Os Barbixas - Improvável -Tradução Simultânea (com Bruno Motta e Fábio Rabin)

Uploaded by videosimprovaveis on 13.01.2010

Improvável's "Foreign Film Dub"!
Elidio e Daniel, step forward, to the center.
Rabin and Anderson, come closer to me.
Daniel and Elidio will make a movie, from a place far away.
Is anyone here in the back thinking: "Damn, I'm in the last rows,
they will never ask me to play, I wanted it so bad!"
You, the one who raised his hand first. Say a language.
- Japanese. - Japanese.
We're gonna watch a Japanese movie
very popular in Japan, it won a lot of awards...
The movie is called...
"I will lean on you"
A very popular movie in Japan, played by Daniel and Elidio,
Rabin will translate Daniel, Anderson will translate Elidio,
our experts in Japanese. And when does it begin?
Ninja Turtle.
Where's the slipper?
Man, did you see that raiiiin?
I'm going to Bangcoc, and I will bring Sara to do some Kama Sutra!
You laugh at me because I'm a dwarf.
I wanna go to Middle-Earth!
Fix your skirt and lean on me.
I will get you pregnant!
Well, Japan is a different culture, people... Sometimes it can...
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.