The Spangler Effect - Spooky Secret Message Season 01 Episode 37

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It's Halloween.
You know how you know it's Halloween?
Because there's these pumpkin decorations behind me, and I'm
wearing a sweater.
Whoa, it's really cold here in October in Colora--
What are you doing?
MALE SPEAKER: Just getting a drink.
STEVE SPANGLER: Why are you wearing shorts?
It's Halloween.
MALE SPEAKER: It's August.
STEVE SPANGLER: It's not August.
It's Halloween.

I'm Steve Spangler, and I'm all about making science fun.
For the last 20 years, I've been teaching ways to turn
ordinary science experiments into unforgettable learning
I have an amazing team who will do whatever it takes to
affect the way people think about science.
And to do that, I live by one motto--
make it big, do it right, give it class.

So I know a lot of you are squeamish.
Well, some people are squeamish, right?
Don't like the blood, and you're worried about needles.
You're a little scared about that.
Thank goodness, NASA to the rescue, because they've come
up with this special potion right here.
All you have to do is you have to dip your
hand in it and look--
It makes you pass out, so you have to be careful.
But look at this.
This actually opens up the little
capillaries in your hand.
And while you can't see it here like this, the blood is
right at the surface.
And the way that you can tell is-- here, watch this.
It goes right to--



OK, I didn't really pass out.
I got a little woozy, but I didn't actually pass out.
This is a cool thing to do during Halloween, especially
when you want to freak a friend out, and some simple
little tricks that you can try with these messages, so to
speak, that appear.
And the bloody hand is a great example of that.
Believe it or not, two secrets.
First one, the paper.
It's goldenrod paper.
Now, goldenrod paper-- this is actually what it's called, is
goldenrod paper--
the special thing about goldenrod paper is some of the
paper actually is made with a coloring that
really is an indicator.
So that means I'm gonna have to take you back to high
school chemistry class.
Do you remember you had that litmus paper,
and you dip it in?
And on one side of the scale, it was an acid, and on the
other side of the scale, it was a base?
It's that whole pH thing.
7's neutral.
Anything that's 1 through 6.9, right, is
considered acidic, right.
And anything that's 7.1 to 14 is considered to be basic.
And so it's that teeter-totter.
Well, believe it or not, that simple sheet of goldenrod
paper is truly an acid-base indicator, which means that it
changes color in either the presence of an acid or a base.
In this particular case, it's a base.
Now, ammonia is not necessarily
a very strong base.
But it's perfect for this, and it's easy to find at the
grocery store.
And all I did was this.
I took a container--
in this particular case, I used a beaker to make it seem
medicalish, right--
and I added just a little bit, so maybe 60 milliliters--
real world, 2 ounces for Americans, right--
of ammonia in here.
And then, I added some water.
And you can kind of test it if you want to.
But one of those things with a base is that when you put your
hand inside and you feel it, it feels a little slippery.
Soaps are basic, and so not all soaps will do this.
But needless to say ammonia, works very well.
So I just dipped my hand down into the ammonia.
And then when I slap it on the paper, you
can see what happens.
So here's how it works.
The piece of goldenrod paper goes on the table.
Or some teachers, like a teacher in a classroom, might
put this up on a chalkboard and slap their hand this way.
But bottom line is, all we have to do is to touch some of
this liquid to it, and you'll see that
there's a color change.
See this?
That's your color change.
It's actually indicating that there's a presence of a base
that's there.
Notice the one that I did at the very beginning, the hand
print isn't nearly as visible as it was before.
Because in the presence of an acid, it will turn back.

