MapleStory Justice - Phantom Historical Past (English Subtitles) [HD]

Uploaded by x3TheAran59 on 23.12.2011

Phantom, you have come...
I was unable to prevent her death...
Who's there?
Did you come out here to greet me because you wanted to see me?
You're really persistent.
No matter how many times you visit me, I will not give you the treasure of Ereve.
Well, I'll guess we have to wait and see?
A meeting with the commander of the Black Mage has been set here in Ereve.
I'm hoping for a good result.
If you keep making depressed expressions, you'll age fast.
You are most beautiful when you smile.
Phantom... there is something I want to give you.
If the rumored of a Phantom Thief wants to help Maple World...
...then you're welcome to do so.
But, first tell me exactly what your purpose is?
By any chance... is it because of that?
So, you went to steal something and instead you got something stolen from you?
My friend, let's help each other from now on. I expect a lot of action from you.
The idea of a thief becoming a hero... not bad, right?
The world she loved hasn't disappeared yet.
To protect Maple World... I will fight!