Pantaleón y las visitadoras (2000) [MultiSub] [Pelicula Completa]

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You're sure this is our man?
Intelligence investigated his life...
private and professional.
Entered the Academy...
first place.
Chose administration.
He was...
class valedictorian.
He hoisted the flag...
in every yearly closing ceremony.
And even to date...
no cadet has matched his average.
He prefers sports and studying...
but also socializes.
Here he is with Alfonsina Reano...
they married three years later.
She's a decent girl...
down to earth, good housewife.
This looks nice!
I wonder where they'll send us. Don't you?
Anywhere they say is good for me.
You married the army before me.
Where would you like them to send us?
Chiclayo, again. Maybe Tacna.
What about the mountains or the jungle?
I hate the mountains.
The jungle... Maybe lquitos.
As long as it's a city...
and not some camp.
Think of our little cadet.
Now we can send for him, right?
Or tonight. Who cares if it's not Saturday?
I'm late, Pochita.
It's half an hour to the ministry...
disregarding traffic.
All right. Let's eat breakfast, Captain, sir.
I have an appointment with the General.
Yes, Captain. He's waiting for you.
Congratulations, on your brilliant promotion.
Thanks, sir.
I heard of your promotion.
First place by unanimous decision!
Thank you, General, sir.
Sit down.
No, thanks.
You see?
He doesn't smoke or drink.
No bad habits.
He can represent our army in paradise...
next to Saint Martin and Saint Rose.
I must have some habits you don't know about.
We know everything about you.
You wouldn't believe how much.
let's cut to the chase.
The mission we are about to give you...
is of the utmost secrecy.
Here's the thing, Pantoja:
Recently, our troops in the jungle have been...
riled up.
At first, we thought...
there were only isolated occurrences...
maybe caused by the climate or their diet.
But things...
have gotten worse.
General Scavino and especially Father Beltran...
whose daily memos I'm up to here with...
have taken some action.
But no type of punishment...
has solved the problem.
So, more drastic measures are in order.
That's where you come in.
I don't understand, General, sir...
This is a very important mission.
General Scavino will brief you upon your arrival.
You will leave on Monday.
I hope you like the jungle.
From now on, you have all my support...
on this difficult task.
I wish you luck.
The army's prestige...
is in your hands.
And as paladin of the Amazon...
I feel compelled to raise my voice...
to defend the women of our land.!
I am not unpatriotic.
But my love for the army...
can't make me hide the truth.
The raping wave that is sweeping our region...
tarnishing the honor of our beautiful women...
has a guilty party.!
The rapists are the soldiers of our army.!
Yes, ladies and gentlemen...
our very own soldiers.
It's hard to admit it...
but I have irrefutable evidence!
What is happening to our army?
What do...
the authorities have to say about it?
Captain Pantaleon Pantoja is entrusted with...
the mission of implementing...
a "Visitors' Service for Garrisons, Border Posts...
and Related Quarters" to fulfill the needs of...
Excuse me, sir.
What do you mean by "visitors"?
Do you mean...?
Yes, whores!
General Collazos and his strategists from Lima...
have concocted the idea of taking women...
from camp to camp, so the troops may fornicate.
And you, a Peruvian army Captain...
will be acting as pimp...
or whatever sex merchants are called.
Excuse me, sir.
I don't consider myself fit for this mission.
Please reconsider...
It's too late. It's an order to be obeyed.
I will do my best.
I don't want you in these headquarters or in any other.
You are excused from attending official ceremonies, parades, etc.
And I forbid you to dress in uniform.
Even at my workplace?
Your work will be done far away from headquarters.
What kind of support will I have for my mission?
An officer has been appointed.
Lieutenant Bacacorzo...
will serve as liaison between you and your superiors.
Any other questions, Captain?
We won't live in the villa with the other officers.
- Why? - I'm sorry.
We will be civilians.
I will pose as a merchant on business.
I don't understand your job. Why do we have to hide?
I'm talking to you.
I'm listening Pantaleon Pantoja, tell me what this is about.
There would never be lies between us, remember?
Why won't you tell me?
I'll be working in the...
Intelligence Service.
Intelligence Service?
Now I understand the mystery!
What must you find out?
I can't tell you. Orders.
Come on. Who do you have to spy?
Is it war with Ecuador?
Does it have to do with the Rio Protocol?
You can't imagine what keeping my mission from my wife is like.
I've never lied to her, Lieutenant.
Many would want to be in your shoes, Captain.
Not me.
I'm in a jam.
How can I organize this service?
I've had no contact with prostitutes!
Where do I start?
At the beginning.
Go to a brothel and look.
I recommend Madam Leonor's...
better known as Chuchupe.
She's closing, and her girls will be out of a job.
They're the best around.
I would come with you...
but you know Scavino's orders.
- Hello, cutie. - Hello.
- Do you dance? - Sorry.
I don't dance.
You like cutting to the chase, huh?
Me too.
But you have to buy a ticket first.
You don't understand.
I'm not here to... satisfy my needs.
I'm here to talk with Mrs. Leonor.
Could you tell her, please?
I'd be glad to.
We can still do it.
Look for me when you are through.
I just love clean-cut boys like you.
Good evening.
My name is Pantaleon Pantoja.
Welcome to Chuchupe's.
Here, we're nice to everyone...
except soldiers who want to fuck for free.
What can I do for you?
I would like to talk business.
In private.
Are you telling me to go?
