Marlene & Rebecca - Part 33-1

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Wow. A carriage.
Yes. With four white horses.
Didn't you want to keep the wedding a bit smaller?
Yes, I just changed my mind.
My fans expect a dream wedding and I won't disappoint them under any circumstances.
Finally happy again.
The star of the successfull musical "Lily Rose" finally found her fairy tale prince.
Rumour has it that wedding bells will chime soon.
How did they sniff that out again that quickly?
You leaked it to them yourself, of course.
Well, after all this negative press of the last few months,
I thought it was beyond time for something positive.
You there, what do you think, about the wedding I mean,
a classical quartet, a band or just a dj?
Somehow I can't decide.
Yes. That seems to be your main problem.
Christian. I DID decide, and that for Tristan.
Marlene, keep cool, I just meant the wedding cake,
there you couldn't decide either, could you?
Now just don't draw any wrong conclusions again about the fact that I misunderstood your intention.
I'd never do that.
Yes, I LIKE Rebecca. And YES, we had a fantastic night together.
But I just can't picture a future with her.
And that's also why you're marrying Tristan now.
NO. I'm marrying Tristan because he's the right one.
And what about those feelings for Rebecca?
Can you just switch those off?
No. You know, I just hope that we'll manage eventually to be
Ah. *cough* Mr. Wolf.
- Hello. - Daddy! Hi. You come... right on time.
What do you think now? Classical quartet, band, dj...?
For the wedding.
Don't know right now.
There's still so much left to do and the list gets longer every day.
but first I have to get to the shooting anyway. Or did you want to see me?
Yes, I... Mom and I want to grab a bite, so we wanted to ask you whether you'd be in the mood to each with us?
Oh right, you know, I can't precisely say that yet.
But definitely let Josie give you a great table and maybe we'll see each other later.
Oh, didn't hear you come in.
You were pretty far away in your thoughts after all.
I'll clean this up real quick and then we can get going.
So, will you tell me right away what happened, or should I spend the entire lunch break digging for it?
I was just with Marlene real quick, I wanted to talk to her.
She was pondering what music she should pick for her party.
To me she gave off his confused impression.
Why, because she can't decide on one style of music?
Confused emotionally.
What do you mean by that?
Do you think that Tristan is the right choice for her?
Oh man, what's that question supposed to mean?
Of course. Or is this the second son in law you don't agree with?
This isn't about me this time.
Don't you want to tell me what's going on with you now finally?
I think... I think Marlene likes women.
Yes, I like women too.
You know how I mean it.
This is a joke now, right?
Hey. I completely missed the time.
It will take some time anyway till you can go see the make-up artist.
I'll introduce you to the photographer for now. He's upstairs.
Err, stop, stop, stop.
What now, upstairs? I thought the shooting would take place completely elsewhere.
No, it's here at the studio. Is there a problem with that?
I told you already, that thing with Rebecca has been settled, once and for all, it's history.
The new posters for Lily Rose have to get to the printers as fast as possible.
We can't just change all the arrangements just because my little sister fell in love with you.
Yes, but that doesn't mean I have to pose around right under her nose.
We really should be considerate of her feelings.
Firstly she has sufficiently enough other things to do here
and if she really wants to watch this then that counts as confrontational therapy.
Among friends one also calls it 'insensitive'.
I can calculate some entirely insensitive numbers for you
the cost for the photographer, the lighting technician, the models
Yes. Maybe we're lucky and she's not here anyway.
Marlene, you have to become more extroverted.
We have to see your jealousy.
Yes, and what I'm supposed to do now?
May I, real quick?
A bit over there, your arm around her hip, like that, exactly.
And now, Juliette, your eye on Marlene.
Yes, very good.
And now Marlene, simply imagine you two are fighting for your great love
and Juliette is about to steal her away from you.
Ah, very good Juliette.
And now, Marlene...
Intertwine a bit, like this.
And now over the shoulder, jealous expression
The other side...
Oh, we'll take a short break to rearrange, we'll continue in 2 minutes.
Not bad as a start.
You lie without blushing.
That was pathetic, what's going on?
No idea, I just can't put myself into that situation.
Maybe because we're getting married...
And you think with me you have no reason to be jealous.
You're correct.
But you still have to be able to act it.
Yes and on stage I can do it.
Exactly, and here it's the same thing.
I'll get you something to drink.
Marlene and being a lesbian.
Such nonsense. From when she was little she had her dream of a prince.
He should come in on a white horse and that she wanted to give to Dana.
I know what I heard, don't I?
But out of context sentences like that get a completely different meaning.
That's what I told myself too at first.
But the more I think of it the more likely it becomes.
Yes, but what exactly do you mean?
Marlene had bad things happen to her in recent times.
What, you mean she could have turned lesbian because she was raped?
What kind of nonsense is that?
It took her a long time to get over that, if one can even do that at all.
At least she learned to live with it.
And with Tristan she found her great happiness.
Otherwise she wouldn't marry him, would she?
Maybe you'll talk to her again.
Woman to woman.
I don't need to do that. And if she really wants to talk to us she'll come for sure.
That mean we should just continue as before and act like everything is ok?
Everything probably is ok.
Thomas, Marlene is a grown up, she knows what she's doing.
And Tristan is a wonderful man who loves her above everything else.
The two decided in favor of each other.
Everything else is...absurd.
Are you ready?
Juliette, we can continue again.
I'll hurry and then I'll be right back with you.
That sounds promising.
You know, I never promise what I can't keep.
Ok, off we go.
Ok, thank you. That's a wrap. Thank you.
You were absolutely smashing.
If I didn't know better, I'd say you really are jealous.