We didn't take vinegar and pour it on there.
We used a really weak acid called carbon dioxide.
By simply breathing on it like this, the carbon dioxide from
your breath, although not a lot, is enough to be able to
form carbonic acid.
And that's the change that you see going back.
So this will turn back into a regular yellow sheet of paper
ready for us to slap again.
See, the same sheet of paper I can do it again, just having a
little of that ammonia water on my hands.
Now, if we had vinegar, this will go back very quickly.
So here, watch this.
You can see it change back very, very quickly.
So this is what it looks like if you were to
flood it with the acid.
But we don't have to do that.
Just carbon dioxide is more than enough to be
able to turn it back.
But goldenrod paper is the secret.
All right, one word of warning--
not all goldenrod paper works, meaning you put ammonia on
goldenrod paper, and it may not work.
So you don't want to go buy a whole ream of this stuff if it
doesn't work.
And if you head to your local office supply center, you
don't want to be walking in with a bottle of ammonia.
You just look weird.
So you're gonna want a small little
container, some cotton swabs.
You can just sit kind of in the isle and do this.
Or get a spray bottle.
This is even better.
Put a little bit of ammonia water in there, and then you
can just kind of quietly in the aisle just do this.
And if it changes color.
You know you've got the right ream.
And you want to buy it from Office Depot.
Quality products, less price.
I mean, Office Max.
Who's our sponsor?
We don't have a sponsor?
I don't care where you buy it.
Just go get some paper.
As fun as this is, it's not all about just making the
paper turn red with the base, the ammonia.
You can actually do some pretty cool things, almost
like a secret message.
So let me show you how to write your own secret message.
So here's what we want to do.
Wherever the ammonia touches the goldenrod paper, that's
where you have the change.
So if you could make it so the ammonia is not touching the
paper, then you would see the message appear.
Make sense?
So get some candle wax.
Just for the sake of this, watch this.
I can just scribble like this, see?
All right, so you kind of push this off here.
See, I even picked up a little ammonia that was on the table.
But under the right light, you don't even see the scribbles.
All right.
Higginsworth, can you see the scribbles?
You can?
You're lying.
But under the right light, you shouldn't be able
to see it, all right?
So now, you squirt like this.
Watch this.
Look at the scribbles.
They start to appear.
So the trick here is you gotta come up with the best secret
message possible.
(WHISPERING) And I think I know it.

(CREEPILY) Redrum.
Watch this.
You can even fool your friends by doing magic.
Higginsworth, pick a number between 1 and, let's say, 4
and 1/2 billion.
Check this out.
Higginsworth is not a very good magician.
Well, if you're tired of that ammonia smell, don't worry.
I have another secret message, and here's some stuff you're
going to need.
Look at this.
Scissors from Office Depot, this pen from Office Max.
A little bit of Staples action here.
This is from Target.
This is from Kmart.
These cups are from Walmart.
And this black light is from

They're a sponsor, right?
Before I show you this secret, I'm gotta show
you what you're doing.
Watch this.
I just took a regular red cup and cut this little piece of
paper out and glued it and used this as a way to be able
to put the little spider.
So you see the spider?
Empty cup, but magic light right here.
And there's spirits inside the cup.
Spirits not included.
Higginsworth, turn off the lights.
Watch this.
See the spider?
Ooh, scary.
Higginsworth, turn on the lights.
I'm scared.
(WHISPERING) It's done.
How did I do that?
The secret?
These highlighters.
See, the highlighters have this
fluorescent ink that's inside.
So if you take the highlighter and put it here like this--
ah, you know what a highlighter looks like.
And this blue one here.
But as soon as it's under black light, it fluoresces
very, very nicely.
So we're going to use this to be able to
shine through the paper.
So you can see how you can't see it on the side.
But watch.
When you shine, you see how you can kind of see that
little light showing up there?
Well, we're going to make the message even better just on a
regular sheet of paper.
You gotta cut out the circle first.
Start with you red cup from Costco.
And you simply take the pen from Walmart, and you trace
around the piece of paper that I got at Office Depot.
And just kind of trace around here like this--
Now, I'm going to use my scissors from Staples and cut
out the circle.