A drink?
A beer and two glasses.
On the house.
Or do you prefer something stronger?
No. I don't drink.
I am a businessman, and I have come to lquitos to...
to invest.
I heard you are closing down...
and I thought I could...
Open a brothel?
Here's some advice.
You seem like a nice man, and I like you.
This is a rotten business.
If you want money, open a restaurant.
That's strange.
I was told that because of the heat...
demand was high.
And it is.
But, with the soldiers that won't pay...
the bribes, and the rent...
I'm losing money.
So I'm closing and keeping my meager savings...
for my golden years.
I feel sorry for my girls...
I am fond of them.
They're good, hardworking girls.
Maybe we can reach an agreement...
that will benefit us both.
Your knowledge is very valuable for my plans.
If you do close down...
I'd be interested in hiring you...
and some of your girls.
I'm listening.
Taking hookers to the military posts!
It would be great business!
But they would never let us in, Mister Pantoja.
I already have permission.
And don't call them hookers or whores.
The correct term is "visitors."
You have permission?
Don't tell me you are a soldier.
Of course not.
I want you to think it over.
I'll be back in a few days with a work plan...
I accept now! This is heaven sent.
"Colombiana" wants to speak to you.
- What does she want? - Should she wait?
No. I'll see her now.
If she wants a job, there's none.
I'll be right back.
Go ahead.
- Is she really Colombian? - Nobody knows.
She says she is.
She's been working abroad...
and probably got into trouble.
Very attractive.
The best this land has to offer.
But I don't recommend her. She's rotten goods.
Two men have already killed themselves over her.
It's about time! It's past eleven.
I have a splitting headache.
It figures. You know what?
I'm glad you feel sick.
You came tumbling in at sunrise. Don't you remember?
Lower your voice, please.
I've never felt so bad.
Come pet me.
You're going to tell me what this is about.
Where were you?
It's this damn job.
You know I hate these things.
You've been with women, haven't you?
I'm sure you have been with women.
Never, Pochita.
Don't cry. You make me feel like a criminal.
You know I don't have eyes for another.
Then tell me where you were.
The undersigned, Captain Pantaleon Pantoja...
a Visitors'Service for Garrisons...
Border Posts and Related Quarters...
respectfully informs:
That he has taken possession of the site located on the Itaya River...
as Command Quarters...
and Logistical Center.
That he has under his command the two soldiers...
named Sinforoso Caiguas and Palomino Rioalto...
whom the superiority has adequately chosen...
due to their fine conduct records and their indifference...
toward the opposite sex.
That, during the first week, the undersigned...
employed most ofhis time in cleaning.
That a week might seem an excessive time...
to carry out this task...
but the facility's condition...
can only be described...
as disgusting.
Since the army had abandoned this facility...
it had been used illegally.
The undersigned provided Caiguas and Rioalto...
the necessary equipment...
to burn the debris, clean...
and disinfect the facility.
The walls have been repaired...
the grounds have been cleaned...
and the small dock has been repaired.
The undersigned is proud to inform that...
using ten...
and twelve-hour shifts...
and disregarding his wife, who has conditioned a house alone...
has turned the dump he received...
into an inhabitable, orderly...
and clean place...
as is expected of every army facility...
even if it is clandestine...
What do you think of my new outfit?
I prefer you in uniform.
You're going out again?
I'd rather stay here with you...
and make our little cadet...
We could do it right now. Don't you want to?
I can't. I'm going to the movies with Alicia.
I'm starting to get jealous of her.
What do you expect me to do?
It's your job's fault.
It's hard for me too. We have to be patient.
Leave it. Don't get dressed.
I like you more every day.
I don't know you anymore.
And, with those clothes...
it's as if I was cheating on you.
The voice of Sinchi!
Good afternoon, dear listeners.
Continuing with our moralizing campaign...
in defense of our women's physical and moral integrity...
your servant, The Sinchi...
invites you tojoin our cause...
in demanding a clear and forceful answer...
from the authorities...
to the abuse carried out...
by depraved members of our army.
Yes, ladies and gentlemen.
We demand punishment for the rapists...
Good afternoon.
You are seven minutes late.
If you were in the service, you'd be fined.
I'd pay happily to work...
with you in the service.
You'd work fourteen-hour days, and on holidays.
And that's not enough.
The results of the quarter polls...
are alarming.
Look at that!
Now that's a babe!
You know the Colombiana?
You sure move quickly!
I saw her at Chuchupe's.
If she were in the service...
we'd be famous.
Maybe later on.
For now, Chuchupe and Chupito are recruiting.
Well, here are the poll results.
They're alarming.
Potential number of users of the Visitors' Service: 8,726.
Number of renderings...
Monthly service renderings, desired: 12.
So, if the service is to satisfy the demand...
it should administer a monthly average...
of 104,712 renderings.
That's a lot of hookers...
I mean... visitors.
Averaging 20 renderings a day...
for each high quality visitor...
working full-time, we would need...
2,271 prostitutes?
That man has gone mad!
He'll turn our whole army into a brothel!
Calm down. Let me continue.
...2,271 visitors, which is surely impossible at this time.
I suggest beginning with five...
who would administer 4,800 monthly renderings...
in six-day weeks, working full-time.
He requests permission to recruit "Chuchupe"...
a woman with experience in the matter...
who would act as chief of staff...
and would supervise the feminine element.
This is an insult to the uniform!
