. Why don't you go to your mother's and take a break today?
We'll talk again once you're home.
No, Grandma.
Do as I say.
Yes, Grandma.
I will let Kang Ho know that you're not feeling well, so don't worry.
I'm sorry.
Don't say that. That woman is being ridiculous. Why do you have to apologize?
Don't always say sorry for no reason.
I'm hanging up.
Yes, I won't be sorry.
Why do I have to?
It's fun, isn't it?
Auntie, it's me Seon Young.
Is Mom there?
What is this? Never mind that I didn't make any money.
But to lose even my original amount!
Why do I have to come here?
I should be reading at this time, or I should just bear with it.
I'm going crazy, seriously!
Crazy! Crazy!
Don't you want to work for me anymore? Are you kidding me?
Unni, you're home.
Mom, you are home.
Lower the volume.
I know. I know.
Unni, here. Someone called for you, and he said he couldn't get through your phone.
So what did you say?
What can I say? Of course I said I couldn't contact you either.
Seon Young also said she would be coming over, and she has tried calling you several times.
Where have you been?
Whatever. I have a headache.
Lower the volume!
I know. I know.
But Unni, my salary this month is late by 2 days now.
Ah, that!
Maybe the savings account has no money.
I have been really out of sorts lately.
But that's your business.
I'm having a difficult time recently, you should know that better than anyone.
You should know that the Japanese drama is very important to me.
If something happened to it this time, that's the end of me!
Unni, what has Japanese drama got to do with my salary?
Salaried employees depend on monthly salaries to be deposited on time and thus treat it as motivation to work.
You can't fall behind payment like this.
So should I take out an overdraft just to pay your salary?
Does it really have to be like that?
Well... that's also a solution.
Auntie, look! That, that is really! Look quickly, look!
Jjajangmyun, jjajangmyun... Mom, look at that...
Haven't I told you to lower down your volume?
- What are you doing? Ouch! Ouch! - Didn't I tell you to keep it down?
Mom, why do you act like that all of a sudden? Why?
Why? Why?
When will you start getting your act together?
No, Unni! Why are you hitting him?
- Unni! - What's going on?
I'm so frustrated I don't want to go on living!
No one understands me.
Seon Young is here, don't be like this.
Who has provoked you? Why are you like that all of a sudden?
You have to bring up your own children before understanding the hardship a parent has to go through.
Mom, I'll turn off the TV.
Who can understand the level of difficulty of writing a script for a TV drama?
Ah, really!
Auntie, I'll come again next time.
See, see, see? Her mom is so upset, but yet the daughter doesn't even care to look at me!
You really are too much!
Ah, really!
Oppa! Let's walk together.
What are you doing?
Kang Ho!
You are so strong!
My grandma, have you been well?
No, what kind of hairstyle is that?
Do you want to get scolding from your father again?
Let him scold me. But why has Grandma become so pretty?
Is it because you have fallen in love while I wasn't here?
Look at you! You are teasing me the minute you see me.
But, this is...
She's my school friend.
How are you? I am Oh Nan Jung.
Nan Jung!
Oppa. This is my mother.
This is my senior I met in the States, Kang Ho oppa.
How are you? This is my grandma.
You're the daughter of Jung Sook who lived in Suwon.
Your name is Ae... Ae...
I'm Ae Rang!
Oh my... my goodness.
Why is there such a coincidence in this world?
The fact that Mom and Kang Ho oppa's grandma know each other,
this is no coincidence, it is fate!
Kang Ho oppa and I...
This beautiful myth will flow away like water.
What does his family do? They even have a driver.
I don't really know. But he is definitely a rich kid.
When I was young, Kang Ho's grandma and my mother have a very close relationship.
So she doted on me like her own flesh and blood.
What is this? It's so embarrassing.
Kang Ho oppa went home in a private car.
What's wrong with the public bus?
Right, are you dating that handsome boy?
It's not like that yet, but I'm his close friend.
Oh! You really know how to pick them!
He is so handsome, just like a TV star!
Oh, this world.
Mom, but Kang Ho oppa is just like a tree full of thorns.
What if I fell being pierced by one of those thorns?
What are you saying?
No matter what you have grab hold of him, got it?
What's your relationship with that girl?
You are not dating her, are you?
Perhaps I can't date her?
Are you really dating her?
Grandma, you are so naive.
No, Grandma. I was just kidding, kidding.
You are of an age to get married and settle down.
You can't choose just any girl.
Don't worry, Grandma.
I have no desire to waste my time and effort on a girl.
I won't touch a girl anymore.
Your mouth may say that, but your heart doesn't believe that,
how could you not be interested in girls anymore?
Now, you have to be serious even if you are just looking for friends.
Why? You don't want to hear me nag at you?
It's all good advice! Good advice!
Grandma! Grandma!
Your father said he didn't miss you, but he actually does in his heart!