Now, we're going to write the secret message backwards using
the yellow highlighter on the piece of paper.
Here, give me a second.
All right, this is my secret message.
And you want to take a little bit of glue, and you're going
to put just a tiny little glue for all you little Marty
Stewarts out there right around the edge.
Now, you take the red cup and put the red cup down over the
glue there on the rim.
And you hold it right in place like that.
So the secret message is actually underneath here, and
you can't see it until you shine the light source up from
That means we need to put a hole in the cup.
For that, the scissors that I got from Kmart.
Poke the hole, and you've got it.
All right, this is a perfect place now to be able to put
the little keychain black light.
Ready for the secret message?
Higginsworth, turn off the lights.
Thank you.
Watch this.
Ah, the secret message.
(CREEPILY) Redrum.
Happy Halloween--
black and white, boring.
What's cool about the blue highlighter is that you can
leave one message on the very front, so this
design on the front.
And then, when you put the blacklight back here, the blue
highlighter almost seems to disappear.
Hey Higginsworth, turn off the lights.
Watch this.
It almost seems to disappear as whatever's below kind of
shines through.
Be creative.
You'll come up with your own thing.
And my personal favorite, Higginsworth did our logo.
So you ever wonder where baby ghosts come from?
If you're under the age of 12, don't listen to this--
(WHISPERING) ghost eggs.
It's true.
And these baby ghosts hide in the strangest places, like
this bowl of water from BMW.
This bowl of water looks normal, but it's not.
There are thousands of baby ghost eggs ready to hatch.
Look at this.
And here they are.
All right, so they're not baby ghosts.
They're just these little hydrophilic spheres.
They're called jelly marbles.
Where can you get them, Higginsworth?
That's right,, just one place.
And when you put them in water, they absorb a
tremendous amount of water.
In fact, they start like this.
These little tiny spheres are really, really, really small.
You would never believe that they would grow into the size
of these little marbles.
But you don't need many.
That's probably more than enough for this entire bowl
that I'm playing with right now.
So here's the science.
If you use these clear spheres, then the index of
refraction of this grown sphere that has the water
inside is almost exactly that of water, meaning that the
water doesn't bend once again when it goes through the jelly
marble and then again when it goes through the water.
This allows it to literally disappear.
So as I pour it inside here, it looks like they vanish.
And now, you know why we call them ghost crystals.
All right, so we pour all of the water out.
Look at all the jelly marbles here.
Now, here's what you can tell people, that the hidden
message, the secret message, is hidden
in the jelly marbles.
And so you pour the jelly marbles into the
container, like this.
And you say, here.
Can you read this secret message?
Now, all we need to reveal the secret message
is just plain water.

That's right, it's the Halloween edition.
So you see how it works?
Whatever message you want to reveal, you just put
underneath the container here like this.
So you're looking through the clear water here, and you
reveal the message below.
Well, now it's time for your own homework, 'cause I want
you to take the goldenrod paper, come up with your own
secret message.
Or possibly use the Solo cup and use the ultraviolet light
for that message.
Or get some of the jelly marbles and
make a secret message.
Any of those, post it as a video response below.
It's going to be a great Halloween.
All right, Higginsworth, it's cleaning up time.
STEVE SPANGLER: So you think we can get a sponsorship?
STEVE SPANGLER: What do you mean?
I mean, did you see all those that I said?
But only about half of them were funny.
I mean--
STEVE SPANGLER: I thought all of them were funny.
HIGGINSWORTH: Well, that makes one of us.
STEVE SPANGLER: I'm just trying to--
I didn't see you coming up with any ideas.
HIGGINSWORTH: What do you--
I was over here coming up with most of the ideas.
STEVE SPANGLER: You didn't come up with any ideas.
I mean, do you want a Sony TV?
I do.
HIGGINSWORTH: That's a good call, actually.
I should've said Rolex.
I have no watch.
I don't even have a watch.
But they think the bowl's from BMW, so--
STEVE SPANGLER: But Conan, he has sponsors.
But Conan's funny.
STEVE SPANGLER: That's mean.

STEVE SPANGLER: What if we had one episode
where we just go, "Walmart!
Walmart!" Do you think we'd get their attention?
HIGGINSWORTH: I mean, true.
But I don't think Walmart would even want
to watch that episode.
I mean, I'd watch that a lot.
How about, "Glue brought to you by Home
Depot." What about that?
HIGGINSWORTH: Why not Elmer's?
STEVE SPANGLER: I don't know.
We're not gonna get sponsorship, are we.
But I'll see what I can do.
I know some people.
STEVE SPANGLER: You should make some calls.
HIGGINSWORTH: I'll get on that, Steve.

We're not gonna get sponsored.