That man should be put in jail!
The undersigned requests authorization to carry out a trial experiment...
and awaits the go ahead to enlist...
the first five visitors, who would be earning...
A salary extracted from our institution's funds!
General Collazos will never allow this!
You will arrive first...
in order to talk with the users...
and install sites for the renderings.
Sites? Renderings?
You have to get used to the terms.
Users are clients, sites are the beds...
renderings are screwings...
and visitors are the girls. Right?
- The candidates? - Tomorrow morning.
I've called ten top-notch girls...
so you can choose five.
I heard you closed down.
A great loss for the city's nightlife.
What will you do now?
- A new business? - Something like that.
German Laudano Rosales...
at your service. I see you aren't a local.
The Capital?
Pantaleon Pantoja.
Welcome to this land of friendship and beauty.
Have you been here long?
He has a popular radio show, "The Voice of Sinchi."
My wife listens to it.
I hope she likes it.
What brings you here?
Are you "hunting"?
I'm happily married.
No, on business.
good luck in your...
It's been a pleasure. See you around.
He asks too many questions.
He's a professional busybody. Don't mind him.
In order to gather information...
the undersigned investigated products...
with alleged aphrodisiac properties...
to personally verify...
over a four-day period, in what way...
these products could enhance the problem...
of the troops.
Some of these products...
brought on an increase...
of sexual behavior, to the point where...
only self-fondling and the virile act occupied him...
affecting concentration...
his nervous system...
and his working efficiency.
He requested intercourse with his wife...
an average of three times a day...
which logically made her uneasy...
as she was not accustomed to this.
Because of this, I recommend...
to my superiors that the intake of these products...
be prohibited atjungle posts and quarters.
I inform I have enlisted the first visitors.
A difficult task since...
I was still under the influence...
oflong acting aphrodisiacs.
Thank you. Call the next one.
What do you think?
It's harder than I thought.
You must like one over the rest.
- May I? - Come in, girl.
Here I am, Mister Panta.
Good morning.
Name, please.
Luisa Canepa, not taken or involved.
Ok, miss.
Show me.
They're coming, Captain!
The undersigned, Captain Pantaleon Pantoja...
respectfully informs:
That the expected vessel...
arrived at our logistic center of the Itaya River.
It was piloted by petty officer Carlos Rodriguez...
who was quickly told of the mission's secrecy.
There are only six days until we carry out the trial mission...
at the post of Horcones.
Mrs. Chuchupe, please.
Rules are rules.
I need not tell you...
that here lies the future of the service.
The girls are ready, sir.
Bring them in, please.
Caiguas and Rioalto have designed uniforms.
What do you think, sir?
With a zipper for quick removal.
What do you think?
Lalita's clothes could be tighter...
to show her titties.
It's as tight as can be. Lalita is slim.
Not an ounce of fat.
You must fatten up. The troops like meaty girls.
Double rations, starting today.
The uniforms. Do you like them?
Why is everything red and green?
The screwing, sorry...
the rendering cards too.
They're the service's colors:
for the beauty of the region.
Red for the ardent army men...
we help soothe.
I suggest we paint our nails green.
It's lovely!
Is the lingerie red and green too?
Want to see?
There's no need.
Well done.
Mr. Rodriguez!
I won't tolerate that.
Control your urges...
or I will remove you from the service.
- Is that clear? - Crystal clear, sir.
Don't worry. I know Chuchupe.
I assure you everything is ready for our arrival.
It'll be fine.
This is the hour of truth.
All right, ladies.
We're almost there.
We're ready for "body to body combat."
- How do I look? - You are all fine.
In Horcones...
some twenty brave soldiers await you.
They endure many sacrifices for our country.
Some of them haven't seen a woman for months.
This is only a trial mission...
but if it's carried out with patriotism and resolve...
the service will cover the whole Amazon region...
bringing happiness to our soldiers.
Let's hear it...
for the Visitors' Service...
and for our glorious armed forces.
There it is! Get ready!
Show those men what you can do!
Let's do it!
Until they beg for mercy!
Come, Sandra, hurry up.
Iris... Iris, hurry.
Five minutes before 1600...
the visitors occupied their sites.
Lalita and Pechuga at the depot...
others at the infirmary and the mess hall.
Stay back!
I need not remind you...
that these ladies must know...
that our country's soldiers know how to behave as men.
They're all yours, sir.
The instructions are:
each user can stay up to twenty minutes in a site.
This is the maximum time allowed.
the user is entitled to one normal rendering...
so you will leave the site as soon as it's over.
It is forbidden, and punishable by definitive exclusion...
to request of the visitor such aberrations as:
Manual or oral masturbation, sodomy...
the "black kiss"...
and other extravagances.
Finally, those awaiting their turn...
will do so in complete silence and order...
and not disturb the fellow in action.
- Understood? - Sir, yes, sir!
Give the order.
First line, forward!
4 minutes, 46.
6 minutes, 11.
Nobody has reached the maximum time yet.
These variations are only a symptom.
This post is isolated, so the users...
have contained virility.
Some for months.
That's why they're so quick.
A record! 2 minutes, 22. How about that?
We'll have to include abstinence...
in our future estimates. Yes.
A resounding success!
And everything went along with order and on time.
Pantoja was able to save 18% of the budget...
allotted for the trial.
Post commander, Lieutenant Santana...
congratulates the Visitors' Service...
and requests its regular functioning.