If not, why would he have called when I just came out for a while?
Yes, right. It's me.
Since you got him, you don't have to pass the phone to him.
I will see you when I get home.
Yes. I understand. I will be home early.
Come here... here...
How are you?
You miss me? I miss you too!
This time he is so happy!
Let's go in.
Kang Ho is back. Kang Ho.
You are back.
Ahjumma! How are you?
You look the same as before!
Where did Daughter-in-law go? Why is it so quiet?
She is in her room. Maybe she isn't feeling too well.
This person really has a temper. No wonder she gets sick.
Kang Ho, you are back. Did you have a hard trip?
It's not hard at all.
Mom, are you not feeling well? Do you feel bad?
I'm fine.
How long are you going to stay this time?
Mom, really. Do you wish that I leave as soon as possible?
I just came back and you asked me when I'm leaving.
Don't misunderstand. I'm just asking how long is your holidays.
It may be a long one this time.
It may take some effort to transfer school.
Transfer school? Then...
You are giving up on your school already?
What do you mean?
Giving up on school?
Father! Hyung!
Kang Ho, are you giving up school that's why you are back?
No. That's not it. I just wanted to change my major.
What? Change your major?
How many times have that been?
If you don't want to continue your studies,
then come home, don't waste such expensive school fees!
What a worrisome child!
Also, what's wrong with your hair?
Why are you acting like when you haven't seen him in a while?
One's appearance is telling of his attitude in life.
Go cut off your hair tomorrow!
Why are you acting like that to my innocent hair?
Are you thinking of making appearance at the office looking like that?
Ah, all right, I won't go.
I won't even go to the office's nearby places, that settles it, doesn't it?
What? You rascal!
I'll have a good talk with him.
Yes, honey. Be patient.
Sae Hun will teach him.
But, where has your wife gone to? Why are you back by yourself?
Seon Young is not home? I thought she is at home.
She seemed unwell, so I told her to go back to her mom's to rest overnight.
If the welcoming ceremony has ended, then I'm going back to my room.
Oh, really! You are too much.
How could a student has no books but all clothes?
Mom! I'm studying fashion so it cannot be learnt from books,
but it had to be experienced from the 'feel' of wearing these clothes.
I have received such the best fashion education aboard,
you can't learned that from hiding at home and reading books.
Aigoo! Aigoo! You are so glib!
Then where's my present?
Be patient. I'm looking for it right now.
Here it is. Mom's and Dad's present. Couple T-shirt!
Oh my goodness. It's so pretty!
How about for the others?
Oh, I'll just choose something from the luggage and give them something of mine.
Yes. Yes.
Mom, where are you?
Mom, what are you doing?
What are these?
- Hey! - Scared me!
Do you miss me?
But, even the high school kid has come home,
why aren't Dad and Eun Nim back yet?
Ah! Today is Eun Nim's birth mother's death anniversary.
Eun Nim.
Why are you so late?
Dad, did you drink?
Can you smell it?
I just drank a little.
A little? You reeks of alcohol.
Are you having a hard time at the office?
It's the same. Nothing is easy in this world.
Dad, wait for a little while longer. Once I graduated and found a job,
I will definitely take good care of you.
Are you looking down on your dad? I'm still not dead yet.
That's not what I meant.
Eun Nim. Dad feels sorry for what I have put you through.
Letting you endure a lot of hardship.
Dad, really! How could you say such things?
Eun Nim, you have to go back to school this semester.
Even if you didn't mention it, I have decided to apply to go back to school tomorrow.
Really? That's really good news.
Are you that happy just because I'm going back to school?
Of course.
Don't worry about money. Just focus on your studies.
I know, that's what I plan to do this time.
So long as our Eun Nim graduates,
becomes an ideal teacher, find a good man and get married,
and lead a happy life, then I will have no regrets whatsoever.
I know. Please wait a while longer.
It's just getting started.
Oh, you didn't even say such things like you don't want to get married.
That's only because it is your wish.
I know. I know.
Have some honey water.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have drunk before I come here.
After I'm dead, please leave Eun Nim's mother here.
Why are you saying such things? You still have me and Eun Nim.
You don't have to worry about my dead daughter anymore.
Just be good to Eun Nim.
It's great that you are treating your stepchild like your own,
But, to let your stepdaughter study overseas, while your own daughter had to quit school.
I quit school on my own without letting Dad know about it.
Also, isn't working experience essential lesson of life?
Aigoo! Really!
You are just like your mom, so foolishly kind.
Grandma, I'm going back to school.
Also, Nan Jung unni is back.
That's right.
Right, right!
I won't worry about our Eun Nim.
It's been a while since I ate Mom's stew and kimchi, I feel so alive now.
Shall I get you some fruits?
I'm too full. I can't eat anymore.
Oh! Nan Jung is back!
Nan Jung!