Enough, Lopez. It's very clear.
To General Roger Scavino. We inform you...
that the Visitors' Service for Garrisons, Border Posts...
and Related Quarters, is now functioning.
Ten thousand a week?
But this is a delirious exaggeration, Pantoja!
No, sir. It's a proven statistic.
Look at these charts. It's a careful...
if not conservative, estimate.
10,000 renderings...
cover primary psychobiological needs.
To fulfill virile plenitude...
53,200 renderings are needed.
Who the hell has told you...
that virile plenitude can only be reached by fornicating?
The specialists...
Call me Commander!
Excuse me, Commander.
I brought some documents.
They're excerpts from the works of Sigmund Freud, Austrian.
Of William Steckel...
whose nationality was not stated...
of the Reader's Digest...
and of Carlos Seguin, our compatriot.
If you...
prefer books, I have them at the Logistic Center.
I have been informed...
you give out pornography at the camps.
At Borja garrison, your midget assistant...
gave out this filth: "Two Nights of Pleasure"...
"Maria the Tarantula," "Julia and the Horse"...
"I'm Going in There," "Super Ass."
My assistant suggested it.
The result was a faster erection.
Now it's regular practice.
So it wasn't just once!
The service is giving out pornography!
We lend it, we can't afford to give it.
The result is positive.
A soldier that reads in line...
finishes three minutes earlier.
This allows us to reach...
500 weekly renderings with five visitors.
Now I've heard everything!
I wish to leave, General.
I understand, Father.
Well-assorted for you to pick, sir.
I only wanted ten! I can't examine all day.
The word spread, and women...
sprang out of every neighborhood.
It's not my fault.
Let's pick the five we need.
Send them in, one by one, with their cards.
The Colombiana first.
Ok, hurry up!
Let's make a line.
Have you filled in your cards?
Good morning.
The famous "Pantyland"!
I couldn't picture it.
- The famous what? - Pantyland.
That's what they call this place.
You will please refer to it...
as Logistic Center, not Pantyland.
Do you know why you are here?
Chupito told me a little. He said...
you would tell me about salary...
and obligations.
Right. There'll be three convoys a week...
and ten renderings per convoy.
Convoys are the trips?
So renderings must be...
The salary is 50% of what is discounted from soldiers...
the other 50% is for upkeep.
It's explained here.
if you don't mind, though it may not be necessary...
I must follow the rules.
This way.
Please undress.
I've got my period.
But, if you don't mind...
What's wrong?
It's only an exam of presence.
That's a steamy imagination, miss.
It did seem strange, there isn't even a rug.
do you think I'm ok?
I'm skinny, but I promise to fatten up.
You're fine.
So you like me?
You passed. Get dressed.
Thank you.
When do I start?
Report to the dress department for a uniform.
Dress department?
On the lower level.
Could you help me with the zipper?
It's stuck.
There you go.
What? Let go!
What's wrong?
I must warn you about two things.
First: You will call me "sir"...
as the other visitors do.
Second: Don't ever do that again.
Well, you had a bulgy fly.
I didn't mean to offend you.
So forgive me.
Do you?
Don't let it happen again.
Now, please leave. I'm busy.
Whatever you say, sir.
See you tomorrow.
Look over there.
We're men too!
You keep everything!
We're men too!
They're locals. They probably found out we'd pass by.
I don't like this.
If the service goes public, it would be our end.
Nobody will know.
Sinchi's voice.
Program produced and directed by yours truly...
German Laudano Rosales, The Sinchi.
Good afternoon, dear listeners.
I beg you to take your young children away from your radio...
since my known frankness...
leaves me no choice but to refer to the crudest facts...
and terms:
Prostitution, my dear listeners!
A new system offlesh commerce...
through our sacredjungle rivers.
A mobile, motorized brothel...
called Pantyland is known to be...
clandestinely sending...
its sinful services to our army's quarters.
So it has been informed...
to the office of Amazon Radio...
through letters and phone calls.
I'm listening, Father. We'll talk later.
These shameless odalisques have been seen...
navigating down the region's main rivers...
towards the military quarters and posts of thejungle.
So, I ask:
Who is behind...
this industry of sin, flourishing before the very eyes...
of the authorities?
Nothing will stop our crusade for progress...
morality, culture...
and patriotism of the Peruvian jungle.
The time has come...
to unmask the monster and...
as the apostle did unto the dragon...
behead it with a single stroke!
How was I?
Telluric, Maestro. Telluric!
Good morning.
Here so early? The summon was for 9:00 a.m.
Excuse me, Mister Panta...
I needed to talk to you...
What about?
Please, don't smoke in this office.
Tell me.
Is there a problem?
It's you, Mister Panta.
I feel you have something against me.
You don't talk to me or look at me.
As if I offended you.
You're mistaken, miss.
I treat you as the other visitors.
I'll be blunt.
I think you want me to fall for you.
I am married, miss.
Like most of the men I go to bed with.
It's no reason for...
It's a reason for me. It should be for you.
You see?
I speak and you get skittish.
But, you know what?
I like that.
I'm like a crab.
I go against the flow. So keep at it...
and I'll fall for you.
I don't advise it.
"Mixing work with pleasure is a sign of ill proceedings."
That's kind of hard in our line of business.
You know what I mean.
Don't you feel anything when you see us naked?
That would be horrible.
Being clean-cut does not mean being a fool.
I love it when you get angry...
you're so cute.
Here, dry off.
Thank you.
I don't think you are a fool.
But you like me and won't accept it.
You are a very attractive woman.
I'm not indifferent to your charms...
but it's impossible.
Not even once?
Out of curiosity?
- You could order me... - No I can't.
It would be an abuse of authority.
It's perfectly ok.
You should try your goods.
It would be like...
a quality test.
We won't discuss this again.
They've told you bad things about me...
and you're scared.
But I'm not like you think.
I'd love to spend more time with you!
To send for our little cadet! All day, every day!
Don't you like it?
Panta, please!
Forgive me. I love your neck!
I know what's in store for me.
What is it?
Don't tell me you're a Peeping Tom now. Pervert!
Keep walking.
How can they do that in public?
Come in.
You sent for me?
Take a seat, miss.
I sent for you to refresh your memory about regulations.
Here is a copy. Clarify your doubts...
and feel free to ask.
Are you angry?
You dare to ask me that, after the show...
you put on in public?
Now I get it.
This is about yesterday.
Are you jealous?
A visitor is not a whore...
but yesterday, you behaved like a whore.
Regulations don't prohibit friends.
That's quite an obscene friend.
You are to stop seeing that man.
Thank you.
He's not just a man.
His name is Nicolas.
And he wants to marry me.
If that is what you wish...
But please, think it over.
I remind you that, if you marry...
you'll have to leave the service.
We don't admit married women.
He wants to get married.
I just want a little care and protection.
Don't I have that right?
I guess so...
Forgive me.
I have been unjust.
Don't worry... I'm used to it.
You are a strange person. I don't understand you.
You should do something else.
You too.
This job doesn't become you.
You don't even try your own visitors.
Excuse me.
Miss... Wait.
Are you...
still willing to volunteer...
to carry out a quality test?
Yes. Of course.
I must inform you that this test...
will only be done once...
will be secret, and is strictly work-related.
Make no mistake, Olga...
the only motive that moves me to perform this test...
is to verify and perfect the service...
- One, Pechuga. - Two, Sandra.
- Three, Iris. - Four, Lalita.
- Five, Vanessa. - Six, Colombiana.
- Seven, Coca. - Eight, Salome.
- Nine, Pichuza. - Ten, Peludita.
In flesh and blood.
Work plan?
Three convoys: Two of 48 hours, and one returns tonight.
I already drew lots.
and Colombiana.
We go to Bolognesi garrison.
It returns on Thursday at noon.
Start boarding. I want you to work well...
and remember: Work...
...ennobles and dignifies!
- Let's get to work. - Excuse me.
Is there a problem?
No, nothing.
I just have something in my shoe.
Thank you.
You are not coming?
No. I have work here.
Too bad.
I thought we could repeat the test.
Don't you want to sleep with me?
The test allowed me...
to gather important information.
I thank you, but I don't consider it necessary to repeat it.
Any trouble?
We're five minutes late.
No, Chuchupe.
This must not happen. This situation may affect...
the personnel's performance and concentration.
Then we could go to a hotel...
so we aren't seen.
Pocha, I've told you not to call me at work, unless...
What? I'll be right there!
Here are the last results.
You're sure, doctor?
Your wife is pregnant.
I wanted to be sure before I told you.
At last, Pantita. At last!
I'll be a father!
A penny for your thoughts.
What are you doing here?
They left without me.
And your machine?
I thought you never stopped working.
The Dalila returns at seven.
So you are working.
A cigarette?
No thank you.
Since the test, we've never been alone.
Are you nervous?
What is it you want, Olga?
Nothing in particular.
- I thought you and I... - "You and l"?
There is no "you and I." That was very clear.
For work...
- Can't you think of anything else? - No!
Even less when I speak to you.
Excuse me, I have to go.
I'll leave.
You know?
You may be an excellent boss and lover...
but as a person, you're insufferable.
I'm not your lover...
But you want to be.
Today, we have stopped along the way...
to celebrate the 20,000th rendering...
carried out by Pechuga.
20,000 renderings given to the soldiers and petty officers...
of our border units...
that signify a success.
They prove that the service...
has employed its capacity to the fullest...
as can be deduced from the 20,000 renderings...
and its components.
Our objective, for the year...
is to reach 200,000 renderings.
It's an ambitious but possible figure...
if personnel maintain their high performance...
as they have to date...
and with the coming reinforcements.
Here's to the 20,000!
Look! It's beautiful!
Cut the cake, Mister Panta!
Do you care to dance?
Are you ok, Mister Panta?
I'm not used to these celebrations.
I've had too much to drink. I'm woozy.
Take it easy. Close your eyes. There you go.
Partner switch!
Why didn't you dance with me, Olga?
Why didn't you ask me to?
You've treated me as if I was invisible.
It's complicated, Olga.
I don't understand.
A man either likes a woman or he doesn't.
And you don't seem to like me.
I like you.
I like you a lot.
I haven't stopped thinking about you since...
You know...
Since we slept together?
If only I could...
You can!
You just have to want it!
I like you. I like you so much.
The famous Colombiana!
Excuse me?
Look how many are in her line.
Don't you like this saddle anymore?
I like you, but...
I'll ride another filly, this time.
Get back in line, soldier!
My record allows me to choose...
so I'm trying the Colombiana.
Return to your line.
Miss Colombiana already has too many users.
Each visitor can give...
up to twenty renderings.
And, with me, there are...