Aigoo! Our Nan Jung!
You have had a hard time, haven't you?
- Yes. - You don't know how much I missed you, Dad!
Is that so?
How long has it been? Our family are together again.
That's right.
How are you feeling after seeing your ex-wife?
But, honey! When are you getting your salary?
I can't hold on much longer.
We don't have any more rice, I have to give Eun Jung her school fees.
It's not only the issue of salary now.
Then, what's the problem?
Oh. Just use the money we have.
I have long spent all that money.
What are you doing, go get my clothes!
I don't know! Go get it yourself!
This person!
Yes. This is Sae Hun.
When did Seon Young go back?
No. I thought if Seon Young was still there, I would like to go pick her up.
Then, I'll come by to visit next time.
Excuse me. Please give me one more glass.
Don't worry. I would like to be alone today.
I'm really sorry.
Where are you going so early?
I'm going to meet with my college friend.
But how are you going to get there?
Go borrow the car from your mother.
No. I will call my chauffer for you.
There is no need Grandma! What are my two legs for?
I'm home.
Hyungsoo-nim!* (Sister-in-law)
I heard you are unwell. Are you okay?
Yes, I'm okay.
I couldn't go to the airport yesterday, I'm really sorry.
Hyungsoo-nim too, I'm not a little kid.
That's right, are the in-laws doing well?
You got here just in time. Let Kang Ho borrow your car for a while.
Ah, yes. Please help yourself.
You don't have to. Thank you.
Are you going out?
Yes, I'm meeting a friend.
Yeah, you haven't been back for a long time. You should meet with your friends. Go on.
Ladies, I'll get going.
This lad is really handsome.
If you need to use a car, just give my chauffer a call.
You haven't been back home for so long, didn't the in-laws give you anything to bring back with you?
That's right.
How could your mother possibly remember to do these things?
She hasn't even made a call here ever since she married you off.
Please have some coffee.
Just leave it there.
I'm doing this only because we haven't seen each other for so long.
If it wasn't for that?
Then you would know!
Do you want to die?
I see. Okay, I'm going now!
What happened? Why? Is something wrong at work?
It's nothing.
Supervisor Kang, what do you mean by that?
What happened to the President?
He has left to China with his family!
No way! Now way!
Not possible. What about the company?
Our President is not that type of person.
You all must be mistaken.
It's no use. He has transferred all his personal assets as planned.
I don't know how the news got leaked, but the debtors have split up the company amongst themselves.
What? What did you say?
Director, didn't you have your house as a collateral?
We have been to Director Han's house, it looks like they have forgone with the foreclosure.
No, there's no way.
It's not possible!
Sir! Sir!
- Are you alright? - Wake up!
- Director! - Are you all right?
Mom, since I'm back now,
could we go get a special facial package?
Look, look! There are lines around my eyes.
Forget it.
Your mom hasn't been to a facial for so long.
Why? Although you are older, but you have never stopped taking care of your skin.
The one year you were in the States, do you know how much money you spent?
And there's my own credit card, the one your dad doesn't know.
Aigoo, seriously.
Your mom's head hurts when she thinks about money.
Please wait a while more.
Once I graduate, I will make money and pay you all back.
When will you make money?
If I can get married with Kang Ho oppa,
then I definitely won't have to worry about money.
It would be great if that's the case.
Shall I give Kang Ho oppa a call and ask him out now?
No, no, no. Wait a few more days.
If the girl always takes the initiative, the guy will run away scared.
Hm? Who is it now?
Who is it?
Is this Go In Deok's home? I'm a representative of the court.
Is this Go In Deok's home?
Yes. But why are you here?
We are investigating a case. You should've received a foreclosure notice from the court.
Foreclosure notice? Well, something strange did came,
but my husband said it was nothing.
The debtors has sued the company where your husband is at, and also your husband.
We are here to enforce the repayment of debt.
We are enforcing it right now. Please cooperate.
You guys! What are you doing? Don't do that. What are you doing?
If you don't leave our house right now, I will call the police.
Please do. You are now obstructing the enforcement of official business.
It won't be us that will be arrested, but you and your daughter.
Oh dear! Oh dear! What should we do?
Mom, what's wrong?
What are you still doing here? Go give your dad a call!
Hello? Yes.
What? Our dad?
Hey! You girls! Dong Geul!
Haven't seen you guys for a long time!
What are you doing here?
I'm coming back to school.
Let's go have a drink.
Of course.
The boss lady heard I'm coming back to school,
She told me to ask everybody there to celebrate.
You have to wait for us after school.
Got it! You are going to be late. Hurry up!
See you later!
Why isn't he out yet?
Look here! Why are you hiding after you hit me?
I wasn't hiding. I was so shocked that I sat on the ground.
Not hiding? I saw you hide behind your car with my own eyes.
Why do guys lie so despicably?