Nineteen users, sir.
User number twenty, sir.
Can't you see the lady is overloaded?
By your turn, she'll be too exhausted to perform well.
I suggest you return to your lines.
I don't tire easily.
On the contrary...
I get more aroused with each soldier.
The last ones will be just as well tended as the first.
Try it. Fall in at the end.
Regulations demand ten renderings.
That's it.
Just ten.
Forgive me, Olga.
I don't know what is happening to me.
It's your flirting...
I can't stand it.
The soldiers look at you...
as if you were a...
A visitor.
That's what I am, right?
It's abusive that the visitors are only for soldiers.
We ask that civilians in the army reserves...
be able to use this service, just as the soldiers.
This service exists only in your minds.
How can you request such nonsense?
We've seen the boats, sir.
Boats filled with women.
We have needs too.
Not just the soldiers.
I have no information about this.
You've been drinking too much chuchuhuasi.
But, General...
Do I look like a pimp?
No, General.
If the press finds out about this...
you wouldn't last long in office, mayor.
Now, get the hell out of my sight!
What's wrong?
Remorse, again?
I hate doing this to my wife.
I know...
You never cheated. You made love every other Saturday, at 10:00 p.m.
I know it by heart, Panta.
Come here.
Relax. Nobody's watching.
You can't be too careful.
Are you ashamed of me?
That would be crazy.
There's a party on Friday.
I'm on leave that day and I want to go.
You can go with Sandra.
I want to go with you.
With me? You know that's impossible.
We can't be seen together.
These little girls are something.
You said it: Little girls. Dumb babies...
not one of them worth anything.
Show me a woman that'll take your breath away...
one that'll give you goose bumps.
There is a woman.
Got you, Pantaleon Pantoja!
You jerk!
Come on, you've got work.
What are you doing?
Just working, Mister Pantoja.
We have enough. Right, Mario?
Mr. Sinchi is here.
He has a present for you.
What is it you want?
I can make sure they disappear.
Surely, you don't want your wife to see them.
That's what friends are for.
You know we are not friends, Mr. Laudano.
Wrong! If I wasn't your friend, you would be out of business.
And I am not talking about the pictures I have.
I'm talking of something bigger.
Don't get angry, Mr. Pantoja...
I speak of the thriving business you run before everyone's eyes.
After careful investigations...
I now have enough evidence to sink you...
into disgrace and ruin.
If I were to speak on my show...
- Why don't you? - Because I am for progress.
I am ahead of my time.
But the whole city pressures me...
and I think my silence deserves a reward.
Blackmail then?
I'll help you, man! For a few dollars...
I'll defend the Visitors' Service and its mastermind.
Don't answer right away. Sleep on it...
consult with your wife, your lover... Don't get nervous!
Caiguas, Rioalto!
What? Stop them! Let go, damn it!
Throw him in the river! Nobody blackmails me!
Don't commit suicide! I'm superman in lquitos!
I can't swim!
You'll be sorry about this!
There is nothing in lquitos...
that The Sinchi's voice can't knock down.
You asked for it! This is war! War!
As the clock that adorns our studio wall strikes 1600 hours...
Amazon Radio is pleased to bring its listeners...
the most listened to program on the dial.
The voice of Sinchi.!
I promised to unmask that lawless...
unscrupulous individual...
who, unpunished, runs that depraved den...
known as Visitors'Service...
better known as "Pantyland."
The Sinchi fulfills his promises, my dear listeners.
Pantaleon Pantoja...
is the name of this dark character.!
Pantaleon Pantoja, who has come...
from the depths ofhell, supported...
by powerful and invisible interests...
to fill his name with shame, ladies and gentlemen.!
Yes, General.
I've heard nothing.
...because, as a matter of fact, Pantaleon Pantoja has a wife...
and has been leading a double life.
On one hand, neck deep in the swamp...
of his affair with Olga Arellano...
the Colombiana...
remembered as the beautiful whore from the north...
while appearing to lead...
a respectable life. Hiding under the ignorance...
in which he kept his own wife...
to whom we extend...
all our moral support, and we remind her...
that life is better under the light of truth...
than under...
What does the army have to do with Pantyland?
Does Pantoja have the authorities' consent...
to enter quarters with prostitutes?
General Scavino, Father Beltran...
the mayor, the prefect.
Are they aware of these dealings...
and are looking away?
We will continue to investigate, no matter who may fall!
With the courage that has been our trademark.
You have heard: The Voice...
of Sinchi!
Devastating, Maestro! Devastating!
Let me explain!
There's nothing to explain. Get out of the way.
- You can't go! - Let go!
Think of our little cadet!
You can forget about him and me.
You liar! You hypocrite!
It's this job's fault!
You know me!
When I had to feed a regiment...
I gained weight! I learned how to cook!
When I was in charge of uniforms...
I designed combat fatigues myself! Remember?
They thought I was a fag!
Work absorbs me. It transforms me. I can't control it.
Then stay with your whores, your Colombiana...
and all that filth!
Don't touch me! You're disgusting!
Let go of me!
I have offended an officer.
I know this is grave, but...
Three Our Fathers.
- Shame on you.! - Excellence!
What do you know?
Nothing, but...
Don't lie.!
No, your Excellence.
You are a soldier of God.!
Yes, Excellence.
You must fight Satan.!
Please listen to me.
What can you say?
I've presented my resignation.
I've asked to be relieved of duty.
What did he say?
Nothing, yet. I hope they relieve...
Secret mission.! Intelligence.!
You are a liar.!
Don't call, until you are out of that filthy world.!
Why are you here?
I wanted to see you.
How are you?
Not well.
What will happen now?
Good morning. It's General Collazos.
General, sir.
I read your request.
Yes, General.
I'm surprised at you.
You were selected for your managing and military qualifications.
Remember our glorious predecessors...
Bolognesi, Ugarte, Caceres.
Did they surrender when they faced adversity?
No, sir. The true army man, musters up his strength...
in the face of adversity.
You are a soldier. You must not surrender.
You are to keep the service running. Do I make myself clear?
Good morning.
As you command, General.
He even approved the ten new visitors I had requested.
You see?
You should be happy.
There'll be no stopping you.
Forty visitors. Not bad at all, Captain.
I have many enemies.
My wife won't talk to me.
She'll come around, Captain.
And don't worry about Father Beltran.
They've screwed him.
From head chaplain, he has gone to parishioner at lquitos cemetery.
With your tenacity, you'll be rid of your enemies...
I'm only worried about that damned Sinchi...
If I were you, Captain...
I've been ordered to silence him.
Great! My assistants will silence him.
They know where to hit.
Not like that. It's worse.
How's it going, dear Pantaleon?
One moment.
Wonderful view. Congratulations.
You wanted to speak to me, Mister Pantoja?
A wise decision.
People like us should not harm each other.
It's a waste of time.
I have not called you to talk...
but to give you this.
You will open it...
and tell me if it's enough.
Are you trying to bribe me?
You threw me in the river.
And now you pay me to speak well of your brothel?
To not speak at all.
To never again mention the service.
I don't know, Mister Pantoja.
Pantyland is a very important occurrence...
of the end of the millennium.
CNN will want a chronicle. That would get a great audience...
Every month you will receive an equal sum.
Now, you're talking, my friend!
I won't waste your time.
See you next month and...
If you wish, and for no extra cost...
I could make a special broadcast...
to disprove some facts...
I made public against you and could surely...
See you next month.
You're not eating?
I'm not that hungry.
You've lost a lot of weight, since your wife left.
So I've been told.
Did they answer my report?
Due to the alarming presence of civilians on the riverbanks...
I propose the "Ordinary Rotation System."
This will impede civilians of estimating our arrival.
To function adequately...
the plan requires 100 visitors and 5 ships...
that would permanently navigate the rivers.
100 visitors? 5 ships?
That's nothing, tiger. Listen to this.
I propose a bonus for the visitors on convoy...
considering they are risking their lives.
I attach to the project, a social security plan...
compensation for time served, and other benefits...
a worker is entitled to by law.
This isn't funny, Lopez. This is starting to worry me.
Are we supposed to pay whores' benefits and stop buying weapons?
Your new plan is not authorized...
nor may you hire more visitors.
I don't understand.
You made the service too efficient.
- They're scared. - But, our goals!
Demand is way ahead of supply.
Let things be.
Relax and take a break.
I will prepare a more convincing report.
I have the results of the polls.
Now officers are asking for the service.
95% of Captains and below request visitors...
and 55% of the higher ranks.
This service requires, and that's still under the minimum...
four vessels and 272 visitors.
Yes, but...
It would be a special group of visitors, from Lima or overseas.
The OS! That's Officers' Section.
It sounds nice.
Exclusive Officers' service...
You're working too much.
You're going to be sick.
No task is worth your health.
First, you wanted to quit. Now you're working to death.
I resigned and was ordered to continue.
And I shall do so against all odds because...
it's all I know.
If only everybody was like you!
What do you say we go to Nauta and relax?
Thanks, but I have a lot of work backed up.
I'll turn in my project on Monday. Don't get up.
She left most of her clothes.
Maybe she'll return.
What do you think?
I don't know.
I would never buy this.
Is this how decent ladies sleep?
I look like a nun.
Do you like me better this way?
What's the matter?
Don't you know? Can't you tell?
Is this about tomorrow?
Not just tomorrow.
I don't want to work.
I want to be with you.
We are facing a crisis.
I have to convince my boss.
And you are fussing about work!
I'm just saying the boss's woman always gets treated better.
But not me.
You treat me like a whore.
Are you with me, because I'm the boss?
What do you think?
I'd rather not know.
Fire me, Panta.
End this.
You want that?
Good morning, to all my Amazon friends...
listening to this program...
throughout the farthest corners of ourjungle.
Today I wish to speak about Mister Pantaleon Pantoja.
- Turn it off! - No, I want to hear.
Gentlemen admit their mistakes...
so I say this from the bottom of my heart:
I misjudged you, Mister Panta.
Letters signed by the very soldiers and Sergeants...
that patrol our borders keep pouring in...
and in them they tell me: Mister Sinchi...
why do you insult Mister Pantaleon?
Get ready, girls.
Nobody has ever done for us what he is doing.
We have needs. And thanks...
to Mister Panta we serve our country better.
These sincere comments made me think.
When I denounced Pantoja, I forgot about the soldiers...
and about the commendable mission...
that Mister Pantaleon has been carrying out to satisfy...
the needs of Peru's sentinels.
Attention Horcones post. We're approaching.
Arrival in ten minutes. I repeat...
Horcones! We are being hijacked!
Horcones, do you copy, damn it?
This is the Eva! May day!