I don't you I didn't hide on purpose.
Are you okay?
I was hit by an aluminum can! If it were you, would you be okay?
You seemed all right. You are not bleeding.
You are okay, aren't you?
How is it there is a person like you?
Your words are really hurtful.
Look at you
I just wanted to throw an empty can into the trash bin,
yet you went towards the empty can and hit it yourself.
Take a look please. The trash bin is on the left.
But the aluminum can hit me on the right!
That's because...
I had wanted to come over to just my peace, but you have make it impossible for me to leave.
If you couldn't leave, does that mean I have to give you some kind of compensation?
I know. Then.
How much do you want so you would leave?
I understand very well your type.
Just because your family has money, you never understand how hard it is for money to come by.
You just use your parents' money to settle anything that came up.
You can't say hurtful things just because you are angry.
Although I don't know what major, or what year you are in,
but next time you see me, you better turn around and walk the other way. Understand?
What if I don't turn around?
Just look at your hair!
What's wrong with my hair?
What's wrong with Dad?
What did you say?
Dad! Wake up!
Mom, what's wrong with my dad?
Dad! Wake up.
Dad, do you hear my voice?
Dad, it's me Eun Nim!
Dad! Open your eyes!
Eun Nim. What should we do?
What now?
Are Go In Deok's family here?
It's is acute cirrhosis of the liver.
Just like what you see here. The liver has scarred to a point that it has lost its basic function.
If we ignore it, then there will be dire consequences.
Do you mean that he will die?
Are you talking about my husband?
It can't be.
It can't be.
He was fine just this morning when he left the house. How could he die just because you said so?
It's not without solution.
Then, what is it, Doctor?
Now, the only solution is to have a liver transplant.
Then our dad would be able to live?
If the surgery is successful.
Doctor, then let's do the liver transplant.
Ahjumma. Did you leave this?
Look at who you are talking to!
Do you think I will leave that?
How did it become like that?
Why is our family so unfortunate?
How are we going to live?
Mom! Stop crying. Nothing will be solved with you crying like that.
You won't allow me to cry now?
Your dad fainted and now he's about to die.
You didn't even shed a single tear!
Don't you know how much your dad dotes on you?
Even the three of us can't compare with one of you.
No, he only knows to dote on you.
You are really something. You won't even allow me to cry.
Mom. Unni doesn't mean it like that.
Dad is not dead yet!
Our dad won't die!
He is not dead yet. Right.
All he needs is a liver transplant.
Now, so long as we find a match, then he would be able to live.
That's right. The doctor has said that.
But, there is no liver and there is no money.
Even we go begging on the streets, we can't possibly cobble together the 80 million Won for the surgery.
That is the minimum cost the surgery will incur.
Stand up all of you.
Where are we going?
If we work together, we will definitely save Dad.
Let's go for a check up.
Let's see whose liver will match Dad's.
Eun Jun is still a high school student. You go home first.
Why can't I go? I want to go to.
Okay. Let's go.
Prepare to go out. I have found a new hospital.
I will go to the hospital after work.
Yes. Don't be late.
I will also leave school early.
You don't have to go.
I think Eun Nim and Dad must be a match.
She is the most similar to Dad.
The surgery is really a risky one.
It's is not a joke.
So what if it is?
That's right. Now we have to find a way for Dad to live.
My liver is a match?
Not Go Eun Nim?
Are you sure you didn't make a mistake?
The test result is accurate.
Go Eun Nim's and this madam's blood type does not match the patient's.
Go Eun Jung's liver is too small so it doesn't match the patient's liver.
Over my dead body. To be honest, he is not even my birth father.
Dad has treated you so well. How can you be like this?
Isn't it true that you might die during the surgery?
Do you want me to die, Mom?
And also...
And also, the scar... like this... about 30 cm too.
I'm not even married yet.
If I had to live like that, I might as well die.
You crazy girl!
How did it go?
Is the test result out?
What to do? None of us are matched.
Not one of us is a match, none.
Not even one of us is a match?
Not even one?
Yes. Your blood type and mine don't match.
Eun Jung's liver is too small.
Her liver is too fatty so that's why it can't be used.
Then, what's going to happen to our dad?
What's going to happen to our dad?
It's all about money.
If we had the money, he can do the surgery no matter what.
We don't even have the money to do the surgery, much less to buy a liver.
Miss. Do you need money?
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Let her out.
All this trash.
What's wrong with my dad?
It looks as if you need to be mentally prepared
Do you know now that it's totally useless?
I feel there is still a shred of hope.
How much longer to you want to live your life being led by Mother?
I too, wish to have a child of my own like everyone else.
All you need to do is do as I say.
I beg you please save my dad.
That's the person.
Why do you lie to me?
Stand right there!
Why do we have to be like that?
You said if I needed money I can contact you.
I don't remember saying that to you.
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