Mister Panta, as he has fondly come to be known in our jungle...
does not look for fame or recognition...
Spread your legs!
Dear friends, I have in my hands a report from the police.
Do you know how many rapes have been reported...
since Mister Panta...
started the Visitors' Service?
Zero! You heard right, zero!
Shit! Soldiers!
Damned soldiers!
Our jungle is calm.
Our mothers, sisters and girlfriends...
can now walk the streets without fear.
The people of Loreto can take pride in living...
in the only place in the world...
where sexual crimes are no more.
Emotion overwhelms me and I speak for myself...
as for the whole Amazon region when I say:
Thank you, Mister Panta.
Thanks to you and to your valiant ladies.
Could you please leave me alone?
Mourned through the night...
the mauled body of Olga Arellano, also known as Colombiana...
reaches its final resting place.
This is The Sinchi...
we are at the Cemetery...
and many people have attended.
The coffin is approaching its final place...
accompanied by a military escort.
Yes indeed, a military escort and an officer.
At ease!
I am resurrection and life.
Those that live in me shall not die eternally.
Lord, receive this sinner and grant her...
eternal rest.
Lord, hear our prayer.
Olga Arellano...
we wear our glorious Peruvian uniform...
to mourn you.
It is our duty to make known to the world...
with a full sense of responsibility...
that you have fallen in the line of duty.
You are a martyr...
consecrated to serving the soldiers of Peru.
Beloved Olga Arellano.
Your soldiers...
spread through the Amazon region...
whose lives you enlightened...
weep for you.
Your coworkers weep for you too.
In their name I tell you...
your sacrifice was not in vain.
It will motivate us in our army-given mission.
allow me to thank you deeply...
for so many tokens of affection...
for so many intimate lessons...
that I shall never forget.
Olga Arellano...
rest in peace.
Present arms!
Get out of the army...
and stay with us.
We have a small sum we wish to invest.
We could even apply for a loan.
With your brains, we'd be...
rich in no time.
I was ordered to organize the service.
It's not a business interest.
Start your own business.
We don't want another brothel.
We want a company of visitors.
A modern, efficient company.
You'd be the boss.
I need to have bosses.
If I don't have them...
I don't know what to do.
I'm made to obey orders.
My calling is the army...
and I wish to die a soldier.
You must understand that.
What is it, Chuchupe? I said no crying.
Forgive me, but I can't help myself.
It's the best job I've had. Why do they shut it down?
The soldiers were so happy.
The goals were being reached perfectly...
but that's the army.
The bosses know best.
Lighten up, Chuchupe.
Excuse me, miss. Maybe there's a mix-up.
My appointment was at six. Must I still wait?
They're interviewing the General.
Look, it's starting!
Miss, the army has never sponsored...
or financed such an enterprise.
You deny the existence of the service?
Of course I do, miss. Categorically.
We've seen Captain Pantoja...
giving military honors...
to a prostitute. He stated that the murderers...
should be court-martialed.
Miss, those ideas...
don't hold water.
High Command has ordered an investigation...
to the last consequences.
And I assure you...
that those responsible will be punished.
Thank you. Studios.
You're famous.
Could I have your autograph?
You know who just left?
Yes, General, sir. I saw the interview.
I want no explanations.
I saw you giving your pathetic address.
Whatever! You went mad and...
honestly, there is no punishment severe enough...
for your acts. Not even a firing squad.
I alone am responsible. I accept any punishment.
You will go before a disciplinary council, Pantoja.
That means you will be expelled.
Because of your record...
we offer you a more dignified exit:
Ask to be discharged tomorrow.
I will not, sir.
Your career is over. You committed professional suicide.
Work as a civilian.
Your managing talent can't be denied.
You'll make more money.
Are you crying, Pantoja?
Be a man, damn it!
I beg you excuse my weakness, General, sir.
But I can only be a soldier...
it's my life. If you make me leave...
Do you wish to remain a Captain forever?
This will stain your record for life.
I will try to redeem myself.
You don't wish to be discharged?
We'll make it tough on you.
You know how that is.
I know. I'll withstand anything.
My responsibilities impeded me from answering earlier.
My wife, my daughter, Marina, who is a beauty...
and my mission are my main distractions and companions.
Regardless of distance...
I remember you with affection.
Give my regards to Mrs. Leonor and Chupito...
to Pechuga and the rest of my ex-visitors...
whom I never will forget.
Receive a warm hug from your friend, Pantaleon Pantoja...
Peruvian Army Captain.
Read it again, please. It's so beautiful.
I write this letter...
at four degrees below zero.
Collazos sent me...
to an isolated post.
My mission is to carry out...
social labor in the area ofliteracy.
The 1973 census recorded 1'784,281...
illiterate individuals...
and this region had the lowest literacy rate in the country:
Which means 658,399 illiterate.
I... love...
my... Peru.
According to estimates, an adult with an IQ...
not under 80 learns to read in 6 to 9 months.
See you tomorrow.
Very good.
I've formed eight groups of fifteen...
which comes to 120 students.
Being optimistic...
illiteracy will be eradicated in 6 years.
I continue to serve our glorious institution...
with dedication.
Are you finished?
There's a group at six.
Absenteeism is high...
that could invalidate my estimates.
I'll make house calls.
You can't stop working!
Let's go home.
I'll be right with you.
I hate your smoking habit.
It's because of the cold, Pocha.
I'll be in the house. Don't be long...